I was out in the forest with Lily and Calypso when I suddenly heard a cry. We went to check it out and found a fox kit. “Ah the poor little thing, were you think his mother went master?” They may have gotten separated let’s see if we can find the little guys parents. I told Lily to fly up and see if she could see anything while I calm the kit down. Using one of my druid abilities I started to talk to the little guy. “It’s ok little guy we going to find your parents. I can understand you how? It’s because I’m a druid little one. Could you tell me where you live? The kit told me that his family lives in a nearby temple.

I asked Lily if she saw a temple. “Yes I do master but it is really far away it may take us some time to reach it.” So we started the track towards the temple from what I heard from Lily it may take us a day and a half to reach the temple. While walking I started talking to the kit to get to know him battle. “So little guy what’s your name? My name is Inari, you mean like the god Inari? Ya my mom wanted to give me a name that would bring luck so she named me Inari. Oh you are so cute, we have to find his family master, we will Lily we will.”

We eventually found a spot to rest the night. Calypso had curled up near the fire while the rest of us started to eat. I gave Inari some fish that I had caught earlier while Lily started to eat some Cinnamon Rolls. Before we went to sleep for the night I cast a protection spell so we would not be disturb while we slept. We got up the next morning and continued to travel to the temple. While traveling I told Inari about some of my adventures and told. Of course I edited a little when I told him how I met Lily besides he didn’t need to know the entire story.

By mid day we finally made it to the temple. While traveling through the temple I notice that the statues there all depicted the god Inari. We finally had gotten to the very center of the temple when Inari jump out of Lily’s arms. “Think you for helping me get back home but what about your parents?” That is when Inari was engulfed in light when the light finally dimed there stood a man before us. He was dressed in fine woven ropes with a golden staff on his back. I knew in that instance that I was standing in front of the god Inari. I immediately bowed down, Lily followed my lead. Inari smiled and said “rise Helios you do not have to bow I really I’m not like most of the gods or goddess that want people to bow in their presents. Why did you disguise yourself as a fox kit Inari? It was a test Helios I saw what you have done but I wanted to give one more test so I disguise myself as a fox kit. Now I shall give you my blessing and you will have these two kitsune to help you on your journeys.” When Inari said that two white kitsune appeared before me. “My name is Okori and this is my brother Mamori I do hope we get along.”

“Continue to help people and grow strong in nature Helios I may call upon you someday to help me out until then farewell.” With that said Inari vanished in a flash of light. Helios smiled and left the temple with his new companions.