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Maxx's Gaming Blog
My gaming blog used to be located at Capcom Unity, but I'm forced to move it because members there are now required to have a moderator approve of blog posts. It's now harder to have my voice heard. So I will be posting my blog here.
I suddenly want something bad to happen to THQ.
Check this bullcrap out:


THQ is making online play for their games available only to those who buy games brand new. People who buy used copies will have to pay $10 for online play. Awesome! And by awesome, I mean "they're ******** stupid".

Their excuse: "We hope people understand that when the game's bought used we get cheated". Translation: We want $60 EVERY time someone buys the SAME copy of a game, and unless they pay up, we're stripping every major function out of our game."

I hope that company goes bankrupt and their staff lose their homes and have to live on the street and have to eat peach pits and apple cores to survive. Those monsters deserve it if they want to be a-holes. I hope they lose big for all their subsequent games.

I understand that almost everyone does buy new, but there's no need to punish those who have no choice but to buy used.

I have a few problems with THQ's scheme:

1. How is any company cheated out of anything if people buy used? How? Someone had to have bought the game new at some point in order for it to be classified as "used". That means the company already received a payment of $60 dollars for that copy of the game. So, that means THQ really must want $60 dollars for every time a used copy of their game is sold. That seems to be the only way their guys will untwist their panties. And Ill tell you: no one will stand for that.

2. If they're pissing themselves because they aren't making money off of used games, that means they must also have a problem with people waiting to buy games at REDUCE PRICES, or if a sale allows their games to be sold for less, or if someone uses a coupon for a certain amount off of their games. In either of these cases, THQ wont be making the precious $60 that they originally hoped to make. That means these things have to go too, right?

I ask you people, are you gamers really going to put up with this s**t from THQ? Are you going to put up with it from ANY game company, be it Nintendo or Sony or Square Enix, or even Capcom if they decide to do this? I hope not. So boycott the companies that plan on taking features away from you for buying used. So far, only THQ is doing this, so boycott their games, and sent the message to other developers that they can't ******** with you.

Remember, you pay your hard-earned cash. You buy their games. You fund their work. YOU OWN THEM.

Maxx the Slash
Community Member
  • 08/29/10 to 08/22/10 (7)

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