Friday 6th Aug 2010 : 00AM

I suppose the name change is an indication of a change in mindset and lifestyle.
Such trivial things may not mean much to others, but because I'm not one who likes change very much, one could say this is a big step for me.

"Akayo" has existed with (as?) me since I joined Gaia in 2004. This makes us an oldie, and a proud one in fact. I remember scrimping and posting like crazy just to get 1k, which at the time was a fortune, and bought whatever was considered decent looking clothes then.
Twas fun over the years, especially upon discovering how to play with the waves of the marketplace. We bought, we sold, and made enough to satisfy us.
After losing a hefty sum at the marketplace, we decided that selling art was a less risky method of contributing to quest funds.
As the years rolled by, so did friends, fashion, prices, and of course art styles, but being Akayo felt.. somewhat stuck, and unable to keep up with such fast paced trends.
Not knowing how to handle Akayo AND deal with real life at the same time, I wandered away. The time off was good, I had enough brain-space to figure out how I intended to proceed with real life. Which all starts with the change of name. Goodbye Akayo (ah-kai-yo) , hello Ciwish (s-wish).

Love, the new and improved
- Wish