Kakashi: *driving the car.*

Naruto: *sings whells on the bus*

Sasuke: *listening to ipod.*

Sakura: *suffering.*

Jiraiya: *riding shotgun Watching girls jogging*


Naruto: OK! anything for you Sakura!

Sakura: *sighs*

Naruto: Pervy Sage! could you sop looking at girls for 3 seconds?

Jiraiya: its research!

Naruto: Research my a**!

Kakashi: Dont make me turn this car around!

Sasuke: damnit, my ipod died.

Sakura: Yay! that means that you'll talk to us!

Sasuke: *Thinks: "Thank gawd that Narutos between us."* uh, no. no it doesnt.

Naruto: wait, when did we get cars...and ipods?

Sasuke: makes about as much sence that we have head sets, refridgeraters, and computers but we dont have a freaken oven or real medicins like asprains.

Naruto: wait, what year are we? when the hell are we!?

Sasuke: *shrugs* a ******** up year that the animaters made to make it inconvenient to us, but enough to make it convenient to them.

Sakura: Sasuke's so smart!

Sasuke: *discusted*

Naruto: Really Sakura!? Come on! if you'll be my girlfriend, ill treat you like a human being and love you everyday!

Sakura: Come on Naruto ! Love and affetion is so last year! dont you know that girls like the hot guys who treat them like dirt? *thinks* wat, what did i just say?

Sasuke: Sakura! I-WILL-NEVER-LIKE-YOU!

Sakura: *giggles*

Naruto: *groan*

Sakura: Naruto, why dont you just run off with Hinata or something?

Naruto: Hinata ran off with Kiba....Besides, if i left than you would be by yourself because Sasuke will obviously run off with Aiko. (random person i made ;D)

Sasuke: Wait, what!?

Jiraiya: where is Aiko anyway?

Kakashi: she wanted to run. *looks in mirror.* Oh, here she comes now.

Aiko: *jumps on car.* Let me in!

Sakura: Damnit!

Sasuke: *opens wndow.*

Aiko: *jumps in, falling in on Everyone.* damnit!

Everyone back: *tries to sit Aiko up*

Aiko: *sits up between Naruto and Sasuke, extremely close to both.*

Naruto: *blushes.* Uh, Aiko?

Aiko: What!? *glare*

Naruto: nothing...

Sakura: *Thinks "now im even further from Sasuke...."* what has you in a bad mood?

Aiko: I ran into Neji and we fought making me late over here.

Sasuke: *Thinks: "theres not a scratch on her...."*

To be continoued here later....

Kakashi: Good job Aiko. We're almost there.

Aiko: *Sees Jiraiya. smacks him.* Pervert!

Jiraiya: *rubs head* ow.... *turns around.* WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?

Aiko: its a long story. *glare* im not in a good mood anyway.

Naruto: *Thinks: *Ever scence Itachi came to the village she's been differnet.*




Aiko: *Slps her mouth.* Shut up! that was horrible.

Sakura: Ow! That's it! as soon as we get there wanna fight you!


Nauto: NO! SAKURA YOULL DIE! Kakashi sensei can barly take her!

Kakashi: Can we not talk about that...

Aiko: *smiles and gives Kaskashi a noogie.* dont be such a sore loser Kakashi Sensei.


Kakashi: we're here.

Aiko and Sakura: *busts out of the car.*

Everyone else: *stays in car, watching.*

Sakura: *Smirk* ive gotten much stronger. Ive been training with Hokage Tsunade.

Aiko: *smirk* so have i.

Sakura: s-so?

Aiko: *smirk*

Kakashi: *gets out* make it clean. ready, fight!

Aiko and Sakura: *run after each other.*

2 Minutes later......

Sakura: *unconcious*

Aiko: *dusts self off after tripping over a log.* that was pointless...


t be continoued....