The Lord fills my every empty gap
Every gap that's ever been bruised to open
He fills in my loneliness and sadness
Lifts my head and gives me that stare

Eyes of Joy, I can not resist Your glory
Though my heart is heavy, Your arm is strong
You can carry all the worlds burdens
Mine are but a feather on your finger

My Friend, You hold me in pure love
My heart may not feel it, but You are there
In the midst of my drowning, You carry me
So why does my loneliness come back to me?

I am going through the Vally of the Shadow of Death
But Lord, You are before death itself
What am I to fear? Only You Lord
You are before fear, and before time

Your love for me is beyond my knowledge
In the midst of my angst, You are there
When I wonder if I'll make it back to You in one piece
You smile and find my mustard seed

I cry out for You, scream to my Comfort
"What is loneliness but lack of You?"
So fill me Lord! Fill me until I burst!
To which I fall in the midst of Your glory!

I cry out to You, shout in hope to You
"When I am alone, You are faithful!"
My pain does not stop You from being good
My never changing, ever beautiful King

Lord of Lords, how You love me
I do not want to be alone because of people
I want to be alone with You