"fly away"

I can feel you fading away
My heart will be left a shade of grey
when I first saw you my heart turned bright red
and I couldn’t believe it I thought I was dead
I wondered who is this angel sent to me.
I asked myself why this angel can’t see.
That I’ll never be any good
Constantly doing things that no one should
Needing rage to run through my veins
Standing around at funerals laughing at remains
The mangled bodies that I forced to eternally sleep
I couldn’t stop myself from making my angel weep
When the sadness fills in the anger breaks out
I watched my angel fly away and I didn’t even pout
A black hole ripped through my chest
Everything was lost and I can’t remember the rest
But long ago an angel taught me how to smile
But my angel flew away probably in denial
Give up on me I’m the unfixable case
I won’t fall short from making you hate this place
Don’t waste your time spread your wings and leave
Happiness is my lie that you don’t want to believe