The last battle scene before we get to see Khris the Rabbit!

Round 1

Chris Anema


Smoke-Blayde(Turret Guns, Lasers)
Doctor Darkness(Black Emperor)

Round 2

Chris Anema



All upon the Dismal Carrier's deck.
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[Let the battle between Light and Darkness begin.]

Round 1:
-Dismal Carrier(Bridge Platform).-
[The Black Emperor begins firing away, just as the turrets attached to the spot lights do. Everyone acts quickly, rushing behind the pile of crates to quickly discuss a keen strategy.]
Kenny: Listen up, people!! We need to get back the Script and put a stop to Smoke's plan, so need someone small enough to sneak up into the bridge! Mouse and Cyd, you two fit the bill!
Cyd: Understood.
Mouse: Uh-huh~! [Nervous.]
Kenny: [Seems to be more of a military leader now.] Kylie and Roger, I need you two to focus on those sentry guns! Shoot out the spotlights and that might break them!
Roger: Got it!
Kylie: Yessir!
Kenny: Chris...? Danithan? We're going to kick that robot's metal a**. Everyone move out! Go go go!!!
[Everyone rushes to their positions, the spotlight's immediately locating a few of them and firing away. Cyd and Mouse make it safely to the garage just as it begins closing. Kenny distracts the Black Emperor while Roger and Kylie get as close a shot as possible to the sentry guns.]
Smoke-Blayde: Your strategy's useless! There's no way you can find me in time!! Ah-haha!!
[As he speaks, a few red hot lasers fire from above, nearly striking Danithan.]
Danithan: WHOAH, crap!! That's hot! And I know hot!! [He conjures his famous white fire blade, now facing the giant mech.
Chris: [Facing the mech, his body charging with energy.] (Anema... we're going to take this thing out.)
Anema: (Got it!)
[Anema helps him build up an electric charge.]
Kenny: [He sprints as the mech twirls around, firing relentlessly. Kenny throws his flash grenade out, shielding his eyes. It stuns the robot, giving him the chance to fire upon it with a single handgun, though doing very little damage.]
Dr. Darkness: Hm?! Ohohoho!! Do you really think your puny weapons can do anything to me?!
Danithan: Maybe not! But that's why I'm here!! [He leaps onto the mech's arm, slicing off one of its machine guns. Danithan performs a backflip as he kicks himself off of the mech.]
Dr. Darkness: Wh-why you!! [He swings with the afflicted arm at Danithan, striking him clean in the gut. He's sent flying at one of the sentry towers.]
Danithan: Oof!! [He coughs a little as he hits the tower.] Ah, s**t... [Stands.]

[Meanwhile, Kylie and Roger have just taken out one of the sentry towers.]
Kylie: Hell yeah~!
Roger: Ky, look out!! [He dives at her, pushing her out of the way of a laser's line of fire. The laser follows them, though Roger stands quickly, takes aim, and fires away. Two blasts from his shotgun do the job.]
Kylie: Whahoo... Thank you...

[Inside the bridge, Mouse and Cyd have been running across the catwalks, searching for a way to Smoke-Blayde.]
Mouse: [Jittery.] Cyd, I'm not seeing a way up~!
Cyd: There's always a way. Always. [He stops, looking around the room for some sort of way through the bridge... On a high ledge, he spots a narrow ventilation shaft.] Mouse. [He gets her attention, pointing up to the vent.]
Mouse: How're we gonna get up there~?!
Cyd: Hm...Hmhm. [He holds out his arm, smirking. In a quick flash, a harpoon materializes in his hand. He takes aim at the grate... and throws his harpoon. It strikes in between one of the gaps. Using a sort of telekinesis, as if he had a rope, he pulls back on his harpoon. It flies out with the grate attached to it, landing on the garage floor.] Come, Mouse! [He lifts her up under the arms, and flies her to the vent.]
Mouse: [She squeaks as she is lifted. She is capable of standing in the vent while Cyd must crouch and walk.] I-I don't know wh-where to...
Cyd: I will direct you. Have no fear, I will not let you be harmed. Let's begin.
[The two start their way through the system of vents.]

[Back on the deck, Danithan has sustained injury.]
Danithan: [He has been shot in the foot, and tossed against another tower, but he still presses on.]
Kenny: [Using all of his strength, he tears a machine from the Black Emperor, utilizing it like it were his own weapon. He takes aim at one of the spotlights, rendering it useless, then at the head of the robot itself, still doing minimal damage before he too is flinged off.] Waaah--OOGH!! [Strikes the floor roughly.]
Chris: [Still building up energy, the air beginning to shimmer around him.] (Hang on, Kenny... Come on, Anema! We can do this...)
[With the sentry guns down, Kylie and Roger rush to Kenny's aid, but are both stopped by an insane laughter.]
Smoke-Blayde: Ah-hahahahahaha!! You're nothing to Darkness!! [Near the top of the bridge, a larger spotlight flashes on, revealing a huge cannon.]
Danithan: 'The hell...? [He looks up at the cannon before rushing to the robot.] Gotta end this now!
Dr. Darkness: [With one arm aimed at Kenny, the mech suddenly turns around, aiming another at Danithan. It fires a red beam of burning energy at him faster than he can dodge with his injured foot.]
Danithan: [He screams in pain, once again blown back, but this time to the pile of crates. He falls unconscious, seared.]
Chris: (Danithan?! Danithan's out so quickly?! ...The Ecliptic Pull is weak here... maybe that's why his power is dwindling.) [He shuts his eyes tightly.]
Roger: Danithan!!
[As Roger shouts, the huge cannon fires a tremendous burst of Darkness energy in the form of a spherical force that swallows the two Eclipses whole. As it hits the deck, it remains for a few moments, swallowing anything else that comes close... Within a split second, it consumes itself, vanishing into nothingness.]
Kenny: [Observing from around the robot.] No!!! Nooo!!!! [He reaches out.]
Dr. Darknes: Ohoho!! [Just then, the Black Emperor spits an inferno at Kenny, completely engulfing him in bright fire.]
Chris: (...No, not again... The Eclipses... Not again!!) Not again!!! Darkness, you can't take the Eclipses away from the Connector!!! [The air around him converts into pure black energy.] This world is ours!!
[At this moment, Chris throws both arms forward, screaming out as he releases a huge black nova of dark electricity that rips through the entire torso of the mech. It continues on, also tearing through the Dismal Carrier. The nova continues across the world...
Dr. Darkness: [No indication weather he is dead or alive. The Black Emperor falls backwards, near the spot where Kylie and Roger disappeared.] ...
Kenny: [As an alarming surprise, he is well, fire burning around him. The Ecliptic spirit within him has awakened. He smirks at Chris.
Chris: [Breathing heavily, with his eyes wide open.] ...K-Kenny...
Kenny: [A flame envelops him, then flashes above Chris, revealing Kenny again. He is directly in line with the dark cannon. Hovering above, he quickly makes a circle design in midair with two fingers, then presses on an imaginary field in the center of that circle with his palm. The circle flashes orange, expanding outwards, then disappearing into thin air. It reappears around the cannon, only acting in reverse until it closes in on itself, slicing part of the barrel off. Kenny drops in front of Chris.]
Chris: ...Kenny...?
Kenny: Chris. [He turns his head halfway.] I'm not that easy. Roger and Kylie aren't either. Just wait... [He faces the ship again.]
Smoke-Blayde: Im-impossible!! This is impossible!! [He slams on the computers. Just then, Cyd and Mouse barge into the control room. Mouse aims both of her burning tails at Smoke-Blayde, while Cyd is prepared for anything, another harpoon in hand. Smoke-Blayde turns around, backed up with his hands against the mainframe.] Grr... ******** you... ******** you all... [He spins around, his hand on the microphone.] Believer!! You and me! Now!!
Round 2:
[As suddenly as Smoke-Blayde calls the battle, he leaps out of the bridge's window, landing atop the fallen mech, a fire burning behind him. His aura intensifies again.]
Kenny: [He holds an arm out in front of Chris, ready to defend him.]
Chris: No... Kenny. Take Danithan to safety... He wants to battle me... to prove who has more worth.
Kenny: [Looks back to Chris.] Well, why doesn't he just give up now then...? Alright. Be careful, man... [He nods to his friend, running back to grab Danithan.]
Chris: [He looks up at the bridge, spotting Cyd.]
Cyd: [Speaking in the microphone.] We're in the computer room. Hold Smoke-Blayde off as long as you can!
Smoke-Blayde: I don't care what they do anymore... I want to kill you, Believer. I'm gonna kill you and all of your friends... I swear it.
Chris: Shut up, Smoke-Blayde!!
Smoke-Blayde: Hrah!!! Make me!! [He charges at Chris, who charges up for another blast. Just as Smoke-Blayde strikes him directly in the chest with his claws, a burst of energy blows the half-Scorpius back into the garage.]
Chris: [He holds a paw close against his chest, blood beginning to pour... this his blood is as black as the lightning. He stumbles a bit. At this point, Smoke-Blayde reappears behind him, striking him in both shoulders with his tails. Chris cries out, before releasing another wave of energy to send Smoke-Blayde only back against one of the towers nearby.]
Smoke-Blayde: [Becoming weaker, he runs at Chris once again, grabbing him by the throat.] Give me this life... Give me it!! [Begins absorbing Chris' remaining life force.]
Anema: (No!! Get off of him!!) [Speaks aloud somehow...] Get off!!
Smoke-Blayde: What the--?! [Another discharge, though from Anema, blows Smoke-Blayde off of his feet. He quickly stands.] You goddamn Believer... I'm going to... I'm going to cut your head off!! [His claws lengthen.]
Chris: [He opens his eyes, on his hands and knees. He grits his teeth, standing slowly.] ... [Just as Smoke-Blayde grabs him by the throat again, his eyes flash white.] I am sick

And tired


[Chris manages to grab both of Smoke-Blayde's wrists, throwing him down so that his grip releases. With his own power, a pillar of dark matter shoots Smoke-Blayde into the air, then sinks into the ship again. Chris finally manages to conjure a weapon out of this dark matter and his own element. He holds a paw out, a long knife beginning to form. This all occurs within fractions of a second before Chris jumps into the air as Smoke-Blayde is falling. With little time, he thrusts the dagger into Smoke-Blayde's chest, slices one direction, then slices another. Smoke-Blayde screams in unbearable excruciation as he is sliced clean in half, his upper body falling in one direction while his lower body falls in another...]
[Chris lands, the knife vanishing from his paws.]
Chris: [He stands over Smoke-Blayde's upper corpse, which is still alive... Surprisingly, Smoke-Blayde lacks any sort of blood or innards... Only a soft, dark mater acts as his structure. His bones are made of the same dark matter Chris had used to defeat him.] ...
Smoke-Blayde: ... ...Ugh... [He looks up at Chris.]
Chris: How is it that you're still alive...?
Smoke-Blayde: ...Silly... fool... I'm an abomination... We abominations are anything but natural... We aren't alive... so we can't die... but we can still fee pain...
Chris: You deserve every bit of this pain, Smoke-Blayde... Tell me where Kylie and Roger are.
Smoke-Blayde: ...Fine... since you... have more worth... The two... the two are in the Empyreal Paradox... They will become Nightmares... but their true selves remain in the Paradox...
Chris: How can I get there?
Smoke-Blayde: ...I don't know... Naught can send you there... but... that is the only way I know...
Chris: ... ...How can I kill you...?
Smoke-Blayde: ...You want to kill me...? Even now...? Your heart... is so black...
Chris: Maybe you don't see it... Let me rephrase that... How can I free you...? How can I put you out of your misery?
Smoke-Blayde: Foolish Believer... You can't do that... I can't die... We can't die...
[Without another word, a small dark corridor consumes Smoke-Blayde's upper body. The other half of him becomes nothing but dust... Chris looks back at this dust, well aware of what it is. He is also aware that his own body is beginning to die.]
Anema: (Chris... Our body's dying...)
Chris: (Anema... A-Anema... I... I don't know what to do...) [He looks down at the dark matter.] (This dark matter... This is what makes abominations... it can create non-living... though animated...creatures. It's like... a clay...)
[By now, the bomb has been deactivated.]
Anema: (I-I can't do it, Chris... I can't do it! We can't... adapt... to death anymore. Ch-Chris, there's something... I didn't tell you... I don't think Sol did either...)
Chris: [He collapses, barely alive.] (Anema... wh...wha...?)
Anema: (It's true, I've left my body... but... there's a set back to hyper...adaptability... It's connected... to my body... which exists because it's still alive... with you... and... and I... if you die... I... My spirit's...)
[Chris closes his eyes...]

--E N D I N G--