Recently the members of Unite Here a workers' union staged a civil disobedience sit-in. This was not only a local rally, as I initially thought, but a national, actually, an international one if you include Canada.

When I read the comments that some people bothered to write, I had to shake my head!

I think workers have every right to voice their opinions, and put them into action such as this sit-in, it's the law.

Locally, where I live, 1000 workers showed up to support the hotel workers of the Hyatt. 89 people were arrested for disobedience to a police officer. They blocked traffic and basically stopped the presses!

Good job!

And for those who disagree with what they did, perhaps you could put yourself in their shoes. If you have never worked in a hotel/resort before, I'm sorry, you're not qualified to condemn them. The union is there for a reason...and even if a hotel is unionized, that doesn't automatically prevent abuses management doles out to their employees.

This was unusual to happen here...I'm glad they had the courage and the gumption to do it!

Props to the people who got arrested!

Oh and by the way, I have to add, anyone know how much General Managers of hotels get paid? The GM made when I first got into the hospitality industry, at the hotel I was at, was making $800K annually? The second one was paid $300K and this is when we all knew the owner was already broke! And let me tell you, this was not a nationally owned, chain hotel like the Hyatt. Can you imagine what that GM makes?