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[Groups one, two, and three have finished their missions, though only two of these groups have returned to the hideout. Upon receiving word of the battle at Orion Avenue, groups one and three have lent their assistance. The only person who did not attend this is Idi, learning that the foes are of Darkness. Despite him fighting Darkness earlier, he figures that the elimination of any who see his betrayal would suffice as safety. Darkness in large numbers would easily reveal him as a traitor. Chris has not yet left the park. Having just finished his strange battle with Smoke-Blayde, he simply stands in the center of the park, his mind glued to one topic: Vincefourth.]
P A R T Y:
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(Chris Anema)
When will I return to my body...?
What has become of it...?
Where is it...?
Is it alive...?
Is it dead...?
And... if I ever do get back...
Who will I be...?
Will I be Chris...?
Regardless... I want to see Vince again... I have questions for him..
-Central Park.-
[Hearing the gunshots and explosions in the distance, Chris simply stands in the middle of the park, downtrodden.]
Chris: ...(Oh, Anema... I told myself that I wouldn't mull over stuff like this anymore... I said that I would move forward, and not look back at all of those complex things...)
Anema: (Well, it's very tough to do that. You are the Believer, after all. A lot's happened to you in the past, so it's pretty hard to let all of that go.)
Chris: (It is... thanks you for understanding. It's hard to let it go... I feel like I have to face it now...)
Anema: (Chris, it's okay to be concerned about things like that, but don't let it affect you now! The better you do here, the more you'll find out elsewhere, right?)
Chris: (That's... true... But I feel like things are changing in my past...)
Anema: (Hm...? What do you mean?)
Chris: (...Not too sure, Anema... Not too sure at all... But, as for you, thanks a bunch for being there.)
Anema: (Sure~! Even when I'm dead, I'm a good friend!)
Chris: (Ha... Heheh, you Corussians are awesome.)
[A corridor envelops Chris, returning him to the hideout...]
-Evacuation Cavern.-
[Everyone who remains is pleased to see Chris.]
Antifigurate Troop: Ah, he returns! Thank God you're okay.
Chris: Shucks, naturally. Good to see nothing hit this place.
Antifigurate Troop: Just as naturally. Chris, notice the lack in people here?
Chris: [Looks around, realizing the troop's words are true.] Oh... what happened?
Antifigurate Troop: The Lightspawn left to aid in the crisis above. We would go too, but the citizens need a vigilant eye...
Chris: (So that battle's still raging...) I take it everyone's there, then?
Antifigurate Troop: I would imagine. Idi did drop by here earlier. He asked me to give you this. [He pulls a note from his uniform coat, crouching down to hand it to Chris, who takes it and peruses it...]

"Dear Chris,
Wherever you may be, I do hope that you are well. The Eclipses are, as you might have assumed, up in arms with Darkness. Unfortunately, that leaves no other option but for me to take my leave. I must operate quietly with your cause if the Shades are to see success. I am unsure what you have seen thus far, but do beware: the Doctor has designed a large vessel known as the Dismal Carrier. You shall know it when you see it. The plan is to bomb what is left of Port Esca. The way to bring this plan to a stop is to prevent the carrier from reaching the port. If it does, you must handle Doctor Darkness with the Eclipses... and without me, but I wish you the best of luck. Until next time.

Chris: (Idi... I can't believe I have you on my side, when my side is Light... But thanks... Thanks a whole lot, Idi. With you, Lea, and Danny, the only one left to persuade is Ginsengaar... and all three of you are probably handling that right now.) Thanks. I know what to do now. [He nods to the city troop.]
Antifigurate Troop: Gonna help your friends?
Chris: I am.
Antifigurate Troop: Good luck, Chris.
Chris: Thanks. Stay alive down here!
Antifigurate Troop: Certainly.
[Instead of using a dark corridor, Chris leaves the conventional way. His lack of memory of Orion Avenue has slowed him down.]
[Eventually, tracing down the gunfire does him good. He finds that the battle is continuously raging on even now. Some Awgo troops have fallen, though most still stand strong. On the section of fallen building that Smoke-Blayde had been standing, General Zoltiare and Roger face Darkness back to back.]
Chris: (Awgo's really done it... They've suppressed Darkness... Time to lend them one finishing bit of help.) [With his body sparking, he charges forth, avoiding the crossfire. He reaches one of the common Nightmares, thrusting straight through its body like a bolt of lightning himself. He continues ahead, coming face to face with a Shadow-bot. With Anema's assistance, he quickly conjures up a dark matter shield. The robot presses forward with continuous fire until a large spike shoots out, piercing through the metal of the Shadow-bot. With this obstacle gone, he rushes ahead, faced with another Shadow-bot, armed with a flamethrower. Instantly, the robot fires away. Luckily, Chris' height once again saves him. He dives underneath the robot entirely, casting a spell as quickly as he can. Rolling from underneath the robot, a black bolt of lightning crashes down upon it. The bot becomes a fireball as it erupts, Chris just ahead of this danger. He smirks as the explosion builds up behind him.]
[Finally, Chris reaches the fallen building. Now, the waves of Darkness seem to have stopped...]
Zoltiare: [He looks down at his side to see that a third member has joined he and Roger.] Boy?! I'll be damned, you're looking well, now!
Roger: [He, too, notices Chris nearby.] Chris?! You alright, little bud?!
Chris: I'm doing good, no sweat! Everything good on this end!?
Zoltiare: My troops have repelled their forces, now! We're in the clear, boy! Now, what about that nasty leader of theirs?
Chris: ...(The Dismal Carrier!) Uh, General...? I don't know what happened to him...
[Suddenly, all goes quiet... The battle has come to a pause.]
Roger: We're good... We're good. [He checks around for the Femmes Flames and the others.] Where the hell is everyone?
Danithan: [Leaps up to the building, lending a hand to Flare once he reaches the top. Ghost materializes near Danithan. Captain Helpful and Kinesis appear side by side almost instantly behind Chris. All of this happens within a few seconds.]
Roger: Oh, there they are. Wait... No, no, that's not right! Where's Ken and Ky? And that little girl?
[The Femmes Flames gather near Flare, minus Mouse.]
Danithan: They must've taken another route... [He notices Chris.] And where were you?!
Chris: Where were you...?
Danithan: Touché. Heheh... I was getting lucky. [He looks beside him, smiling at Flare, who blushes in return.]
Kinesis: Oh, well now, now...
Ghost: I know! Isn't this the worst time...?
Flare: Oh, hush~!
Cpt. Helpful: That looks to be the last of those foes. So perhaps the time to rejoice is now...
Chris: I'm not so sure about that... ...Hey... where's Sacreda?
Danithan: She left in search of Billy Len. You're pal who vanished. Anyway, why so unsure?
Zoltiare: Is this not the end of them?
Chris: I... I don't think it is...
[These silencing words come true. The world becomes dark, as if a giant, black cloud has appeared overhead. It has. The Dismal Carrier makes its presence known to everyone. The city is in shadows...]
Roger: You've gotta be joking...
Chris: So that's what Idi wrote about...
Roger: 'Wonder if Kenny's up there.
Chris: Wanna find out?
Roger: We're not all gonna head up there, are we...? If we all go, they'll just bomb away... seeing as how that's what looks like we're up against.
Zoltiare: I foresee no way of reaching that, now... Femmes Flames! We've done what we can here... This battle is theirs now.
Flare: [The other two nod.] We understand... B-but wait... what about Mouse?
Kinesis: She is with Kenny, isn't she?
Danithan: [He grabs both of Flare's paws gently.] It's okay... Well get her back safely. I have to go with Chris... but it's been great fighting by your side.
Flare: [Blushing deeply.] Oh... It has been fun. Th-thank you Danithan... And please be careful.
Danithan: [He nods, smiling.] I will. You stay safe also, okay?
Flare: Mhmm. Maybe when you get back... we can... you know, get to know each other a little better...?
Danithan: I'd be more than happy to.
Flare: [A wide smile crosses her face.] Good luck, Danithan.
Chris: [Looking to the sky.] (Smoke-Blayde... this is it... I'm putting an end to this rampage.)
[Danithan and Flare leave each other with a hug. Roger gathers closer to Chris.]
Roger: You can take us up there with your fancy corridor thingies, eh?
Chris: Sure can.
Danithan: Same, but if you'd rather do it, far be it from be to decline. Let's hop to it.
Chris: Right away. [The dark corridor takes the three up to the Dismal Carrier, but only the three. Everyone from Federation Awgo has remained behind, havign proven their significance in the war against Darkness and Hellspawned.]
[Reality, too, is a force. Mankind will not sit and watch this pass by. They will fight, and they will be known as Awgo leads them across Fantasy.]
-Dismal Carrier(Bridge Platform).-
[A dark corridor appears in plain view of the bridge deck. By now, Cyd has appeared. He has assisted with Kylie's wounds, casting the only healing magic he knows, which is simple cures. She is as good as new now.]
Cyd: Hm?! [He steps back, his back against the pile of crates.]
Kenny: Someone's nearby? [He stands.]
Cyd: A dark corridor... it gives off that familiar feeling... [He flies to the top of the pile, while Kenny, armed, sneaks around the side. Mouse and Kylie stay behind, awaiting the word.] ...?
[The group is none other than Chris, Danithan, and Roger.]
Chris: [Scans the area, ready for any surprises.] ...Wasn't expecting this...
Roger: [Holding his shotgun firm.] I can't say I was...
Danithan: ...[Looking directly at Cyd.] Cyd...?
Cyd: Danithan...? Roger...?
Kenny: Well all right! Now it's a party.
[Right as Kenny speaks, both Mouse and Kylie peer out from the other side.]
Kylie: Woohoo! You guys made it!
Mouse: Yay~!
Chris: How long have you all been up here?!
Kenny: Long enough to take out all of those Nightmares... With the help of Mr. Phaze Guardian here.
Chris: [Looks up at Cyd.] A Phaze Guardian...? ...
Cyd: Correct.
[The clouds in the sky begin to darken the deck even further... Suddenly, powerful spotlights flicker on. A voice emanates from somewhere, most likely in the bridge. It seems to be over a loud megaphone.]
Smoke-Blayde: So glad you could join us, Light!
[Everyone looks to the bridge.]
Chris: Agh, it's that Smoke-Blayde!
Kenny: [Now out in the open.] Get your a** down here so I can kick it, Joke-Blayde!!
Smoke-Blayde: If I were to do that, it would ruin the real fun we're going to have with you imbeciles!! [Suddenly, as he speaks, mechanical whirring is heard. Two machine gun turrets appear from underneath each spotlight.] Prepare yourselves for a finale brought to you by Darkness!!
[An alarm on the ship sounds.]
[A large door to the bridge opens up, revealing a huge garage. Within that garage, Doctor Darkness' giant mech... It is activated. The Doctor's voice can be heard over a speaker as well.]
Dr. Darkness: Ohohohoho! Things are about to become a little more messy for the bunch of you. I suggest you step off of our wonderful Dismal Carrier, lest you find yourselves in a world of pain and suffering! Ohohoho!! [Operating the enormous mech. Controlling it, he steps out of the garage and onto the deck, a slight tremor for each step the mech takes.]
Kenny: Hooooly crap...
Smoke-Blayde: Seven minutes, Light... Seven minutes is all the time you have before Port Esca becomes scrap, with all of its pathetic citizens...]
Kenny: You're crazy!! You'd never do that. You know just as well as I do what destroying the Script would do!
Chris: (The Script!!)
Smoke-Blayde: Hahahaha! You underestimate me, Kenny the Killer! [Ironically, the Script is right near him on the control mainframe.] Your precious book is in safe hands, don't you worry... If I were you, I'd worry more about what the lack of Eclipses will do for your world! Ahahaha!!
[At this moment, the giant mech, called the Black Emperor, aims its two giant arms at the group, with all sorts of weapons attached to both of its hands.]

--To Be Continued...--
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