Back to Theory.
[All four groups have reached the rim of the forest...]
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(Pachi - Kutzu - Arace)
-Crystal Forest(North).-
Pachi: Ohhh-kay! Back home! Again! Those nasty nasty rebels better watch out. Their Creator's back!
Kutzu: I hope they don't ambush us... I, like, don't care for ambushes...
Arace: We'll be the ones to ambush them.
Kutzu: That I totally care for~.
Pachi: I'm not worried about Conception, since I know who we're dealing with. Darkness... sounds scarier.
Kutzu: I'm worried about that one mystery human...


"Safiri: ...Who are you...?
The Reaper: No one, Safiri.
Safiri: Uh-oh... The name thing... He... He's...
The Reaper: Yes, the names. I know them. I know you. Well, it was a nice introduction while it lasted. I will let the seeds of your resistance bloom into beauty. Then it will wither. As for now, the Reaper has spoken. You may carry on."

Kutzu: (The Reaper... Th-that sounds scary too... Who is that guy? He totally looks like Cruce, but... he's not Cruce. He's not... He's just not.) [Kutzu shakes his head, closing his eyes.]
Pachi: Huh...? Hey, Kutzu, is something wrong?
Kutzu: No, it's nothing... just... let's be careful, okay?
Arace: We'll be fine if we stick together.
Pachi: Yep, so no worrying about things~! Let's go.
[It is not long before they begin to see crystal formations in the forest, indicating that they are nearing Pachi's creations' homes. As mentioned in a previous episode, these homes are crystalline as well, of course not as sophisticated as Pachi's house in architectural structure.]
Arace: Pachi... what on Theory knocked you out cold?
Pachi: ...I reeaaally can't remember... [Tilts his head and stops.] I wish I new! It was like... electrical, I think. But that makes no sense because I'm electrical myself~! ...
Kutzu: Electrical? [He turns his attention to Pachi.] What, like you being zapped with lightning?
Pachi: Not quite. It was kinda... like my nerves were all dead for a second! And then I got knocked out... Methinks...
Kutzu: Nerves were dead...? ...Huh, I, like... coulda sworn that sounded familiar for a second.
???: [From nowhere.] Kutzu, that phenomenon is all too familiar to you. After all, look what it has done to you, boy.
Arace: Who is there--[Turns to Kutzu very slowly.] ...Boy...?!
Pachi: [At the same time as Arace.] Boy...?!
Kutzu: [Lowers his head a tad.] ...C-come out from hiding, you coward!
Hommay: Aggressive talk for such a fragile thing like yourself...[Appears before the three in a dark corridor, arms crossed.] We meet again. [He is armed differently this time. Two Dragon Neutralizer are at his sides, and an Escan rifle is strapped to his back. The lack of wings makes it easier to access.]
Kutzu: Hommay!! H-Hommay, what are you doing on Theory?!
Hommay: I could ask you the very same question, boy. Of course, I missed the opportunity to do that previously at that crystal house... Perhaps firing away wasn't so bright an idea, was it? Hmhm.
Kutzu: S-so it was you... [Steps back once.] The nerve...
Pachi: Nerve? Oh yeah! My nerves, could this guy really make them feel dead like that.
Kutzu: He can, with those Neutralizers... I should've known... But why you, Hommay? Haven't you caused enough trouble?
Hommay: Darkness is never through causing mayhem. And what a coincidence! This serves as our first steps back into Reality...
Kutzu: You don't belong here... Leave Reality alone!
Hommay: We'll gladly leave it alone, and let those Conception rebels do all the work once we have finished harnessing the power from your world.
Kutzu: Grr...
Pachi: Lookie here, bad guy. I dunno who you are, or why your Darkness wants to use my creations to get ridda me, but you'd better not underestimate Theory~!
Hommay: You underestimate us, Pachi...
Pachi: No fair, you know my name?!
Hommay: I know your name... and I know your sister's... and your brother's... and Subo, and Phi... Darkness knows all.
Kutzu: Sounds like you did your homework...
Arace: What business do you have upon Theory at this moment, fiend?
Hommay: Our business here is complete. Naught's creation is free to ruin the lives of all across Fantasy and Reality... Hmhm... [He turns around.] The key to that demon was quite precious to you. I am shocked your little Connection did not bring peril to your emotional being... But that key has been used, and now it is nothing to us.
Kutzu: What...?! [Covers his mouth.]
Hommay: [Laughs ominously, taking his leave through another corridor. His voice resides.] Your efforts upon Theory are not fruitless. The wheels to imminent destruction of your world have been set in motion.
Kutzu: [Stares silently at the spot Hommay was...] ...Hommay... stole the Illusion Soul Sphere... single handedly... And now the others are in danger. I'm gonna stop that guy... I'm totally gonna be the one. We have to hurry!
Pachi: Gosh, this is all so sudden and crazy and cooky and wild~! Okay, let's rush rush rush!
[And so they do, until they reach a single blue crystal house.]
Pachi: Oh look! It's Loann's place!
Kutzu: Loann?
Pachi: One of my kindest creations, someone who is definitely not a part of Conception! I hope he's all right.
Arace: We'll check. I'm sure the others will run into more of your or your siblings' creations, and it's good we get the report on what's happening to them.
[They head for the house... ]
Pachi: [Searching around the small living room. The house only possessive a living room and a bedroom, both of which are relatively small.] Loann~!
Arace: Are you in here, Loann!? You are in no danger.
Kutzu: We're good guys!
Pachi: Huh? [Turns back to Kutzu.] Oh, speaking of guys, Kutzu...
Kutzu: Oh, er--...erm... [Blushes in embarrassment, rubbing at the ground with his foot. His paws are behind his back.] Y-yeah... That's what happens when you're around the Fairy Soul Sphere for four years... oh, and some errors with Neutralizers...
Pachi: Neutralizers? Soul Spheres? This is making my head go spinny.
Kutzu: I'll explain everything~. It's totally a long st--[Interrupted by an innocent, frightened voice.]
???: U-um, h-hello...?
[The three search for the source of the voice... They turn to the bedroom, Arace being the closest.]
Arace: Oh? ...Loann?

~Loann~ User Image

[Loann's appearance is extremely similar to an Eevee's, though Pachi calls him a Loann, thus his name is his supposed species. The color and various stripes on his body are the only differences.]
Pachi: Loann, it's me... Are you okay?
Loann: [Walks slowly into the living room, ears down.] H-hi P-pachi... I'm okay... A t-tad shaken, but...
Arace: [She lowers herself to Loann's level, patting his head.] Okay, nonetheless.
Kutzu: This is Loann...?
Pachi: Mhm. Kutzu...?
Kutzu: [His eyes sparkle a little.] Ohmygosh, he's soooooo cute~! ♥
Loann: U-um... [Winces a little at Kutzu.] Wh-who's the pretty girl...?
Kutzu: Aww. [Giggles, approaching Loann.]
Pachi: This is Kutzu, a kind friend from the other side! Fantasy~!
[Kutzu sits on his knees in front of Loann.]
Kutzu: Hi there~.
Loann: Hi... Kutzu...?
Kutzu: Awww, I just wanna squeeze you, little guy~! ♥ [He hugs Loann around the neck.]
Loann: Whoa! Er--... Heh...heheh. You're nice...
Arace: [She hovers to Pachi.] Hmhm, glad to see they get along.
Pachi: Me too. It looks like Conception wasn't here, but I'm still worried about the others..
[Meanwhile, down south.]
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(Edge - Safiri - Subo)
-Crystal Forest(South).-
[They, too, have reached a lone crystal house.. This scene is different, however.]
Edge: One of the houses! Maybe someone's near...
Subo: But only maybe. I, of course, prefer to see the glass as half full. The rebels cannot have reached the outer houses.
Edge: Yeah! ...[He walks forward until he is in the doorway of the house.]
Safiri: See anything, Edge?
Edge: ...It's quiet, and no one's in here.
Safiri: Let's look around.
Subo: Ah, yes. I will check the back. You check with Edge, Safiri.
Safiri: Gotcha. [She enters the house too, while Subo floats to the back of the house.]
Edge: This isn't what I'd hoped for... What I'd hoped is for everyone to be okay...
Safiri: ...[She thinks back to her ravaged home village...] ...Me too...
Edge: But, as always.. I'm always too late for Brother... I'm always too late for any of his creations...
Safiri: Hey, don't think that way... You're here now.
Edge: ...I just... I-I just can't bare for anything to happen like last time... n-not again.
Safiri: Last time? What're you talking about?
Edge: ...Sorry... you wouldn't... [Shakes his head.] u-understand...
Safiri: I wouldn't understand...? How bad could it have been?
Edge: How bad? ...I...
Safiri: It can't have been that horrible...
Edge: It... it was! [He spins around, facing Safiri.] It was!! I can't bare the though of it happening again!
Safiri: Hey, calm down! I'm here to help, not to be yelled at like that, dude...
Edge: ...I wasn't yelling... I wasn't trying to.
Safiri: Yeah. You were... You need to chill out.
Edge: Chill out...? How can I chill out?! There's a possibility that the past may repeat itself all over! I can't calm down, I just can't!! I don't want to go through that again!!
Safiri: Edge! [Steps forward.] What the heck is your problem?!
Edge: It's nothing you or anyone from your world would ever understand!! You can't comprehend it... You can't.
Safiri: Why are you jumping at me like this? What did I do to you...?
Edge: Y-you came to help... W-we didn't need your help... [Tears run down his cheeks.]
Safiri: ...Wh--... [Raises her head, saddened.] ...Edge...
Edge: I was too late... Pachi shouldn't have had Cree ask for help... It just makes things worse, it makes them so much worse!
Safiri: [She growls a little.] What the hell...? Don't tell me this is a pride thing! You can't be serious right now, Edge. When Darkness crawls into your lives, you ask for help. When your friends are in danger you help them or ask for help. It's that simple! You can't let them do this on their own!
Edge: If they did, they wouldn't be slaughtered by us!!
Safiri: What the--...? ... [Shakes her head.] When I saw you and your siblings together... I thought you were all the cheery type... but what I'm hearing from you right now is pissing me off, Edge. You think I wouldn't understand--
Edge: You wouldn't!! Safiri, no one would!!...
Safiri: ... [Sighs.] ... What messed you up...? Whatever... If you're gonna have a little tantrum, that's fine. But if you won't let me help, then have it yourself... [She leaves the building.]
Edge: ...[Sniffles, now alone.]
[Outside, Safiri joins Subo.]
Subo: Ah, there you are Safiri. Did you or Edge find out anything?
Safiri: ...No... We didn't find anything. Edge is... erf, never mind. What'd you find out?
Subo: [He points ahead toward a small river leading into the forest.] You see that stream? That could not have been there prior to the Conception rebellion.
Safiri: What makes you say that? It looks like any old river to me...
Subo: Indeed, it does. But the fact that the Crystal Forest does not have a river troubles me.
Safiri: You mean that this river could've just appeared here out of nowhere?
Subo: Yes, and it looks quite deep. There is no way this is runoff from a storm. To my best knowledge, there has not even been a storm nearby. I have explored every corner of this forest, so this is a suspicious sighting.
Safiri: Hmm... [She closes her eyes, thinking back to Safa... She thinks back to the moment her limbs were nearly torn off in a strange out-of-place pond... She then thinks back to the submerged Oathville.] ... [She opens her eyes.] Small bodies of water appearing out of nowhere to replace land... Yeah, that brings me back...
Subo: You have seen this phenomenon before?
Safiri: Yeah... back on my world...
???: [Enters the conversation from behind.] Um. Hey...?
[The two turn around to see a gray creature standing before them.]
Subo: Disgrey!

~Disgrey~ User Image

Disgrey: Subo? Cool, someone who doesn't wanna kill me.
[Disgrey is not a Pokémon. He is a creation of Edge's, therefore making him a Neopet.]
Safiri: Dis...grey...? Hm. Okay. I'm Safiri... a friend. [She smiles.]
Disgrey: Safiri, hm? You look fancy, I gotta say. Don't think I've ever known a Creator or creation like yourself.
Safiri: Heheh, thanks. [Smirks.]
Subo: Safiri is not from Theory. She is from the world where Darkness comes from.
Disgrey: And she is on our side?
Safiri: I am, no need to worry about that.
Subo: Yes, indeed. Disgrey, your Creator is with us. We are one small group of a larger that has come to retake the forest.
Disgrey: Edge's with you two? Cool, that's a help.
Safiri: (Yeah, it sure is... the little brat.)
[Edge, happy to see Disgrey, returns to the group. They continue on, following the puzzling river to the center of the forest. They speak as they walk, however Edge and Safiri avoid each other...]
[Meanwhile, at the natural entrance of the forest.]
GROUPS 3 & 4:
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
(Risu - Kenny - Kat - Pikachu - Cree - Phi - Beelz - Shaymin)
-Pachi's House.-
[This massive group has been the quickest about their business. They have reached the center of the forest already, locating two unharmed creations in the same spot: Pikachu and Shaymin. Pikachu is an anthromorphic creation of Risu's, while Shaymin is a creation of Pachi's and a good friend of Cree's. They have joined together to form a very large group... Though they have not seen any signs of Darkness like Group 1 has.]
[At the house.]
Cree: Okay, we're all present and accounted for, yes? [Takes charge with Phi.]
Phi: Everyone is with us, am I correct?
Beelz: [Crossing his arms.] Present.
Pikachu: [Raises her arm.] I'm here!
Shaymin: [Floatin next to Beelz.] Present!
Risu: I'm here too~!
Kat: At present.
Kenny: Reporting for duty.
Cree: Okay, good. Looks like we're all here. It also looks like the other haven't made it just yet. Our next objective, when they get here, is to seek out Ember. He will guide us from there on what we are to do about the Conception and Darkness threats.
Phi: Now, since there was little activity in the forest, that does not mean you are all free to wander off when we seek this entity. Understood, my friends?
[They affirm.]
Cree: Right, good. 'Kay, so we're gonna have to--
[Sudden murmurs from both directions interrupt him. Ironically, Groups 1 and 2 enter the scene at the same time.]
Kutzu: Hey!! [Waves to everyone.] We're here! Sorry we're late!
Safiri: Hi Kutzu! And hi all you people...
Kenny: Reinforcements! And you two. 'Sup guys? [The Eclipses rush to each other.] How'd your little trip go?
Kutzu: We ran into Darkness...
Safiri: [Gasps.] Really? So then... they were here...
Kenny: But they must've left... Stuis 'em. The cowards..
Kutzu: Totally...]
[Pachi and Subo assume lead once again... They explain exactly what Cree and Phi had a minute ago. They must await or seek out Ember, who has gone missing. The Eclipse assume it is Darkness interfering with plans. The groups take this into consideration and assume that is what happened...]
[And it's about to become worse.]
A L L I A N C E:
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
(Kutzu - Safiri - Kenny - Cree - Pachi - Edge - Risu - Shaymin - Disgrey - Pikachu - Loann
- Subo - Phi - Arace - Beelz - Kat)
[As the alliance of groups greets each other, then organizes themselves again for another briefing, a dark corridor steals their attention. It appears directly between the groups and Pachi and Subo.]
[Murmurs of confusion... the dark corridor vanishes, leaving behind a Darkness dripping face of evil...]
Kutzu: [Gasps quietly.] It's him...
Kenny: [He squeezes the handle on one of his pistols.]
Safiri: I knew he'd show himself again...
Subo: I say, what is the meaning of this?!
Pachi: Intruding's not very polite, sir...
Subo: Wait! Are you perhaps Ember?
The Reaper: [His face is obscured by a hood now over his head.] I am not this Ember of which you speak... [He turns his attention to the Eclipses, standing at the front of the group.] You three... Eclipses...
Kutzu: What do you want...?
Safiri: You're pretty stupid appearing in front of all of us...
The Reaper: On the contrary, why would I do such a thing...?
Kenny: She just said why... You have ten seconds to get the hell outta here.
Cree: We won't hesitate to take you down, Reaper!
The Reaper: The beauty... of having such foolish opponents... you are all here as one, but you are all... Such ignorance... why would he ever come to trust any of your infidelity...?
Cree: I'm not gonna let you try to baffle our heads with ridiculous riddles again. [Points at The Reaper.]
Kenny: Time's up. [Before he can fire a shot, The Reaper raises an arm quickly, his fingers spreading apart. A bolt of black lightning blasts Kenny's weapon clean from his hand] Ack, s**t!! [He flails in pain.]
Kutzu: [Notices the black lightning.] (What the...?) K-Kenny!
Safiri: That lightning... Guys, that's...
Kenny: [Shaking the pain off, looking ahead.] That's the same magic Cruce uses...
The Reaper: So you noticed... Let's get to the point... You all know... Conception has joined us, believing they are worthy... They are not yet worthy to be called Darkness... They have potential... which is why we shall test them... [He turns his head, bringing a hand up, palming facing upwards. Just as he does this, a small dark corridor envelops Pachi and takes him away before anyone could do anything. Subo dives for Pachi, but fails to catch him in time. At the sight of this, everyone steps forward, ready to battle with this foe.]
Cree: Whaaa!! Pachi!
Shaymin: You 're not gonna get off that easy!
Kenny: This b*****d is asking for it.
Edge: I knew it!! I knew this would happen!! Aaaah!!!
The Reaper: ... [He lowers his arm.] ...He may return to you alive... If your actions prove worthier than that of Conceptions... you may see him again... Prove yourselves... Prove... [He now raises both arms, a huge corridor immobilizing everyone and slowly disappearing.] Come with me to the endangered Fantasy... Come... witness doom.
[They all vanish, incapable of any resistance whatsoever...]
[Unbeknown to them, they have not been sent to one place... The Reaper has spurned them across the three worlds: Soren, Safa, and the Antifigurate World.]
[And little do they know what has happened within Castle Tartarus...]

--E N D I N G--
The Reaper's got a charm to him somewhere...
That huge picture mesh of characters up there was annoying to do. >.>;
But it's silly seeing that many in one party. xD A party so huge it has to be called an alliance.

I'm sure you all know by now that I do that "Party: [Pictures]* thing for fun, and it has it's different catches too.
Like for instance: "Parties" can have names, such as Group 1 or whatever. I neglected to name them more formally on one episode in the last part. Instead of "Party", it was supposed to be "Femmes Flames" because it was Flare, Mouse, Kinesis, and Ghost in one party, and they're a group. So if parties have pre-names, I'll use that name now. As for Groups, those are the same. And here's the catch with party size.

Any party of 1 - 6 members is a "Party" (Simplicity...)
Any party of 7 -16 members is an "Alliance" (The one above has 16 members.]
Any party of 17-25 members is a "Gathering" (That's rare.)