As of today I am 39 week and 1 day pregnant - only 6 days until my babies due date!!! I can't believe it and fingers crossed s/he arrives on time, I don't want to go over lol

Things are getting a lot more difficult at the moment for moving around, I feel like such a whale!!! And I have to get up about 7 times a night to go to the toilet gonk I think I'm going to end up getting MORE sleep when the baby actually arrives!!! I also picked up my iron tablets and have been taking them like a good girl, though I haven't noticed much of a difference.

Had the midwife last week, but nothing eventful occured, just the usual blood pressure, check the heartbeat, measure the bump.... and then she said see you in two week unless you've had the baby by then! Argh!

Oh, here is a bump piccie at 39 week:

User Image

It's weird sometimes to think there is a fully grown baby in there now!! Anyway, fingers crossed for me wink