This part takes place as everyone is fighting away from Port Esca.
[Nightmares and Hellspawned alike fell to the gathering of heroes who worked as unbreakable teams, ripping through the evil like nothing... However, another evil has sneaked into the city while the heroes were away...]
P A R T Y:
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(Chris Anema)
-Evacuation Cavern.-
[Chris is still out cold, though a new figure stands above him, attempting to wake him up.]
???: Chris... Chris, wake up!
Chris: [No response.]
Anema: (Urf... Chris~! Please wake up!!)
???: [He places his paws on Chris' small shoulders, giving him a gentle shake.] Chris!
Chris: [Grumbles... He opens his eyes, only to see the figure above him. He does not recognize this figure... The cavern is silent, everyone now watching this scene.]
Antifigurate Citizen: He's awake...
???: Is it true, now? Are you finally with us, boy?
Chris: ...Hmm...? [He looks around at the citizens, some new faces in the place.] Where'd all of these guys come from...? I thought the... fire door was...
???: Never mind that, boy. Federation Awgo has been informed that Chris, the First Believer, is on this world.
Chris: Oh... yeah... that's me.
[Suddenly, a few of the troops inside the cavern cheer. They are few, either furry or human, and their uniforms are mainly black, unlike Escans'.]
???: Ha, alright everyone! At ease, now! [The place settles down.]
Chris: [He sits up, rubbing his injured shoulder, which has healed considerably. His Corussian body has adapted to the poison.] What was that all about...? Awgo knows where I am now?
???: That's right, now, boy. We've been searching for you, and you popped up here damn fast.
Chris: Oh... (Anema? Are you still there?)
Anema: (Always~!)
Chris: (What on Earth, and Fantasy for that matter, happened in my head?)
Anema: (Um, it's kind of a long story... Some whole "world so surreal" deal... I don't get it.)
Chris: (...Surreal world... that I can only reach by dreaming...? Dream Land? ...I remember now... I saw Sonic... and Tails and Knuckles... and I was that little thing...Tebice... A-and before that... I think I'm starting to remember more... BlackMatter... I fought BlackMatter on Safa once before... It was my first visit to Safa, when the past and future collided... What's this supposed to mean, I wonder...?)
???: So, Believer. We have received word that you are siding with Light now? [His paws are behind his back as he walks around the bed, still watching Chris.]
Chris: Yeah. Light's primarily focused on Darkness, as usual, but we've got another objective that I hear Reality's after, which is Hellspawned.
???: You are right, boy... We've a bone to pick with that Hellspawned... and the Zeroth Believer, Vince.
Chris: I was told by Sacreda and the Femmes Flames.
???: Ah, now... Femmes Flames are here. And that Sacreda.
Chris: [He notices the many honor badges that this fox furry possesses...] Uh, Sir...
Zoltiare: Ah-ha, forgive me, Believer. I am General Zoltiare.

~Zoltiare~ User Image

Chris: (A general...?)
Zoltiare: Formalities aside, I know what you are thinking... Why has Awgo come to pursue me if I've become one of the good ones? Am I right, boy?
Chris: You're pretty spot on. Would you maybe need me to help out somewhere?
Zoltiare: Right, Believer... I'm positive you've fought BlackMatters lackies by now, yes?
Chris: I have. [He nods.] They're no joke.
Zoltiare: But you've won these battles...?
Chris: With the help of the Eclipses and Shades.
Zoltiare: ...Hmhm, why am I not surprised?
Chris: ...Why are you not surprised? I just mentioned that a Shade helped me.
Zoltiare: Boy, watch how you speak to a general.
Chris: I'm a Believer, Sir... Don't let what I say get to you.
Zoltiare: You are just like the other three, and those Saviors... Your ability to bring Light and fragments of Darkness together is a powerful key here, now... You've got that Connection still... Honest, you're cut out for the job to send BlackMatter back to Hell.
Chris: Then literally, I guess.
Zoltiare: Excuse me, boy?
[A crash is heard overhead before Chris can answer.]
Zoltiare: [He acts instantly.] Men, move out!! Go, go, go, go, go!!
[At Zoltiare's command, the armed Awgo troops head up to the surface while Chris stands on the bed with a surge of adrenaline.]
Zoltiare: Time to go. [He follows his troops up.]
Chris: [All of the citizens now watch him.] ...Hey, guys... Are you gonna be okay if I help them out?
Antifigurate Troop: We've got enough firearms to keep us safe. You go help them out, Chris.
Chris: [Nods, smirking.] Will do. Good luck, everyone.
Antifigurate Troop: Good luck to you, too.
[With another nod, Chris jumps off of the bed and follows the Awgo troops from far behind.]
[With shorter legs, running proves to be difficult for our tiny Corussian hero. He does manage to keep the soldiers in sight as they march through the wrecked streets of Port Esca. Turning the corner, however, greets them with a new surprise. The street's been torn up, and buildings have fallen all over the place. The fire burns tall here... A large amount of Nightmares and Shadow-bots are stationed in this area. In the center of it all is a burned figure, though standing strong... Smoke-Blayde.]
-Orion Avenue.-
[Chris catches up to Zoltiare, now standing at his side.]
Zoltiare: So glad you could join us, boy...
Chris: [He notices the troops have created a wall, cornering the Nightmares.] General... This isn't Hellspawned, it's Darkness. These guys are different...
Smoke-Blayde: You goddamn, pesky imbeciles! This is all the more reason to blow Reality to bits, if it is going to interfere with Darkness!! Mind your business, and perhaps then you won't need to learn lessons like these!!
Zoltiare: Awgo doesn't run from battles, boy.
Chris: I'm telling you, Darkness isn't the same as Hellspawned! Are you sure about this?
Zoltiare: You've been away from home too long, Believer... Don't you trust mankind anymore?
Chris: Trust mankind...? (Trust... man...? Away from home...)
Smoke-Blayde: [He spots Chris from where he is standing, which is on top of a fallen building.] Well, well, well, I spy a Believer. I'll make sure you rot with these bastards. Shadow-bots! Open fire! Nightmares! Rush them. Show no mercy!! Especially for that Chris...
[War ensues.]

--To Be Continued...--