YAY! I had my little baby - ITS A BOY! 4laugh heart So, Elliot Michael Dukes was born on Friday 3rd September at 8.21am. He weighed a heavy 8lbs 9oz!!!! eek He is a right little chunky monkey! Haha

The labour was really quick. I woke up at 6am with a bit of back pain and my waters broke soon after. Then the contractions started, and by 7am they were already getting quite strong!!! By the time my grandma had come round to look after Robyn I was pacing around trying to distract myself from the pain!!! Haha - we got a taxi to the hospital about 7.45am, by which point I was feeling ready to push already!!!! I thought I was going to have the baby in the taxi!

As soon as I got the hospital the midwife said I was right. I was already fully dilated and ready to give birth! I couldn't believe it!!! So after about 20 minutes of pushing, I had my little boy! A two hour and a half labour! I was in shock! eek

I will put some photos in my next journal entry - it might be a little image heavy!!!!

Elliot is three days old now and we have all settled in well. I am feeling good ((if a little tired!!)) and Tom is so proud and a great help. Robyn really likes her little brother, but gets upset when he cries as she doesn't quite understand why he is upset and she doesn't like it that she can't make him better, bless her.

Ok, so that is my update! Obviously, I might not be around quite as much as I have my hands full, but will chat when I can ^_^

heart heart