word of the day: testing
my little sisters tested for new ranks at tae kwon do today! they did pretty good smile
things are to terribly brilliant with my would-be-boyfriend and i dont think thats going to change very soon but school goes on break week after next so im crossing my fingers for us to meet up and talk cuz texting aint gettin anybody anywhere
right now im listening to My Immortal by Evanescence
im really annoyed with a 'friend' of mine stressed . i wont name who it is but sura-chan on here knows who im talking about.
this annoying individual feels the need to complain about their oh so horrible life:
too much homework (this person procrastinates so its their own fault),
family troubles (their parents aren't divorced so they should count themselves lucky, not to mention when their parents fight they can walk out with out being questioned where or why because they have a cell phone)
and then this person can't stay in a healthy relationship to save their life (which is their fault for getting too attached, i mean come on! high school relationships are not made to last!! gawd!)
needless to say i have had enough of their crap but i havent snap at them yet but when, because i know its going to happen, i do psycho snap i will have a lot to say and i will not pause for interuption or comment! scream