I will bookmark my achievements in the great land Grand Chase forever

By stating that I have gotten my Amy to level 57 ( almost 58 ) FINALLY for the love of god completed my Grand Sage armour set which took like DAYS OF MY LIFE to complete. Also, she's job level 4, but that's old news.

I got Jin to level 40, finally. Something I've been wanting to do for a while. I also JUST finished getting 3rd job for him. Kilik ripoff, ahoy! What I really want is his 4th, Rama. So much ******** all the time. I started writing a fanfiction about Jin and how he met Amy for shits and giggles, but reviewing it has led me to believe that I suck awful amounts at pacing and this will need editing.

Seighart's skill tree finally came out the other day. I also discovered that, surprise! If I don't get Seighart's 4th job, the Prime Knight, by the end of the month I miss out on a super awesome crest! I DON'T WANT TO MISS OUT ON A SUPER AWESOME CREST! So I undertook the lengthy task of getting Seighart's second job today and only succeeded getting about 2/3 of the way before I gave up on it for the night. I was supposed to be going to bed, but no, here I am. For some reason.

That skill tree is pretty bitchin' though. I really like Seighart, even if he's a bit boring to play.

I have been neglecting poor Dio thanks to all the s**t I need to do. This cannot go on much longer. He deserves to get to at least level 40.

Also 4th job quest for Arme has been in pending since like, uhh.... around the beginning of the summer, since I pretty much ditched her to use Amy. Yet I DO want the Battle Mage, that job will ******** rape your s**t. Just... The PVP, I hate it! And Arme is particularly hard to PVP with I find! No, don't laugh! I'm terrible at skill precision... which is why I lose alot of matches anyways. Or maybe it's because I suck at dodging...


It seems like Grand Chase doesn't want me to level Ryan though, because whenever I aim to finish his second job quest I get more s**t piled on top of me I need to do within a set amount of time so I totally can't chill. I might just ******** do it anyways. Ryan is... seriously.. one of the most fun characters to play.... //// .... Yeah, I admitted it. ********.

Also, school was pushed back until Monday, so I have some free time to get this stuff done. Maybe I should consider myself lucky, because I might be able to grind Seighart into the ground bad enough I can get his 4th job before that day rolls around.

... I should sleep. I have an optometrist appointment early in the morning.