This is such an awesome part in Sync because you get to see something I didn't intend. xD
You get to see Kenny and Kutzu as Safans, then Kenny as a Sorenian, plus some of the other Theory characters in Ecliptic forms.
Notice the title? x3
It's the title of the very first part in Sync 1.
[The three Eclipses and Cree have come across a strange encounter with what has to be both Darkness and Conception. In all the confusion, they had rescued the target Creature, Pachi, from harm's way. Their destination is a large mansion just to the west of the Crystal Forest. Passing over a small hill, the team locates the destination: an impressive two story mansion. Just what Cree described.]
P A R T Y:
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(Cree - Kutzu - Safiri - Kenny)
-Subo's Mansion.-
[The doors to the mansion are open. Cree rushes in with lack of formalities. The scene looks nearly exactly like when Kenny held the injured Cruce and everyone gathered. Those applying to this world are in the foyer, and at the sight of Cree, they instantly huddle up around him, the murmurs of panic beginning to flow as the three Eclipses reach the doorway.]
Strange Creation: What's happening!? What's wrong with Pachi, Cree?!
Strange Creation: He's not dead... is he? Can Creators be killed by Darkness...?
Cree: N-no, he's alive, I assure you all.
[At the top of the stairs, a floating entity calls out to the crowd.]
???: Everyone, everyone, please!! Quiet down! [He holds out both arms, attracting attention. The room becomes silent. No one has even realized that the Eclipses are standing in the doorway... As for this individual, he appears to be what Femmes Flames member Kinesis is, known on Theory as The Creek Peoples.]

Creek Creation: Creator Subo, it's Pachi.

~Subo~ User Image

Subo: Pachi... [He hovers down the unnecessary stairs, a clear indication that, at one point, this mansion probably belonged to another. Subo is allowed through the crowd. He takes a long look at Pachi.] He is fine, thank the Grand Creator... Something knocked him out.
???: [A small, blue squirell/cat-like creature speaks. He possesses a bell on a collar around his neck.] Subo-san, could you tell us...?
???: [A Pachirisu, though with pink stripes, and a pink bow on her head.] Brother's not gonna be out for long, is he...?
Subo: I will give you all the answer... as soon as our friends introduce themselves. [He looks up at the three in the doorway.]
Eclipses: !! [Kenny steps back slightly, while Kutzu inches forth in flight. Safiri's eyes widen.]
[At this moment, everyone turns to the door to see the three evenly spaced out.]
Creek Creation: Whoa...
Strange Creation: [Scratches the back of his head.] Haven't seen them around here, or their Creators...
Creek Creation: You gotta think sometimes, where's this fine trio from?
Cree: [He looks back at the three.] Our guests. Don't worry, they're not hostiles, or with Darkness or Conception. They're with Light.
Kutzu: Yep! ♪ I'm Kutzu~! Kutzu Aria. [He winks.]
Safiri: Safiri Taira here. [She nods.]
Kenny: Kenny the Killer. Don't let the name scare you. [Chuckles, crossing his arms.]
Kutzu: Together, we're the Eclipses~!
Safiri: World Eclipses.
Kenny: From Fantasy. [He looks over at the two.] So, when the heck did we plan that scripted introduction?
Kutzu: [Shrugs, giggling with a paw over his mouth.] We're here to help with the Conception Rebels.
???: [The blue squirrel creature blinks a few times.] Cr-Cree? You brought them here from Fantasy?
Cree: I did. But The Crystal Forest... Doesn't look like it's doing so well.
Subo: Very well. Everyone! Give our guests some room to breathe, would you?
[At his command, all of the creations step back.. which is not too many.] ...Hoho, we have many Creators, yet we cannot do a thing about that rebellion just yet...
[Cree sets down on one knee, all Creators and the Eclipses gathering around him while the Creations watch with anticipation.]
Cree: Edge... [He turns to the blue hybrid.] Could you wake him up?

~Edge~ User Image

Edge: Certainly. [Cree lowers Pachi to the ground.] Awaken, Brother... [Edge places a paw on his brother, Pachi's, chest. He places another on his bell.] Oh, somnolent one... Awaken with energy, enough to run... Awaken to the sound all our voices... Sleep or rise. Brother, I know what your choice is. [He rings the bell once, a quick pulse of rushing air spreading from it. Immediately, Pachi shoots up, gasping, then coughing. He shuts his eyes tightly.]
Cree: [Drops down to assist Pachi, hugging him close and patting his back to stop the coughing.] Pachi, we're here... You're alright.
Pachi: [Coughs a few more times before beginning to tear up, though cease coughing...] Ahem... Ack--...
Edge: Oh, Risu, he's okay...

~Risu~ User Image

[Pachi's sister, Risu, steals Pachi from Cree's arms, hugging him and twirling him around, nearly hitting Edge, who joins in the group hug, smiling.]
Risu: You're okay! You're okay, Pachi!
Pachi: [Dizzy.] Wh-hey! What's all thi--what happened to me?
Edge: You conked out, Brother.
Cree: I found you in your living room on the floor. Do you remember anything?
Pachi: ...[Tilts his head.] Well, let's think~. Okie dokerokie. I was working on a new creation that could help us with those bad eggs, the rebels... And.. um, now I'm here.
Cree: [Sweat drop.] ...Well, um... Pach...? I think those bad eggs took over the Crystal Forest while you were out.
Edge: So, they're really progressing...?
Cree: They are... That's why I needed help from the other side. [He motions to the Eclipses.]
Pachi: [He looks up at the three, though Safiri is just over his level.] Whoooaa, who're you fancies?
Kutzu: Hehe~! I'm Kutzu.
Safiri: Name's Safiri.
Kenny: Kenny. Or Ken. Whichever you prefer is fine.
Pachi: So awesome... Sooo cool~.
[After greetings are made, the entire group heads outside for a plan to retake the Crystal Forest, lead by Subo and Pachi.]
-Outside Subo's Mansion.-
Subo: All right, everyone! Listen up! We are going to be leading a counterstrike against the Conception Rebellion!
Pachi: They cheated! They sooooo cheated! Stealing my place while I was asleep...
Subo: Exactly, and we must succeed! The Crystal Forest is home to many of Pachi's other creations. We cannot afford to lose them to Conception...
Pachi; And if you want even more of a motive, a couple of Edge's and Risu's creations are there too.
[While the two explain the situation, Kutzu asks a question from behind Cree.]
Kutzu: Excuse me, Cree?
Cree: [Turns around.] Yes?
Kutzu: Weren't Darkness and Conception working together to steal our planets' power sources.
Cree: I think there's been a change in their plans, guys...
Kenny: How drastic?
Cree: I'm not so sure... I know Ember is supposed to be at the Crystal Forest for transport to your worlds.
Kutzu: Ember... so that means... maybe Darkness saw through our plans?
Cree: Possibly. [He returns his attention to the speakers as they make an important note.]
Subo: I apologize for such short notice. We will be able to learn more of our assisting friends once we reclaim the Crystal Forest... For now, we must gather ourselves into groups. Pachi and I have organized them, and we feel they will work quite nicely.

[Group 1: Pachi, Kutzu, Arace.]

~Arace~ User Image

[Group 2: Edge, Safiri, Subo.

Group 3: Risu, Kenny, Kat.]

~Kat~ User Image

[Group 4: Cree, Phi, Beelz.]

~Phi~ User Image

~Beelz~ User Image

[With little time for chat or to spare, the groups begin to head east at the leaders' call. It seems as if everything moves so quickly for our Eclipses. Though, seeing how fast Conception moves, they are grasping an understand for this quick movement...]

--To Be Continued...-
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