Well, there's your battle scene. 83 (It's not eighty-three. It's a face.)

Chris Anema
Awgo Troops



At the torn up Orion Avenue...?
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-Orion Avenue.-
[Already, gunfire has blazed across the street, though the Awgo troops are using shield technology. Blue flashes of a shield made up of hexagonal fragments light up each time a troop is shot. {Like the BlackParasite from the Re-Episode.}
Zoltiare: Boy!!
Chris: I hear you!
Zoltiare: [Advancing slowly. He watches the Nightmares and Shadow-bots fire upon his men, though not taking damage themselves.] Boy, that yellow feller is calling the shots! You're small! Can you get up there without being shot at!?
Chris: Are you kidding, General!? I'd be lucky if he didn't come right down here and--[As he speaks, he grabbed by the tail, but not by the general. Smoke-Blayde has used a dark corridor to reach him.]
Zotiare: [With fast reflexes, the general aims his assault rifle at Smoke-Blayde and fires away.]
Smoke-Blayde: [Now with his arm around Chris, he vanishes, only to reappear behind Zoltiare.] Heeeyaaaah!!! [He shouts, thrusting both of his tails into the general. The blue shield takes the damage, though Smoke-Blayde's empowered strike pierces the shield. It begins flickering uncontrollably as Smoke-Blayde saps the energy straight out of it. Only a few seconds later, the shield shatters, completely absorbed. Still holding Chris and sapping his own energy as well, Smoke-Blayde laughs, temporarily invincible because of the shield's power.] Ahahahaha!!
Zoltiare: s**t! The field?! [He turns and fires at Smoke-Blayde, who grins as the bullets bounce clean off of his body.]
Chris: Let go of me, you cheater!! [Incapable of doing any damage to his foe.]
Smoke-Blayde; Shut up! You're coming with me! [Just like that, another dark corridor takes he and Chris away.]
Zoltiare: Agh!! Boy? Boy?! [He looks everywhere, no sight of the two...] Damn! [Instead of worrying about this, he fights on with his troops.]
[The battle rages on.]

--To Be Continued...?--