Okay, for once I'm not going to use colors just because I don't feel like it. This will be the short version of things.

Cat died in February, we got 2 kittens July 31st, one died Around 1 A.M. August 4th and the other is still around.

Split up with fiance, dated and got engaged to another guy within a month, split up with him, back with the one before him and am staying with him. I have a lot of fights with him, but there's something about him that pulls me to him on a constant basis.

Still trying to find my way in life kind of and not wanting to go back to school. Used to hate summer, now I don't want school and I need it.

Phone hates me like nothing else. I can't charge it because the contacts died and parts of my keys aren't working and the company won't do anything because when they opened the phone in their store the contacts fell off the motherboard of my phone and I'm just lucky my mom has the same model of phone because hers actually charges. My phone also wouldn't hold a charge worth crap.

No longer a psychology major, switched to English a good time ago. I've been less and less active online at all and I'll probably be more active when I get back in school.

Went through the music I had on my computer and I've been going through some of it and finalizing through things now. Fun fun.

You can catch me on other sites. Usernames are beside the site. I'm thinking of joining some others.
YouTube: PoetRazor13
Twitter: PoetRazor13
DeviantArt: Razor13

I'm trying to work on some vids and stories and stuff. My twitter is the best bet for getting ahold of me.

I attend church off and on regularly, but I won't drag it into a conversation unless we're playing random questions and hell, that's just asking things. I don't drag my religion to anyone and I don't like it when others do that to me.

Bottom line: I'm still around, just not very active online. Best bet is to catch me on Yahoo Instant Messenger.


Razor13, hshaver13, PoetRazor13, HS