Triple Battle Scene~!
Round 1




Within Navy Hill's tower.

Round 2




Inside the huge Abandoned Warehouse.

Round 3




Upon a giant aircraft of Darkness: the Dismal Carrier.
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Round 1:
-Navy Hill Tower.-
[The Nightmares move closer to the group, but that does not deter them in any way, shape, or form.]
Roger: [With one arm, he aims his shotgun forward, aiming high to make sure that the bullet spray will not hit Cpt. Helpful.]
Kinesis: [She closes her eyes, the front top of her long antenna sparking a little flame.]
Idi: [Raises his scythe, ready to strike.]
[The Nightmares jolt at the three, attempting to be as unexpected as possible. This plan fails. Roger fires away, while Kinesis creates a circular field of fire in front of her. The moment the Nightmare makes contact with it, it bursts into flames. Idi's Nightmare receives a slice through its torso... The three Nightmares burn into nothingness.]
Roger: [He can now see Cpt. Helpful clearly.]
Captain Helpful: [The force holding him back dissipates. He stands up.] Ah, I can move. If that be the case, I can fight! [Makes a heroic pose, with both hands on his hips.]
Raymundo: No you don't! [Rushes over to Cpt. Helpful, only to be struck with a small ball of fire to the gut, thrown by Idi.]
Idi: The hostage trick. Classic, but inconvenient.
[Raymundo is thrown against the wall just by the sheer force of the small attack. He immediately stands, aiming his weapon at the trio.]
Raymundo: [He fires one round at Idi, who reacts incredibly quickly, catching the bullet in one hand. At this moment, his eyes gleam a fierce red as he squeezes the bullet... he opens his hand. Metal dust falls to the ground.]
Kinesis: [She uses her own psychic powers, aligned with fire. Raymundo's weapon bursts into flames.]
Raymundo: [Flails his arm, shaking his hand in pain.] Ahhh!! [He holds his wrist tightly, looking back at the group.]
Roger: [Aiming his shotgun at Raymundo.] You should've never messed with Darkness. You've got nothing.
Idi: You have shown no power, not even power from Darkness itself... You are simply incompetent.
Raymundo: I will make you regret those words!
Captain Helpful: [Restrains Raymundo from behind, locking his arms.] With what, exactly? Ask yourself. Did those Nightmares choose you? Or were you just there? You were nothing to them. They refused to listen to you, Raymundo. Do not stick your nose where it doesn't belong.
Raymundo: I will never listen to an Escan!
Roger: Idiot. Fine. We'll leave you with two choices, so listen up... Are you gonna kill yourself with tryin' to be a part of Darkness, or are you gonna go about your own business. And don't give me any of that pride crap. None of us have the time for it, so choose.
Raymundo: I refuse to be paralyzed by stupidity! I will side with the great Darkness!
Idi: Helpful... [He gestures for Cpt. Helpful to let go of Raymundo. Almost instantly he is free, Idi throws a fist forward, another fireball its size shooting from his fist and striking Raymundo in the face, knocking him out this time.] Good night.

Round 2:
-Abandoned Warehouse.-
[The BlackBats close in on the four quickly. They dive at the group.]
Sacreda: [Close her eyes and crosses her arms tightly over herself before doubling down slightly. A dome of a red hot plasma surrounds them and shoots outward as Sacreda lurches back up.]
[The plasma throws the bats back, but doesn't finish the job. The foes dive at the four again, seemingly determined just to reach them. That proves to be extremely difficult as the group uses their brains and education of fire magic to defeat the BlackBats.]
Danithan: Firaga on my call, guys!!
[They agree with a nod or a call.]
Danithan: [And only a second later, he calls it.] Firaga now! [Each of them use their quick reflexes to cast a spell called Firaga {Basically a fire-element spell that spreads out to multiple targets. RPGs, people.}
[Each of them cast forth a searing blaze that starts at one target, then latches on to another nearby, and then so on With these combined moves, it becomes a work of art. A variety of fires, from Danithan's white fire to Sacreda's colorful fire engulf the enemies.]
[No enemies are left.]
Flare: Well, that was fun~.
Ghost: Not everyday we get to blow bad guys up with four Firagas! I did a tier three Firaga! What about you, Flare?
Flare: It's not my thing, Ghost. I can only do tier two. Meeeaaanwhile, what a show you two put! [She watches both Danithan and Sacreda.]
Danithan: Tier four, with a nice "Light" show in its wake. Tsk, tsk!
Sacreda: I do wish I could master tier five, but four is quite nice.
Ghost: Oooh! You two are so lucky!
Flare: Oh-hoh... He knows Firaga four...
Danithan: [Scans the warehouse, his hands on his hips, fire sword gone obviously.] Heh, well that's that for now. Sorry, I'm Danithan, bearer of the Ecliptix. [He moves the hair from his forehead to show them the Ecliptix.]
Ghost: Danithan... I've heard of you. If you've been fighting here all along, there's probably not much left to do.
Flare: So let's talk... but not here.
Danithan: You're right. Back to... wherever we were going.
Sacreda: We came from the gun store. Could you take us there, Danithan?
Danithan: That I can.
Flare: And when we get there... maybe you can show me some of your hot tricks...?
Danithan: [Chuckles.] It'd be rude if I didn't...
[They gather around Danithan, who conjures a light corridor for four.]

Round 3:
-Dismal Carrier(Bridge Platform.)-
Kenny: [He points both weapons at the advancing robots, who stop for a few seconds to lift their own automatic weapons. At the sight of this, Kenny lowers his and gulps.] Oh.
Kylie: G-get down! Get down!! [The three hit the deck as a swarm of bullets spray overhead. Mouse dives down, though with her size and style of fighting, she may still attack while evading. Her tails fire a few concentrated balls of fire at the robots.]
Mouse: [The fire is potent enough to only make the robots cease fire for a few seconds, their sensors obscured by smoke.
Kenny: [Uses this opportunity to sit up and dig through a few of his grenade pouches for {what a shocker} a grenade. He grabs one, bites the ring off and spits it, then chucks the grenade into the smoke.] HERE'S TO SHRAPNEL! [He gets down again, covering his ears. A chain of explosions follows the first one, most likely the robots... Once the smoke clears, Kenny and Kylie look ahead.] ...Oh look... shrapnel... from robots. Good work, Mouse.
Mouse: Hehe~, thankies!
Kylie: [Looks up at the sound of loud mechanical whirring, aside from the aircraft. Four more Shadow-bots are descending onto the deck, opening fire on the three as they drop.] Run, guys!! [She sprints back, Kenny and Mouse following quickly behind her.]
[The bullet spray continues, a single round slicing through the side of Kylie's leg. She falls, though safely behind a large pile of steel crates on the deck.]
Kenny: Kylie!! [He dives behind the pile with Mouse on his back.] Are you okay?!
Kylie: [She grits her teeth in excruciation, holding her calf. The blood flow isn't too severe, and the injury is actually very harmless to an antifigurate. Kylie's natural regeneration process is already beginning. Nonetheless, the pain is inescapable.] ...Ahhh.... shhheesh... That hurts...
Kenny: [He stands, still blocked by the crates.] ...Use one of your other bandages to put pressure on the wound. Your other injuries are healed by now.
Mouse: [She decides to handle that, crawling gently up Kylie's back and untying a bandage near her shoulder.] Kenny... where're you going...?
Kenny: [He checks his weapons as he turns his head slightly back to the two.] To kick a**... [With that, he dashes out. Immediately, gunshots are heard.]
Kenny: [He sprints while firing at the two robots in the air, well aware that two of the others landed and are firing at him as well. Still running, he pulls a grenade from a pouch, biting the ring off again. Instead of throwing it, he simply holds it for a few seconds, still dodging bullets the best he can. Finally, now directly under one of the flying Shadow-bots, he tosses the grenade straight up, an explosion clean on contact. Kenny then dives behind another robot, using it as a shield from the gunfire and falling shrapnel. A large fragment strikes this bot on a critical point, rendering it useless. Further shrapnel breaks it apart, while Kenny is now laughing in the face of Death. He runs around the broken bot as the others take a few seconds to reload. Using his strength, he rips the automatic weapon from the robot, kicks the husk aside, and inserts his own arm into the gun, immediately finding the firing mechanism, which he uses to deliver rapid fire back to the other two, his own two pistols now on the ground in front of him.] METAL TO THE FACE, BITCHES!! AHAHAHAHAH!! [The robot on the ground receives enough bullets to fall backwards, still firing. As it is falling, it's own spray strikes the bot above. It comes crashing down on top of its buddy, an explosion resulting in that. With fire scorching behind him, Kenny throws the gatling gun aside, stepping on the barrels of both of his pistols to kick them up to his hands at the same time.]
Mouse: [Crawls up to Kenny.] Ken Ken~! You did it!
Kenny: [He glances down to Mouse with a smirk.] Guess I did. How's Kylie?
Mouse: Worried. C'mon~!
[The two run back to the pile, where Kylie is now sitting up against the crates.]
Kylie: [The bandage is now on her leg.] Ken, you made it... I wish I could've seen it... Oh yeah, and never do that again.
Kenny: [Crouches down to her, setting his guns down. He places a hand on her shoulder.] How do you feel?
Kylie: It hurts... But that's all. How do you feel? You're bleeding...
Kenny: [Blood drips from the back of his other arm and from his cheek.] Oh... am I? Look at that, I am.
Mouse: Um... guys...? [Peering around the corner of the pile. Another gathering of robots is approaching from the other side of the deck, armed with flamethrowers as well as gatling guns.]
Kenny: [He stands over Mouse, watching the small horde of Shadow-bots get closer.] Hm... [He checks his pouches for any remaining grenades. There is only a flashbang.] Damn... I should've restocked. [Before the robots can get too close, a voice is heard from above.]
???: Hold your ground! [A single, orange Luxalan flies above, carrying a harpoon, which he throws at the ground in the center of the Shadow-bots. It gleams, sending out a powerful shockwave on contact with the deck, accompanied by a red, energetic explosion of both fire an Light energy which destroys the small ranks of robots, either blowing them to bits or pushing them off of the ship. Oddly enough, the only thing that stands is the harpoon, sticking out of the deck, which means it had been thrown with powerful force.]
Kenny: [Watches in disbelief.] ...Are you kidding...?
Mouse: Who did that...?
???: That would be me. [Now standing on the top of the crate pile, his harpoon in one hand. He is very small, so his harpoon is only Kenny's height. He is similar in appearance to Rush, yet with some different features.]

~Cyd~ User Image

Cyd: Long time no see, Kenny the Killer. And Kylie too... And... [He raises a brow at the sight of Mouse.] ...Mouse...?
Mouse: Cyd...?
Kenny & Kylie: Cyd?
Kylie: How did you...? When did you find us
Cyd: This aircraft is not difficult to miss. It draws out attention... The many explosions and gunfire did help.
Kenny: I see then.... Good to have you back with us, Cyd. That was a big help. Now let's stop this thing.
Mouse: But what about Kylie?
Kylie: [She stands, picking up Kenny's handguns.] I'm good to go.
Mouse: Already~?!
Kylie: Yep. It takes a lot more than a few bullet wounds to put this girl down. [She hands the weapons to Kenny.] As you were saying, Ken?
Kenny: [He nods, taking the guns.] Now that we have a Phaze Guardian with us, this just became that much more fun. Let's burn it up, guys and gals.

--E N D I N G--
Kenny = Badass, of course.