Smoke-Blayde's pretty vicious.

Chris Anema



At the Central Park.
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-Central Park.-
[As suddenly as he vanished, Smoke-Blayde appears in the middle of the Central Park, hurling Chris from the dark corridor as it appears.]
Chris: [Sides on his chest for a few feet.] Agh, ow!! [Quickly rolls forward and stands, facing Smoke-Blayde, whose tails and claws are shimmering with a blackish, purple mist.]
Smoke-Blayde: This time it's you and me, Believer!! Fight me! Give me everything you got!! [His dark aura intensifies.] This'll prove who has more worth!! Hraahh!! [He charges head-on at Chris, who charges up electric energy for a counterattack.]
Chris: You and I both know the answer to that!! [Black electricity sparks from his body as he bolts forward.]
[The two meet each other in a violent clash of pure darkness and lightning. The area becomes a slow explosion of these energies. At this moment, the two utilize dark corridors to evade the danger of their own charged attacks. Within seconds, they appear on opposite ends of each other, facing off once again. Dust has kicked up all over the park.]
Smoke-Blayde: [From nearly out of nowhere, he pulls out a magnum hidden in his attire and aims it at Chris.] Alright, dodge this, Believer!!
Chris: [Prepares himself, throwing both arms in front of him.]
Anema: (Chris!!)
Chris: [He closes his eyes, letting an energy build up in front of him. This occurs quickly, with Anema supporting him. It appears to be more dark matter substance, which begins to grow and act as a barrier. Smoke-Blayde fires numerous times, incapable of piercing through this matter. Finally, the abomination reveals another surprise. He takes a grenade from under his garb and tosses it at Chris. Sensing the danger, Chris leaps onto the dark matter in front of him, a dull spike shooting upwards where he is now standing. This propels him into the air. The grenade explodes, only denting some of the dark matter below. Now, Smoke-Blayde fires his weapon as Chris soars through the air. The dark matter that shot him into the air moves under his feet, acting as a platform and a barrier. It widens... until Smoke-Blayde decides to pay Chris a visit using a dark corridor to reach the platform, where the battle continues.]
Smoke-Blayde: New tricks, eh!? [He charges at Chris again, his weapon away.]
Chris: [With Anema controlling most of the dark matter, Chris can fight. Smoke-Blayde throws a combination of strikes at Chris, though his small size allows him to evade these swings and strikes with little difficulty. Finding an opening, Chris strikes Smoke-Blayde in the leg with an enthundered kick. No damage even still. At this moment, the foe delivers a kick of his own, sending Chris off of his own platform. Smoke-Blayde jumps down, his claws in Chris' face before he can stand.] Erk...!
Smoke-Blayde: End of the line!
Chris: (Anema!)
Anema: (I'm with you~!)
[The dark matter platform suddenly becomes a line that seeps into the ground below. It travels underneath Smoke-Blayde and, just like Chris, expends a pillar to hurdle him into the air, though he acts quickly, pulling out his weapon before Chris can stand. He fires multiple shots while Chris just manages to toss a few lightning bolts at him, each bolt striking a bullet, effectively saving him.]
Smoke-Blayde: [Lands, returning his gun to its holster just as Chris kicks himself up. The two turn around simultaneously, facing each other once more.]
Chris: [His body is still sparking, while Smoke-Blayde's aura is beginning to die down.] ...
Smoke-Blayde: You lucky little--
Chris: [Blinks.] Shut up!! ...
Smoke-Blayde: [He raises an eyebrow.]
Chris: [Suddenly, his memory flashes back to the battle with Vincefourth...]

" ...Like I said... You're a lucky little b***h."

Chris: [He pictures what Vincefourth did... It hinders him. Chris closes his eyes, holding his head tightly.] Urgh... Sh-shut up!! get away!! [His body sparks more violently.]
Smoke-Blayde: (?! What is happening here...?! Now is my chance, but I'd best be careful... Damn... My ammunition has run dry.) [With that in mind, he charges at Chris one last time. Bad move...]
Chris: [He covers his face.] Get AWAY!! [The energy is released in a black, swirling explosion. This blows Smoke-Blayde away, the energy absorbed from the force field just barely lasting through it.]
Smoke-Blayde: [He covers his face with an arm.] (Urg...) [Still standing, though against a fallen tree.] (What has happened to him? What could he have experienced to release this much power with his emotions? ...)
Chris: [On his knees.] ...V-V...ince...
Anema: (Chris, are you okay?!)
Chris: (I think so... I d-don't know what came over me...)
Smoke-Blayde: [Watching Chris carefully.] (Vince...? ...I do remember that name... A "Vince", though Vincefourth, showed at the gates of Naught's castle... Hm? ...A powerful dark corridor... That is undoubtedly the Dismal Carrier... It is time to go.) Believer...
Chris: [He looks up, fear in his face.] ...?
Smoke-Blayde: This is not over... The next time we meet again will be the last. Get your head cleared... and fight me for real... [With those words, he is gone.]
Chris: ... [Sighs.] ...What... was that...? Why'd I freak out? ...
What did Vince do to me...?
Because I want to see him again...

--E N D I N G--
Whaaaat? o.O