Rp information: This flesh a tomb's

Anji: Has the demon of wind within his body. surrently under unwilling control by Yomi so is forced to do Yomi's bidding. unsure how he will be killed

Lash: a medical ninja who is trying to revolt against Yomi by stealing the nine tailed fox and trying to kill him. she releases a genjutsu from her eyes that causes men to be unable to kill her. is going to fight with Hinata and die at her hands

Adder: has the badger demon inside of his body to allow him to control sand. he will leave Lash after she is defeated and will rejoin Yomi. will die at the hands if Ichiro

Hawk: has the demon of speed inside of him. he is inlove with Senomaru. I havent planned anything for his future yet.

Ichiro: has the demon of stamina inside of his body. currently captured by Aoshi and the rest of the sand sect. he will die at the hands of Adder in the final battle

Suiryu: has the demon of water within his body. one of the three strongest members of the Ippou organization. not sure how he will die

Kazeryu: has the demon of lightning. one of the strongest members of the Ippou organization. not sure how he will die

Ganryu: has the demon of earth within him. he is a taijutsu fighter and is the strongest member of the Ippou organization. not sure how he will die

Yomi: Has the nine tailed demon within him. he is the leader of the Ippou organization who is tryng to capture all of the tailed demons. he is also blind and old. he will die at the hands of Asuka

Gaara: currently passed out and has lost his demon to Adder. he is in love with Sakura. not sure if he will wake up at all in this rp.

Aoshi: Leader of the sand sect. he is a puppet master who turns people into puppets that he uses however he wants. he is also from an old clan of puppet masters that had a special eye on their body that allowed them to see through the eyes of their puppet that they are using so he can fight from incredibly far away. in using real people to do his fighting for him as puppets he is also able to use the Jutsu's that the person knew when he was alive so he has several jutsu's that have been long since forgotten. is going to die at Ichiro's hands

Kenshin: one of the strongest warriors of the Sand sect. he is from the destroyed hidden village of steel. his village was destroyed in the warring period and he somehow survived the slaughter. he has the ability to summon steel and mold it however he wants. also if he comes in contact with metal he can absorbn it into his body and mold that instead of having to use his chakra. is going to die at Sukashi's hands

Sanosuke: a member of the Kaguya clan. he is the last member of the sand sect. he is currently trailing after Asuka to try and steal the demon out of his body as well. is going to die at Asuka's hands