Well, I've had some unsung changes lately. A while ago I declared that I'd be eating only kosher food as much as I could help it. Well, that changed three nights ago. I read Mark 7:15 from The New Testament.
When I started, I couldn't find a line in The Bible that said it was okay to eat food that Leviticus called "unclean", "abominable", and "forbidden". I knew that pretty much any Christian around me was oblivious to this, but it was more important to me that I followed what the Bible said rather than the examples that people set around me. Plus, I could make sense of why nobody would notice this discrepancy. I didn't tell people about the kosher food thing, I didn't want to judge them because of another line that I found in The New Testament. It made sense that anyone else who noticed it wouldn't bring it up either. Plus, it wasn't far-fetched at all that there was corruption preventing the priests from telling people. But as far as I'm concerned now, I was living in a fabricated reality that was slewed by my own paradigm. It's been a year(or two year?)-long adventure that most people don't know about. So, I'm writing this note here so that I don't forget. The only people that knew about this were Alley Lion from here on Gaia, anyone who read my journal, and a guy named Robbie Rotten from Team Fortress 2. Robbie Rotten was the only Christian bold enough to ask me if I was a Christian as well, and I was happy to explain. God bless you all.