Ok, so it's been ages since I updated!!!! I am 37 week and 1 day pregnant today, so my baby is officially full term heart I have everything ready for it's arrival now. We got a Moses Basket a few week ago and I got the final little bits for my hospital bag yesterday so baby, if you are listening, you can be born now xd

So, a quick update? Well, had midwife a few times since my last update and each time baby has been well and my bump is measuring fine. The midwife said I am all baby which she said is good as I should have my figure back fairly soon after the baby is born xd

I went on holiday when I was 35 week, and it was tiring but really fun, but since getting back I have been struck with a fever and terrible sickness which has left me really weak. I am still trying to get better now and hoping I will have enough energy for the birth!!! I also need to pick up some iron tablets as it turns out I am now low in iron, so hoping that will give me some energy as well when I get around to it.