((Story assist from King Rusty))

One day, Helios came across a very strange shrine. It was in ruins, as he expected. Ruins often allured the young elf because they held such history and knowledge. Learning of the past can assist one in future (via not repeating the same mistakes). The current shrine he found was evidently dedicated to some sort of insect goddess. There were broken statues of what he could only make out as anthropomorphic butterflies. The further he went into the shrine, the more risqué it became. Painted images of orgies littered the walls, which nearly made Helios fall out from a nosebleed.

At the end of the shrine was a painted doorway. Though the shrine was obviously centuries old, the door emitted a powerful energy. Curious, Helios set up camp at the shrine ruins and studied the doorway. Curiosity overwhelmed Helios and he used his magic to sort of jump start the doorway (similar to how one would start up a car battery). At first, nothing happened. Helios scratched his head in confusion and wondered what went wrong? Then a small metal device came out of the doorway and smacked Helios in the forehead.

“OUCH! What in the world?!” Helios exclaimed while rubbing his head. Upon examining the device, it spoke to him in a feminine voice!

“Hello, I am Oracle, your technological guide to Pokegirls,” the device said, introducing itself.

“Pokegirls? What are those?”

Before Oracle could explain, an anthropomorphic butterfly flew out of the portal. She walked towards Helios, a seductive sway to her hips. There was an amorous look in her eyes and her wings were fluttering frantically. A strange dust was emitted from her wings, a dust that instantly made Helios succumb to his most basic of instincts: the desire to mate.

Two hours later, an exhausted and naked Helios picked up Oracle and asked her question after question. Oracle scanned Lily and then said that she was a Buttitsfree. Soon after, Helios asked Oracle the history of Pokegirls and the world that Lily came from. After hearing the bizzar story, Helios' questions were all answered. All but one. After spending two hours with Lily, he felt a strange, deep emotional bond. Oracle revealed that this could be one of two potential bonds between Tamer and Pokegirl. Oracle also explained that only time would tell which bond this truly was. With Lily at his side, and happy to have her at that, Helios' lonely travels suddenly became a whole lot more better.