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The Alloy Crux: Entry #1
I had thought I had seen the world. I had seen the rise and fall of the greatest man of my time, only to see him rise to his highest peak and fall to the darkest depths yet again. I had watched the sun rise and set on every hill and mountain I had ever heard of. I had felt the cool salty water of the Isle lap up against my ankles, and I could remember times in which I embraced it and other times in which I fled. My fingers have run across every building, my feet had touched every road.

But I had been very, very wrong.

Merely flying from Aekea to Barton had taken my breath away. As our fleet took to the skies, I steered my ship with a grace and such profound confidence that I couldn't help but laugh. Each turn of the rugged unpolished wheel felt like the entire ship was an extension of my body. The fluid motion of my hands as they crossed over each other while I guided The Alloy Crux to the head of the Fleet was as natural as breathing. My love and passion for Aekea had never wavered, but as my ship broke through its first cloud and my crew's childish giggling erupted behind me while they tried to grasp the clouds in their hands, I felt like I could leave the ground behind.

The updates of the demigod had been sobering to say the least while we stopped in Barton for supplies. I could imagine its terrified eyes, wide and filled with tears. I could hear the trees crackling and collapsing, and smell the pungent fire. I thought of Makawee when I thought of that fire, and wondered if she knew we would help before we did. But most of all I felt my heart twist when I heard of the vampires. Any time the race was mentioned in the news, I thought of my parents. Were they reveling in the life that my mother dreamed, or had she unknowingly signed off their eternal lives to a much more dark cause?

Many well known Gaians were offering to guide ships to the demigod. I swelled with pride when I saw Sam loading her tools onto a fast looking ship. There had no way that someone like her could ever turn down the opportunity to experience a ship like that. I could very much see her changing her job to repairing not only cars, but airships as well. The way she walked onto the deck had a confidence greater than the one I had felt on my own ship. Almost seeming to sense someone looking at her, the woman looked up and looked at me. Her expression of concentration broke for a moment, and with an enthusiastic wave and a wink she acknowledged me. I waved at her in return before we both continued to load our ships with much needed supplies.

Further down the dock I saw the very distinct walk of a vampire, so graceful and elegant without any effort. It made my stomach churn when they displayed themselves like gifts from the gods. Willamena was courteous enough to walk like a normal person. But this, this disgustingly arrogant creature......was the king of vampires. I laughed at the realization, which made Retro give me a confused look as he walked alongside me. The flock of women of all races behind him should have been an indication. His reason being there was to erase this negative cloud fogging up the vampire race's name. To me it didn't matter what they did, I still disliked them as a whole.

There were rumors of Edmund and the elk store keeper Carl also becoming Guides of sort on this adventure, but they were nowhere to be seen on the docks. Many said only a crazy person would allow Carl on their decks, and I silently agreed. There was no way that Retro could handle having the elk on board. I also heard that he enjoys eating ammo, a precious commodity, for no reason in particular. If that hadn't turned me off to him before, it certainly did now.

My fleet decided that we could manage our way to the demigod on our own. With so many ships in the sky headed in the very same direction there would be little chance of us losing our way. Not to mention we were all well-abled in our own particular specialties. How can we become lost with magic and military power on our side?

Our fleet was massive, one of the largest that we had seen. Other ships would steer near to us to simple marvel at our wide variety of ships, trees and personalities. Our ships became a single moving mass, a beautiful thing to behold.To end this log, I will list below the names of those within the Fleet and their ships. They are in no particular order.

;The Alloy Crux is Captained by myself
;The Zone-Tailed Mercenary is Captained by X, known to me always as Hayley (AlienX)
;The Flash Gordon is Captained by Charlie (charlieslaysvampires)
;The Quirky Quill is Captained by Kingsley (kingwerewolf)
;The S.S. Walrus is Captained by Frogger (The Frogger)
;The House of Cards is Captained by Ash Faust (Ash Badguy Faust)
;The Art of War is Captained by Ivan (Ivan the Mouse)
;The S.S. Sol Flare is Captained by Black (Black Witch of Ra)
;The Brass Barge is Captained by Vee (Old Man Vee)
;The Bladed Tone is Captained by Keel (Keel Kanrazi)
;The Mechanical Impluse is Captained by Ace (CARBON PiXELS)
;The Bergamot is Captained by VP-X Model #05: Vileplume (VPX05-Vileplume)
;Jaded is Captained by Aurin Rae (AurinJade)
;The Gears of Lore is Captained by Aiden Reinhart
;The Ballista is Captained by Blaze (Blaze the Flare Dragon)

PQ and Retrostacja
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