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Guardian/Parent: The Number Three
Full Name: Demetri
Hero Name: The Illusionist
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Demetri is a hot head, and somewhat impulsive. But he is loyal to a fault, and refuses to compromise.
Likes: Girls, vices, and being the hero.
Dislikes: People who are willing to hurt others for their own gain, and spinach.
Powers/Abilities: Illusionist- Demetri can create static illusion that can effect all or one of the senses. The more focused on an individual target the more senses he can manipulate, but when using his powers against multiple targets they become more vague. Against one person he can create illusions that can effect the senses to the point they can force the body to belive injuries sustained are real. Against 5 or more he can only create static illusions that effect only one sense.
Untapped Potential- Demetri's powers have not reached their full potential, and in times of stress he is able to reach into that potential and create even more powerful illusions.
Weaknesses: Vices, if Demetri is presented with one of his vices; such as gambling, drinking, or hitting on women, he is likely to lose his focus in order to pursue them.
Weapons: Demetri carries a dart gun with a hallucinogenic compound that can double the effects of his illusions.
History: For his entire life Demetri, and those around him have been plagued by hallucinations. The hallucinations got worse as he aged and soon his parents could no longer handle the stress. When he turned 13, the legal age to release custody of him in Luthosvokia they sent him away to fend for himself. Despite this abandonment, he had a strong sense of justice. He fell in with a circus preforming magic, a job that taught him how to control the illusions he created. The life of a carney gave him a taste for the more taboo pleasures of the world. Eventually he made his way to Power City, and left the troupe to join the ranks of other heroes, hoping to learn more control over his abilities.
If you had your own theme song...: The Good Life- Three Days Grace