So now the dimensions changed a little... You'll see what that means.
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[In the battle with Smoke-Blayde and Dr. Darkness, Cruce did not die, but sustained serious damage. Danithan has taken charge of the group, having recovered from his own injuries, though they still remain present.]
[Now within Me'ihm Gardens, Danithan seeks help to quickly heal Cruce's injuries, as well as his own. Unfortunately, Danithan's leave was so quick that he could only bring Mouse back to her companions with a faint goodbye to Flare. Cyd and Kenny have tagged along.]
-Solace Palace.-
[Just outside the palace, Danithan, Kenny, and Cyd arrive. Kenny is holding the wounded Cruce.]
Kenny: [He looks up at the palace.] Fancy. Can whoever lives here help Cruce out? {Now that the dimensions have been swapped, everyone knows "Chris" as "Cruce".}
Danithan: I dunno if Sol can, but I think one of the other Phazes could help us. Cyd, you know of anyone who specializes in healing magic?
Cyd: I do. Supernova, a Phaze much like Sol, has a very complex understanding of healing arts. I wish I knew where she lived here, but Sol could take you to her.
Danithan: Alright. [He gestures with his head to follow him and heads for the door. A few of the Lightspawn see him coming and gladly open the door for him, concerned for Cruce's being.] Thanks. ...Where is everyone?
Kenny: I hear voices over there. [He points into the room leading to the dining hall.]
Danithan: They're still in there? ...Sheesh. At least it's not a drag finding them.
Kenny: Who's "they"?
Danithan: Ahhh, heh. You get to meet "them".
Cyd: ...Who exactly are you talking about, Danithan?
Danithan: Follow 'n find out. [He walks with a very distinct limp to the dining hall, where all of the Eclipses and company now sit, eagerly awaiting word from anything. They have already designated Sol's dining hall as a meeting room. Safiri and Roxy have had their original forms refurbished. As soon as Danithan, Cyd, and Kenny enter, everyone turns to see the excitement, Kutzu and Mikazuki both jumping from their seats.]
Mikazuki: Oh my God, Danithan!
Kutzu: You're hurt!
Danithan: [He walks to the table, everyone beginning to crowd around he and the other two.] Don't sweat my injuries. We should be a little more concerned about this guy here. [He points with his thumb back at Kenny.]
Kenny: It's Cruce. [He lowers himself to one knee, while Danithan steps out of the crowd to locate Sol.]
Safiri: Oh no... Cruce... Is he gonna be okay, he looks seriously beaten up... [She looks up at Kenny, unable to make a more concerned face.]
Kenny: Cyd says we're gonna have to find someone named Supernova, who'll be able to heal his wounds.
Cyd: Yes. Is injury alone is not severe, though the venom within his body caused by Smoke-Blayde would be fatal if it were not for his remarkable adaptability...
Kutzu: Oh, thank Hideaki you're here, Cyd.
Susie: Where can we find this Supernova character?
Sol: [Walks into the room with Danithan at his side.] I can take Cruce to her.
[Everyone turns to Sol.]
Sol: Supernova's an unparalleled healer. She can handle anything, even raising the dead.
Slianna: B-but Cruce isn't gonna die, is he...?
Sol: May I see his injuries?
[The group clears away a little for Sol to check the extent of Cruce's wounds.
Sol: Hmm... They don't look bad at all... So some sort of magic must be behind it... A poison of some sort, maybe?
Cyd: Highly potent Scorpius venom, I believe.
Sol: Oh. Those new fellas?
Danithan: Supernova can cure that, yeah?
Sol: If it were any poison, it would be simple... but Skyelord, who's been to their world, has told us that it's not actually a poison... but a powerful magic called Aspir. It's not supposed to affect his standing life force in any way, but his mana force.
Safiri: His mana force? What do you mean, Sol?
Sol: Basically, the one thing that's keeping him in his body is a magic called Retain. If he's relying on magic to live, then he's in grave danger... Unfortunately, curing him will be extremely difficult, but doable.
Kutzu: Please, it's gotta work... Please, Sol.
Sol: It'll work. I have to get him to Supernova's place, stat. In the meantime... Hideaki wanted to see the World Eclipses, I think... Have Cyd explain that to you.
[Kenny gently hands Cruce over to Sol, who takes him just as gently.]
Sol: Don't worry, he's in the best hands there are.
[Sol quickly conjures up a luster gateway for he and Cruce...]
Ray: Oh, wow...
Ectie: He said not to worry, but how can we not?
Cyd: That will only make the situation worse. Supernova is exceptional. Do not fret. Sol did leave me with the task of taking the World Eclipses whom are here to Lord Hideaki... Kutzu? Safiri?
Kutzu & Safiri: [Both nod.] Yes?
Cyd: [He nods back, then turns to Kenny, who is standing up now.] Kenny?
Kutzu & Safiri: [Gasp, looking at each other, then up to Kenny.] Wh-what?!
Kenny: [Crossing his arms, a bit of a surprised look on his face as he watches Kutzu and Safiri.] So, these two are the other World Eclipses? And these are their Eclipse friends...?
[The room goes silent.]
Susie: Gracious...
Ray: Good grief...
[Everyone seems to be giving a Kenny a look as if he were an alien, all except for Roxy and Mikazuki.]
Roxy: Believe it or not, this is an Antifigurate.
Mikazuki: Yeah~! They're a lot different from us, I know!
Safiri: He's an Eclipse...?
Danithan: He is totally an Eclipse.
Kenny: Sounds like the big man wants to see us three. You ladies game?
Safiri: Right on! [Suddenly excited, the Connection known.]
Kutzu: [Blushes a tad.] Hehe, actually, um...
Kenny: [He raises an eyebrow, smirking.]
Kutzu: Um, Mika?
Mikazuki: Yes? ♪ [Skips to Kutzu's side.]
Kutzu: May I tell our Eclipse friend?
Kenny: [As Mikazuki nods, Kenny shrugs.] What's up?
Danithan: Kenny... [He wraps an arm around Kenny.] Ahh, the wonderful worlds of Safa and Soren... You ready to be blown away by Soren?
Kenny: Uh, sure? Hit me.
Kutzu: I'm a boy~.
Mikazuki: Me too~! [Giggles.]
Kenny: ...[Staring speechless at the two.] ... [He turns back to Danithan.] Their worlds are different.
Danithan: [He drops his arm to his side.] Their worlds are different, as a matter of fact.
Cyd: [He chuckles to himself.] Ha, this is amusing. I cannot wait to see you three meet the other Eclipses.
Kenny: ...So different...
Safiri: Heh, I know what you mean.
[With these unique greetings finished, Cyd takes the three to the Angelic Zenith to meet the Phaze Lord up close for the first time.]
P A R T Y:
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
(Kutzu - Safiri - Kenny)
-Angelic Zenith(Alter).-
[Hideaki sits at his throne with a lack of both Skyelord and Ember now. Instead, another stands near the throne. He has a friendly smile on his face. He is the first that the three Eclipses notice. Cyd bows before Hideaki.]
Cyd: Milord...
Hideaki: I thank you for bringing the Eclipses, Guardian Cyd.
[The three bow as well.]
Eclipses: Lord Hideaki.
Hideaki: It is quite the pleasure to see'th thee in person together, Kenny, Kutzu, Safiri...
Kenny: Pleasure to be here.
Hideaki: Hmhm, and thou hath possession of thy Script, Kenny?
Kenny: Cyd grabbed it, thankfully.
Cyd: We do have the Script, Milord.
Hideaki: Very well. Now, I must let our good friend explain a new dilemma to you. He shall be your temporary guide in a new world that I shall send you to soon.
???: [He is a little shorter than Kenny, wearing flashy clothing.] Hi there, Eclipses! So nice to finally get to meet you.

~Cree~ User Image

Cree: My name's Cree Eitor. I'm from a large, distant world in Reality.
Safiri: Reality?
Kutzu: You're from Reality?
Cree: Yup. I'm from a planet called Theory. It's a pretty "imaginative" place. Lord Hideaki, you wouldn't mind if I explained...?
Hideaki: You may, my friend.
Cree: Thank you. [He turns back to the three.] You see, I come from a world where Creators live alongside their creations. I'm a Creator myself... but unlike the natural order, I was created by another.
Kenny: Like a god?
Cree: Oooohhh... I wouldn't describe him as a god, but he's got a real cute personality. His name is Pachi, and I was a project of his for a while. Um... Here's the problem though... Some of Pachi's creations have run off with a devious plot to overthrow him.
Kutzu: That's terrible! He let's them do that?
Cree: Well... Here's the other problem. It would've been easy to apprehend their misdoings, but we had some interruptions from what you call Darkness.
Safiri: There it is...
Cree: Yeah, Darkness found Theory, and because Pachi and some of his good creations got in their way, they want revenge, and they figure the perfect way to do it is to get Pachi's bad creations to work for them.
Kenny: Sounds to me like Darkness is interfering with some stuff that's not their own.
Kutzu: Business as usual, hm?
Safiri: Totally. What'cha need us to do, Cree?
Cree: The Conception Rebels, their group, found their way to Fantasy with some help from the Darkies. They intend to steal the power sources of three worlds: Safa, Soren, and The Antifigurate World. If they give that power to Darkness, they'll destroy Pachi... and they won't stop there. They could really mess things up here.
Safiri: Darkness is getting more people to join... And this is gonna spread.
Kenny: We need to know exactly who we're up against. D'you know about the rebels themselves?
Cree: Of course. They weren't originally powerful by themselves, but now they've got these Nightmare thingies to help them, which I here their leader can power up to unmerciful levels. Their leader is called Darkrai. Have you heard the name here?
Kutzu: Not at all. What's this Darkrai person like?
Cree: He's cunning, sneaky, and pretty low... Darkness is so perfect for him... It's hard to imagine that someone like Pachi created him... but Pachi did go through a creation phase that was a little disturbing, so I've heard.
Cyd: ...Hmm... They have just departed for the Ecliptic Worlds?
Cree: Their first target is Safa, so I think they have.
Safiri: Gee... [She frowns, looking out into the distance.] I thought I had just saved Safa with my friends... And now bad things again...
Kutzu: And Cruce isn't gonna be with us...
Cree: Cruce?
Hideaki: Ah, Cruce... I have heard from Sol's telepathy that he hath been injured. Cree, my friend. Cruce is the Believer.
Cree: Oh, he's who I've been hearing all about? It's good to know his name! ...Oh... Anyway, I was fortunate enough to run into a good soul named Ember, who sent me here. He promised that Light would help Pachi, and stop the Conception Rebels from causing trouble.
Kenny: And Light is gonna help you. You've got the World Eclipses, and there is NO way in he-heh-hell that we're gonna sit around and let Darkness recruit new baddies to mess around with our homes. That's even worse than them doing it themselves! ...I think!
Kutzu: That's totally right~!
Hideaki: If thou understandeth the dilemma, I shall send thee to Theory.
Cree: We can learn the full details there.
Cyd: If you three are prepared to embark now, I will let everyone know where you have gone.
Kutzu: Um... Give us a sec~!
[The three huddle up. Kenny crouches to their level as they all face inwards.]
Kenny: Did we just huddle? ...Anyways, what's wrong... Kutzu, was it?
Kutzu: Yessirree~. You two know what this means? It means we're actually going to finally prove something as Eclipses.
Safiri: ...Huh, you're right... Have we ever been relied on before? By Hideaki?
Kutzu: Um, totally not. We even get to see a new world. Like, whoa~!
Kenny: We don't know what's ahead of us. You two know how to fight?
Oh, totally.
Safiri: I'm not worried about us. Can you keep up, Kenny? [She smirks.]
Kenny: Tch, we'll see. I'm honestly dyin' to see your worlds.
Safiri: Oh.
Kutzu: Oh... About that... You're all big, tough, and muscular...
Kenny: [He flexes a little.] Why thank you... That's a nice remark you make there.
Safiri: And... As soon as you go to my world...
Kutzu: Or mine~
Safiri: You're gonna be in for a little surprise...
Kenny: ...I like that. [He stands, looking back to Cree.] We're ready to hit it.
Safiri: [Blinks.] Oh, he's such an Eclipse...
Kutzu: Oh my gosh, I know!
Cree: Great! Thanks for lending us your support.
Kenny: Hey, we haven't done anything yet. [Grins.]
Hideaki: Before you go...
[They return their attention to Hideaki.]
Hideaki: I would like to grant upon thee a new favorable power each...
Safiri: Awesome!
Kutzu: Really, Lord Hideaki?
Hideaki: Indeed... [He raises an arm.] Thy power hath been sealed for ages and eons... I shall unleash what I can of this sealed power... For Kutzu, the ability to manipulate magic known as Color Wisps... For Safiri, Foral Magic... and for Kenny, Perfect Alchemy... These magics shall come naturally to each of thee... [He raises one arm... Three different colored orbs of light emit from his hand. A pink orb descends in front of Kutzu. A light green orb falls in front of Safiri. An orange orb floats in front of Kenny. The orbs enter their bodies... For a moment, all they can see is a flash of that color... ]
{Color Wisps, for Kutzu is a graceful, colorful magic that swirls all around Kutzu when summoned. Each color possesses its own elemental energy. Red is fire, green is wind, indigo is water, light blue is ice, yellow is earth, and purple is lightning. White and black are more difficult to activate.}

{Floral Magic, similar to Kutzu's magic, is element-based. Safiri's unique abilities allow her to plant seeds, then speed the growth up to produce a type of flower that will act as a live threat to her foes. As with Kutzu's power, Light and Darkness flowers are difficult to plant.}

{Perfect Alchemy solves the problem of Kenny's limitations to ammunition. It allows for him to create material all on his own with alchemy. The material he creates is infused with elemental energy, including all six of the main elements. Light and Darkness elements can be created after a certain amount of energy is infused into his creations.}

[The three Eclipses open their eyes, feeling this surge of power.]
Kutzu: [Looks down at his paws.] ....Whoa...
Safiri: I agree...
Kenny: Now that's fancy... And the funny part is... I feel like I know what I can do now.
Safiri: Me too. I guess it does come naturally to us.
Hideaki: Indeed... Art thou prepared to journey forth?
[Cree walks to the Eclipses, smiling warmly at them.]
Kenny: We're ready, Lord Hideaki.
Hideaki: Very well... I wish thee the best of luck.
Cyd: Do your best. I am positive you will succeed.
Safiri: Thanks, Cyd!
[A large luster gateway brightens around Cree and the Eclipses, sending them to Reality... Only extremely powerful luster gateways or dark corridors may traverse realms, yet for Hideaki, it is a simple task sending these four to Theory.
--E N D I N G--
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