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Stuff I do when I get BORED (Which happens a lot, actually)
Heh, well... Um... yeah... read it if you'd like...
500 Days of Gaia's Summer Event
Author's Note: I'm a fanfiction writer and I've been on Gaia for... a hundred years. Anyway, think of this as a comeback fanfiction. Even though it's weird. I've been thinking of penning the saga of my Gaia character. But my Gaia-sister finally gave me some inadvertant inspiration. Yeah.

I don't own Nicolae, Crescento, or any other Gaia character. All Gaia users mentioned are friends of mine or well-known mods/devs. Friends have been notified. Mods and devs had it coming.

I love how hard the summer event is.


"Who wants to ride in Crescento's airship?"

"Oooh! Me!"


"******** THAT. I wanna go for a ride in Nicolae's wagon!"

In the middle of Barton Square, gathered around the fountain, there was a meeting regarding developments in the fight against the animated. Somehow, it had devolved into a discussion about beer, hating the French, and now, riding in Crescento's airship. Most of the straying topics were started by one rowdy young woman... Nicolae couldn't see her, but he had been trying his best to ignore her boisterous yells for the past hour.

Now, he cracked a smile. A ride in his wagon? The young woman's voice had a suggestive lilt and an enticing demand.

"I heard that Landy was pregnant, too..."

"Landy is female?"

"Who's the father?"

"I think it's Airshark!"

"NO! It's Buzzkill! And the resulting Buzzsharks will wipe the scourge of noobs from Gold Beach and I will never have to deal with them impuning my awesomeness ever again!"

At this, he laughed, but it couldn't be heard over the cries of, "LOL VIOLET." and "BUZZSHARKS?"

Finally, he moved South, to catch a glimpse of the meeting without the Barton Inn in his line of sight.

She was standing there, fully regaled in items he recognized from that new random item generator... (and people said he was a con artist). She had hay-colored hair, pinstraightened with some swept up and styled into a bow, and perfectly straight bangs almost to her eyelashes. Large, dark sunglasses with little gold dots, a dark purple and red kimono dress with dark red, fingerless gloves... purple stockings and little white shoes, and a long string of cream-colored pearls wrapped twice around her neck and hanging to her waist.

He grinned. Rich, stylish, loud and promiscuous...

and apparently, interested in taking a ride in his wagon.

"Like I always say... Come a-knockin' anytime, 'cuz this wagon's always rockin'," he murmured with a grin.


"Hey, gimme a sec. Gotta stop by Back Alley Bargains, need to make something," she said, as she caught up to her crew.



"Hurry, I wanna kill EB again!"

"Yeah yeah..." Violet said, making her way Northeast from the Barton Inn, where her crewmates (a young girl dressed in monochrome, a woman in her mid-twenties in vibrant blue, with silver hair, another in purple, and one in darker blue) were exiting. She crossed the bridge, then moved East, and finally South, stopping in front of a wagon.

"Heh. Cute. Too bad I already got 'em," she said, eyeing the plushie replicas of the annoying Fluff animated that littered every part of Gaia. Really, only Barton Town was clear (except for the occassional Airshark and Giftbox invasion), thanks to the efforts of the Barton Guards.

"Well, maybe I can interest you in something else..." Nicolae said, as he hopped off of the wagon. Briefly, he petted the mule, then walked towards his customer.

"Just getting a few things," she said, grinning. "I need a Kokeshi Kimono, two sets of Pearls, a Knotted Rope, and a Kokeshi fan... actually, how many Pearls can I get?" she asked him.

He looked her over. She was dressed to the nines, in red, black and gold. The fire jacket from Gogh Reed, the boots from Kottan Bell Reunion, the sash from Captain Clarino, the waist strings from String Ensemble, the revealing top from Chemical Love and the tight black hotpants from Black Lace... a jaunty black hat with a red flower sat atop a mountain of brown curls woven with gold ribbon, a few tendrils spilling around her face and shoulders. Rust colored eye-shadow made her green eyes luminescent.

"Hey. Up here. How many Pearls can I get?" she said, waving a small green drawstring bag. It jingled like the primadonna at the opera to his ears.

"Got the ingredients?" he asked. She laid at least five recipes and the ingredients for ten more on a makeshift table. "And the gold?" he said, smirking.

She handed him a small satchel of gold. Despite its size, it was heavy, and Nicolae's eyes went heavy lidded with gold-lust. "Just a moment," he said.

"I'm waiting..."

She hardly gave him any time to work, especially when he had so many sets of Pearls to make. He handed them over, and she smiled. "There's always a demand for these... thanks," she turned and hurried toward the entrance to Bass'ken Lake.

Nicolae bounced the sack of gold up and down in his hand. He could get used to good-lookin', rich business like that.


"Ugh, when is this summer event going to open? It's been a week, this is too much build up!" Violet complained, a ring flashing. A sword appeared, Slashing through two of the animated buzzsaws.

"I missed some of the stickers..." Rainbox said, a little disappointed.

"I have eight so far," Violet replied. "My mules each only have six, though."

"Do you guys wanna run SS next?" a random crew member asked.

"Eh, not really... I'm waiting for someone," Violet said. The crew member abruptly left. Rude much?

"Oh, is Mommy coming?" Rainbox asked, new hope sparking in her voice.

Violet shook her head, brown curls bounching, but she still smiled. "No, Vin-Vin."

"Haha, have you told her about our master plan?"

"Oh, with Nico and Crescento...? Not yet!" Violet chirped happily. She and her sister had something very special planned for the 2010 Summer Event.

"Hi guys!" Vinyl said, as she ran into the saw mill. Everyone was back up against the wall, but easily handling the onslaught of buzzsaws. She joined the fray.



"ILY. x3333"


"Waaaaaaaaaaah, you know they released items already, but not the event?" Vinyl cried. Violet and Rainbox patted her shoulder.

"I know, and I'm trying to save up for Radio Jack, too." Violet shot a jealous glare to Rainbox, who had the Radio Jack eyes... then she laughed. "It would look really good with a captain's outfit."

"When is that summer event gonna be released?!"

Violet Meira
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    ✖ ✖ ✖

    YES. YES. YES.

    YOU WIN.


    ★ R A I N B Ø X !
    σceαn mαn ταke me τσ τhe lαnd - - - - - - -

    comment Feindrah · Community Member · Sun Aug 22, 2010 @ 10:01pm
    I had a stupid grin on my face the entire time I was reading it. xD


    If I had to comment on the things I liked, this would be a heck of a long comment. P:

    comment yveox · Community Member · Sun Aug 22, 2010 @ 11:24pm
    You're such a good writer! SO GOOD! whee

    And I'm sad I wasn't there and all the disappointment. D: I know that that has been the case recently, though. And I'm sorry. *huggles* I love you and the famfam so much, though! <3

    ILY MY DAUGHTER! biggrin

    comment Dem_Tenshi · Community Member · Mon Aug 23, 2010 @ 12:39am
    User Comments: [3]

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