Race: Faun
Age: Unknown
Skin Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: White
Fur color: White
Eye color: Golden
Horn Color: Goldenrod

User Image

Tektek image - [See here]
Faun Leg Reference - [See here]
Headshot - See above
Bust Shot - None
Waist - None
Full Body Reference - [See here]

Cho is a violin playing, free roaming faun that inhabits any forests she happens to pass through, but for the most part, she stays in her own little forest and uses her skills to keep her forest content and peaceful. Usually, when she plays, her yellow/ golden butterflies accompany her, but they are optional to draw. She has various golden tattoos/tribal markings, but, if you so choose to draw her the only one that must remain the same is the birthmark star over her right eye. Cho is well rounded, and not overly large chested. The stars cover her nipples and some of the surrounding breasts but not completely. You can either have her playing the violin or sitting down with the violin at her side. She is generally an easy going person, but if her forest is in danger, she will do anything she can to protect it.