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Ribi's Things

Bandages 6.0
Buddy Call
Coyote Spirit 8.0
Defibrillate 9.7
Dervish 9.7
Diagnosis 9.7
Divinity 9.6
Duct Tape
Fire Rain 9.7
Fleet Feet
Ghost 9.7
Gum Shoe
Guns, Guns, Guns 5.8
Hack 9.7
Healing Halo 6.0
Heavy Water Balloon
Hornets Nest
Hot Foot
Hunter's Bow
Improbability Sphere
Iron Will 8.0
Keen Eye
Knife Sharpen
Meat 6.0
My Density
Pot Lid 9.6
Rock Armor
Scardy Cat 8.0
Shark Attack
Solar Rays 4.6
Teflon Spray 5.0
Wish 8.0


Ninja: Mantis, Shuriken, Dervish, Ghost
Bonus: Increased accuracy

Pirate: Hack, Slash, Keen Eye, Shark attack
Bonus: Increase Speed

Chef: Teflon Spray, Meat, Knife Sharpen, Pot Lid
Bonus: Increased Defense

Medic: Adrenaline, Bandages, Diagnosis, Defibrillate
Bonus: Increased Health Regeneration

Demon: Hot Foot, Fire Rain, Iron Will, Scardy Cat
Bonus: Increased Stamina Regeneration

Angel: Wish, Divinity, Healing Halo, Hunters Bow
Bonus: Increased Luck

Space Marine: Guns Guns Guns, My Density, Improbability Sphere, Turtle
Bonus: Increased Weight (less chance of being knocked back)

Shaman: Hornet's Nest, Coyote Spirit, Rock Armor, Quicksand
Bonus: Increased Willpower

Prankster: Improbability Sphere, Gumshoe, Heavy Water Balloon, Duct Tape
Bonus: Increased Speed and Dodge Rate

Athlete: Fleet Feet, Taunt, Bump, Fitness
Bonus: Increased Max Health

Pie's Guide to Sets and Builds

My Builds

Coming soon!

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image----------User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Other Builds

User ImageDemonUser Image

• Attack: Solar Rain, Scaredy Cat

User ImageSummon burning rain from the sky to fall in an area around yourself damaging your foes and draining their Willpower. Higher Rage Ranks result in bigger damage areas and greater Willpower drains.

User ImageMake your foe flee from you in sheer panic! At higher Rage Ranks, this ring affects entire areas and the tendency for your foes to flee is bigger also.

• Defense: Teflon Spray, Iron Will

User ImageThis makes some of any incoming damage bounce away instead of hurting you or a friend (Persistent Armor). At higher Rage Ranks, it also makes your target harder to hit (Dodge) and eventually can occasionally Reflect an attack back against your foe.

User ImageWhen you fight a foe using Sleep, Root, Fear or other Willpower-based ability, Iron Will erects defenses around your mind (or the minds of any of your friends) to help you resist their evil influence. Higher Rage Ranks amplifies your mind still further, allowing you to Deflect occasional incoming attacks.

• Effects:
----Boosts Health Regeneration

User ImageAngelUser Image

• Attack: Hunter's Bow, Solar Rays

User ImageThis bow lets you fire arrows often and far, damaging your foe and slowing it down so they can't get to you easily. Higher Rage Ranks reduce the target's Footspeed still further and increase the duration of the effect.

User ImageFocus the power of the sun into a beam that damages your foes and, at higher Rage Ranks, can knock them away from you, or even stun them to Sleep for a short time.

• Defense: Healing Halo, Wish

User ImageCreate this halo over you and your nearby allies. You all then regenerate health more quickly, even during combat! Higher Rage Ranks increase this effect and the highest Rage Ranks also make all affected targets harder to knockback. (Weight)

User ImageHeal any of your friends, one at a time with this quickly-recharging and powerful ring. Higher Rage Ranks heal targets standing around your target also. The bigger the Rage Rank, the bigger the area affected.

• Effects:
----Boosts Luck

Bria's Guide

0. The Null Chamber
1. Finding Elizabeth
2. Ellie's Friends
3. Olivia's Cookies
----3.1 Leon's Lunch Pail
----3.2 An Advancing Enemy
----3.3 Gnomish Battle Plans
----3.4 A Call To Arms
----3.5 Balance of Power
----3.6 Remo
----3.7 Flamingo Hunt
----3.8 Shroom Heads
----3.9 Behind Enemy Lines
----3.10 Lost Larry
4. The Lucky Coin
5. Fernando's Secret
----5.1 Fabulously Flying Fernando
----5.2 Diary of a Cat
6. Pink Flamingo Feather
----6.1 Candy's Boa
7. Interviewing NewBea
----7.1 Interviewing James
----7.2 Interviewing Julian
8. Peelungers
----8.1 Peelungers on Parade
----8.2 Gramster Goo
----8.3 Back Pressure
9. Denial of Service
10. Barton Regulars: Mark
----10.1 Mark's Ring
11. Fluff Rush
----11.1 Bill's Shipment
----11.2 Milkin' Mooers
----11.3 Chicken' Wranglin
----11.4 Purvis Likes Rubella
----11.5 Plantin' Garlic
----11.6 The Stooce Is Loose
----11.7 Machine Repair
----11.8 Buh-durn Garlic
----11.9 Forever Fluffy
----11.10 Kloked Out
----11.11 Speak to Katsumi
12. Ranch Hand
13. Goof Course
14. Golashes Go Squashes
15. Disperse the Purse
16. OMFG Bump
17. Mine Clocken
----17.1 Fix Mine Clocken
18. The Wish Tree
----18.1 Find Uncle Kin
----18.2 Katsumi's Kokeshi Doll
----18.3 Dream Weaver Quest
----18.4 Kin's Trials (part 1)
----18.5 Kin's Trials (part 2)
----18.6 Kin's Trials (part 3)
----18.7 The Battle of Three Bridges
----18.8 Wish Tree's Vision
19. Re-Composing
20. The Drums! The Drums! I can't stand the DRUMS!
----20.1 Gimmee A Beat (Down)
21. Come Fly With Me (Prerequisite: Need to be on April Fools Day wink )
22. Dimming the Lanterns (Prerequisite: Completed Find the Girl)

Faith's Guide to zOMG Badges

Badge Quests
1. Mushroom Canon Thumper (50)
2. Gramster Gladiator (25)
3. Lawn Gnome Clipper (50)
----3.1 Lawn Gnome Mower (500)
4. Air Fluff Deflater (50)
5. Garlic Picker (50)
6. Laceback Bootsnake Skinner (50)
7. Cherry Fluff Victor (50)
8. Kokeshi Doll Trickster (50)
----8.1 Kokeshi Doll Reveler (500)
9. Taiko Drum Banger (50)
10. Pink Flamingo Fighter (50)

Ribi Muramoto
Community Member
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