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The Days And Times Of Tyler and his alter ego Sulien
Just what i feel like writing.
Avatar story. (Done)
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Hello, my names Dosico and here's the story of the craziest day of my life.

I was out on the town like i usually do on Fridays, i heard about this cool new Asian store and went to visit. All around me i saw nerds of all kinds and of course asian people. There was a crowd gathered around a particular manga series that had just came out. "The adventures of a sidekick." Told the story about a sidekick who accidentally becomes a super hero by eating expired sushi. I picked up a copy and took a seat in a nearby chair. Like the others i was laughing my ass off by page 4! Good times...

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I walked down the street after finishing the manga, i bought it to show all my friends. I passed a supermarket and spotted the ripest banana i ever saw. I had to have it!! I was about to omnomnom it when bam! a water balloon hit me in the face. I saw the jerk who threw it and in my rage i threw my book and banana at him. I realized too late what i had done and now i am bananaless. *tear*

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I sulked around for a while until i came across a stage were a young prince was making an appearance. He was looking for a special lady to give a kiss, so he set up a bid for charity. "The bidding will begin at 50,000 gold!" of course all the girls in the audience screamed and offered their prices. After it got to 400,000 i snickered and got a evil idea. "800,000 gold!" I said and a hush fell over the crowd, no one had that type of money on them. "Sold to the.." He paused when he saw who it was. He smiled and motioned for me to come up. I came up and he planted on me a very nice kiss. So nice in fact fangirl pens all over the world clicked and scribbled.

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After escaping the crowd and ducking into a greenhouse i breathed a sigh of relief. I looked around to see that today's special was cactus's. On the table nearby i saw a large red button with a sign do not press on it. The urge was too great, i pressed it. After a few seconds of nothing happening i laughed, but paused as several red eyes shifted. In a split second a dozen cactus's jumped out from the shadows and tackled me into the ground. From the ground i saw smaller text on the button. "Cactus whistle." Just great. >.<

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I shook off all but one cactus and headed off into the alley. What? The little guy is kinda cute. ^w^ I headed towards home but was stopped by a strange cloaked man. "Please take this from me, i do not wish to have it a moment longer." The man said to me shoving a large book into my arms. I raised an eyebrow and went on my way, i looked back and he was gone, so i opened the book...

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I took a look at the strange drawings in the pages. An odd sensation overcame me and the drawings turned to words, so i began to read them. What harm ever came from reading a book right? The book faded and a shadow like hand appeared from the ground, it held up a gem and i took it. No sooner did i take it the gem shot to my forehead where it fused with my skin. What is this strange power i feel? I feel dizzy...

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I awoke an hour later and tried to stand up, but it would not work. I noticed a puddle nearby and looked to see what was wrong. HOLY sh*t! I'M A COW!! I thought. No wonder i had a sudden urge to graze in a large field.

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Suddenly a rainbow descended upon the alley i was in, a great voice called out to me. "Can you direct me to durem?" The voice said. "Moo." I responded. "Thank you kind cow, bye! Oh your a human, allow me to assist you." The voiced laughed as the rainbow surrounded me and again i was knocked out.

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When i woke i was laying without any clothes on. I blushed heavily and searched for something to cover my family jewels with. I found a pastry and stuck it on. I decided to get the hell out of there. "I'm going home, to much weird crap today." I shivered. I finally got home and put some clothes on.

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I pinched myself to see if i was dreaming the whole thing. I was.

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Community Member

Mon Aug 30, 2010 @ 07:13am

I love this avatar story and how it starts off sounding pretty reasonable, then delves into silly, random, surreal-ness later on. Love it! Shall you be writing more? :3

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