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Secrets 2 Never Tell This is my jornal. I don't want to affendanybody or anything.

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Boredom (7.18.10)
Do you have any idea what life's like for me? People say they "understand" but do they really? Kids Like Me , Yeah We Joke around. But What Mom & Dad Dunno is that kids Like Me , hide their lives... Mommy thinks iM a Sweet Little Girl , Daddy thinks the Same. But isn't there that part of you that just wants to scream ? No ... Well that part of me has only been hidden for , not too long. Speaking of Secrets , does Mommy & Daddy know about the words people have spoken at School ? No , no. iM Not Being Bullied. But What About that group of kids who have been? Yeah , sure whatever. Some of those words came out of MY mouth. But Hey , iM A Teen... Not Even , iDon't Know What the Hell is coming out of my mouth half the time it's open. Speaking of ; Don't You hate when your lips get chapped? It feels like your lip starts right under your nose. && When You Know EXACTLY Where the ChapStick is but it's Mommy's && Your Scared of deseases? Or However You Spell it... Shouldn't iBe Typing Like This: al short nd 2tally m&d proof. iHate When Ppl BTellin' Me How 2 Use Gram-R &&"SPEL" rda rite way... -It's a proven fact that 30% of people who write like(^] are better then people like you in subjects like Language Arts & Reading & Writing...So Ha! You Were Just PWND by a NERD! Whose the noob Now Huh? Dont You hate it when people talk to themselves?Actually , No iDont HateMyself . iHateBP! WAIT NO! iHateThe Prez. That' Right When thatNasty Oil Reaches the Shore of My Ghetto Beaches , Barack Obama is the one to blame... Watch Out! Poor Pandas! iJust LOOOOVE Panda'sTheyre So Black nd White You Know? But they're soooo ... Black nd White. iBet They Wish they were COLORFUL!!! Just Like a Zebra Wishes! Did you hear the voice of the one Zebra from Madigascar? Chris Rock is ah- mazing. Did You Know That Dwayne -The Rock- Johnson has Hair?!?!? iThough He Was Balled! Like An Eagle! *Gasp* Isn't that annoying?? *Sigh* Don't Say Everything You Do! *Cough , Blink , Choke on Spit* Yeaaah , Very Annoying! Just Like Me?! NOOO! Have you noticed that iStarted Talking About How Crap Like My Life is . Nd Now ... Maybe iHave ADHD?! Nahh , iM Just Random . No! iM Normal........ HAHAHAHAHA, Jk... Nah Really , iM Not Random... iJust Think Faster Then You. Well Its Around Four in the Morning. iM Talking to Britt! ''/ She's Going to Busch Gardens... W/O Me! How dare she?! b***h! Haha , Jk iLuh Her . Wifey's Forever! 7.18.2010! iAlso Loven On Them Wifeys Jailenne , Brianna , Caitlin , Hayley &Skye . Don't You Hate When People ... Wait What? Sorry , BlondeMoment #923,231,678...No , Dont Hate People! LOVE THEM! Mommy &Daddy told me to be whatever mademe happy when iGrow Up. First iPicked Cop , theFashion Model , Mayor , Computer Geek &Yes.... Barbie Doll.... But Now that iM All Grown Up iKnow What iWanna Be..... Not! My Dream Job Has to do With Typing , nd Yes TONS OF IT! iLove To Write. Maybe iDont Wanna Be The Only Asian On The News! Speaking of Asian , why does everything asian automatically have to be Chinese? Huh?! There the Viets, nd the Thais, ....... nd the Viets! && By the way , if GOD made EVERYTHING, Then is HE CHINESE? Whatever.... Does it Annoy You When People Make Up Theyer (< What the hell?] Own Acronyms? Like MTFBWY, iMean WTH!? FTS ,GAL! UYA! iJust Had a Convo With Myself... What the crap? You Stupid Kid , You Messed Me Up! Dont talk to me anymore..... ANYYHOOOOOW , it's summer is it not? Shouldnt Us Kids Have Vowed Off of reading for these two months of freedom? But Our Generation is always on FaceBook , MySpace , Twitter , nd WhatNot? iMean , What theCrap? Do they Sparkle in the sun too?! Naaah , thats just the Vampires. Speaking of which. Stephenie Meyer is the leading cause of broken relationships...... the boyfriend refuses to bite the girlfriend... Anyways.... Are the Twilight Condoms Real? Cuz if they are.... iWANNA HAVE KEWL VAMPIRE SEX!!!! But Wait! What about the werewolves. Jacob is just as kewl as Edward! Screw You Team Edward! Team Jacob is Awesome.... Speakingof Awesome , ..... iForgot. Thanks Soooo Much For Rudely texting me at the wrong time Noah! Lets Pick Up From Random..... iM a LEFTY! Yea & iM Special-icle!? iLearned the WholeWorld SDRAWKCAB and iM Still SmarterThen You , SO HA! Take that you noob! Don't You Hate When People Correct You? It just leaves you with this ackward silence......
Girl: So Wht U Ben ^2?
Boy: Do you mean : So what have you been doing lately?
Girl: .......
Boy: .......?
Girl: Forget It!
Yeah Boy , Dont Be Rude To Girl , All You'll ge tis a slap in the face. Only JERKS Correct other people. Anyways , like iWas Saying, Jerking is pretty cool right? You are probably thinkin of something 100% Different though. So there's rejecting , nd jerking.... GOOGLE IT! Woah , google isa biiig number..... INFINITI! Don't You hate that guy that calls out "Infiniti and 1!" Screw that Guy! iWonderWhy iM So random Today at 5.31AM, Maybe Cause iHavent Slept in 72HRs, Wrong! Everytime iBlink , iM Takinga Short Nap! Justin Bieber? HURRY UP! COVER YOUR EARS! Haha , JK. iDont Think Hes That Bad! He's done nothing wrong! Don't Kanye Me or iLL Chris Brown You! Fifty Cent an Eminem , that's Ludicris.... iWant my Nickleback. 2010? So the world's ending 12/22/2012 Huh? Screw That Wadda Bout Christmas?! Lol , at least we'll live for 11/11/11! Dude iM Gunna Make an Epic Wish at 11:11:11! AM nd PM!!! iHave No idea how to end this so how about this.....

_______________Page 5_____________

Haha Jk, Thanks For Wasting Yhur Time Reading(:


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