I and my group meet up with Luna in her city. “Well we here now all we have to do is find Luna.” That is when they heard a commotion up ahead. Helios walked up to a bystander and asked what was going on. “Somebody is robbing the bank.” I knew that this needed to be handled delicately I did not want any of the hostages to get hurt. So I asked the kitsune twins to put us under an illusion so we can sneak in. “Hand over the money and nobody will get hurt!” We saw a group of six men, two of them were near a group of hostages while the others were in the vault. Under the illusion me and Luna snuck up behind the two men and knock them out. We then went over to the hostages our illusions had drop. “It’s ok we here to help is these everybody?” “No there are the bank tellers in the vault, you have to help them!” We will but first least gets you guys out.”

We were able to get them outside that are when we ran into Luna and baby yeti. “Helios is that you?” “Yes it’s me Luna, listen we can talk later right now we got to go back in there. There are still the two tellers in there with armed gunmen.” “Then what in we waiting for let’s go!” before Luna charged in I grab her. “Let me go we have to hurry! I know that but let’s go in quietly also let the twins work their magic.” Once again the twins engulfed us in their illusion. We snuck back into the bank I notice that the robbers in the vault were still in there. “Good they haven’t come out of the vault yet.” We snuck into the vault and saw the two tellers were huddled up in a corner while the four robbers were stuffing the bags with money. We jumped into action Luna caught two of the robbers in her lasso, while Lily and I hit the other two with flying kicks knocking them out. “Do not worry citizens it is me Luna maiden of justice.” “Thank you Luna for saving us but who are your companions?” “I’m Helios this here is Lily the two kitsune are Okori and Mamori and the snake is Calypso.” “Thank all of you for saving us.”

We carried the robbers to the proper authorities before we went around the city. “Helios when did you get the cute kitsune? They were given to me by the god Inari after I had past a test that he gave me. Well I may have been wrong about you Helios I thought that you were a villain. Like I had said before I had Calypso since she was still in her egg and Lily came from a different dimension. “Really I didn’t know that Lily was from a different dimension what’s it like?” So I told Luna about what I know about Luna’s dimension by the end of the explanation Luna was neon red. “So Luna needs sex keep her higher brain functions. Pretty much and now you understand that lust dust of hers it was to help her get people in the mood. So you’re not evil Luna? Nope just horny besides you where the one that caused what happened at the dome when you hit me with your shield. Beside’s you know you liked it. Luna didn’t say anything but had a huge blush on her face. I was telling her about some of my adventures when we suddenly heard somebody scream “help monsters!”

Luna and I immediately rushed to the scene right in front of us stood ten demons cause chaos and destruction. We went into action Luna threw her shield which slammed into one of the demon knocking it into a nearby river were it drowned. I charge the nearest demon with my swords drawn. The demon tried to scratch me with its claws but I was able to avoid it chop of its arm. The demon screamed in pain until I sliced its head off it. After during so the demon turned to dust. Lily used her gust while the twins used the kitsune bi causing the tornado combo which took out three of the demons.

Luna had got her shield and ran towards the next demon. The demon came at her with a claw but Luna blocked it with her shield. Luna then did a move that her favorite hero used. She yelled out “stars and stripes!” the attack did multiple shield uppercuts sending the demon flying. When it landed she then slammed her shield into its head it then turned to dust. Lily had gotten out her bamboo staff and ran towards the next demon. The demon tried to grab Lily but Lily was too fast for it. Lily then did multiple strikes with her staff launching it into the air. Lily jump up after it and slammed her staff into the demon sending it to the ground hard turning it into dust. Helios was dodging the attacks from another demon. Helios was able to knock it away with a kick. Helios then called down lightning on the demon turning it into dust. Okori, Mamori, and the baby yeti were dealing with the last two demons. The three of them were too quick for the demons. The baby yeti rolling himself into a ball launching himself at one of the demons, it knocked the demon into the other demon. This set it up so the twins could launch there kitsune bi at the demons burning them and turning them into dust.

“Well that was a tough battle is everybody ok?” “Were ok master it looks like that’s the last of them.” “Thanks Helios for helping me fight them off you’re really are a nice guy, well what do you say to get something to eat. That’s sounds like a good idea.” So we went out to get pizza. The good thing about this trip is that I finally got Luna to see that I was not a villain.