Name: Flame
age: 16
Gender: male (yeah)
Animal: Hedgehog

Ability: Total control of fire and lightning, in training for the other elements and hidden nature powers. Spin Dash (its like every hedgehog nows spin dash G_G) Practices ninja arks.

Likes: Wind, Water, Jewels, Friends, Females.
Dislikes: War, death, enemy's, and liter/pollution (He lives outside)

Weakness: Friends, FEMALES,... Power, the glimmer of gems. (Little self control)

Bio: Was a normal animal till Dr. Egg-man found him. He was a bit different from other Hedgehogs, he's red with yellow eyes. Robotnic took him to become the Ultimate weapon against Sonic the Hedgehog but his plan back fired. When they met the plain went fine untill Sonic got Flame to join him. (Sonic was losing at first by the way O,O)
Flame was tricked by Egg-man, he was told that Sonic was an evil doer who was destroying the forest. Egg-man didn't think Sonic would be able to even talk to Flame let alone make him a trader. After egg man lost to Flame and Sonic (Mostly Sonic OuO) Flame challenged Sonic, and lost by accident. Now they're rivals. (I'll write a Flame vs. Shadow thing later.) Flame travels around the world now until, one day when he came back...

Personality: He's normally a fun, lively yet claim person, when exposed to chaos emeralds he turns dark and arrogant. Careful, thoughtful, observant, and kind are his key good point. (P.s. He eats to much tho)