Infer Elade

Character Name

Atho Turou


Appears 20












Despite chastisement upon his lack of style, Athous is never seen without his black musk hat present upon his head. His well built body, chiseled from many years of training and hard work as a hunter, remained forever hidden under the large trench coat that he frequently wore that stopped just before it touched the earth. Underneath this large coat similar dark clothing was to be seen, a dark blue shirt with black jeans and matching shoes. Adding to the oddities that surround him was the hair that fell from beneath his odd choice of headgear. It was colored an odd purple from the roots of his hair till the color changed at its tips. Of course no one believed that it was a natural feat that occurred but it was no importance to him whether they did or not.


Athous was not much of a talker. He always found it troublesome to try to hold an intellectual conversation with most, not that he could pay too much attention to the unimportant ramblings of those who thought themselves to be geniuses in every subject matter possible. Despite his cold outward appearance and complete distain towards idiots, Athous is a caring and if engrossed in a conversation that kept his attention one would find that Athous is rather wise for his age.


Twin Blades: Hidden at either side of his waist are twin swords that extend at an overall length of four and a half feet each. Both blades are black steel with very little design to them. The most notable feature of both weapons are the three circular holes that are in the blade itself starting from the cross guard and ending at the center of the blade. Infused in each blade is a magic that makes them specifically affective against the undead making them his main choice of weapon while still in profession. The blades are held in a sheath made from balsa wood. Despite being just wood, it has been tampered and made to withstand elements and physical abuse.

Gauntlets: This weapon is made from an unknown metal that is strong and durable. Upon the inside of these gauntlets is a rubber lining. Much like his chains, they can be materialized upon his hands and legs and are normally not present at the start of any match. The gauntlets are small in size and are comparable to a slightly oversized glove.

Chains: Upon his body, overlaying his armor is a mass of snakelike chains that slither about within the shadows of his large trench coat. These chains are compressed to their smallest size possible and when attacking are released to their normal width. (twenty pounds)


Chain guard: Although comparable to chainmail, this armor is not to close in relation. Using his ability to materialize chains he takes small, compressed chains and wraps them around his body to create three layers of varying strength (weakest to strongest starting from the outer layer). The first layer of chain is the weakest able to ward off light blows from fists and provide some cover to projectile force. The second layer allows coverage to piercing blows and is adapted to bring to a halt and minimize the chances of a regular sword cutting his body. The third and strongest layer has the adaptive ability to “flex” itself and thus allows it to become an active guard against stronger attacks. Even with this ability it is impossible to keep from receiving any damage and it is quite possible to cause blunt force damage even while “flexing.” This armor is exclusive to his chest and lower body. (Thirty pounds of weight)


Book: Athous is never seen without a book present.


Split Savant: One of the key traits possessed by this man, Athous is known for having an incredibly adept mind which allows him to think several steps ahead. Because of this mind he is able, and actually needs to constantly be focused on two things at once to keep his brain from over taxing itself.

Savant Overclock: Closing his book and solely devoting his focus on his opponent he is able to increase his speed and strength for the brief time period in which he can keep his mind from wandering back to his book. This speed increase adds on enough speed to him to visually blur his body and enough strength to punch through large boulders. *Note: If the book is destroyed in battle this berserker state will stay active however this berserker state will eventually cause his mind to degrade due to the large amount of mental strain it places upon him and he will eventually break down and be unable to fight. (Four posts before mental breakdown begins. Eight posts before he is unable to fight.)

Chains: His ability to materialize chains is his most well known feature and his most often used ability. These chains can be generated before or during battle and are manipulated by will and have their own amount of “life energy” that is expended to allow them to be considered alive in their own right. These chains can be of any length and be manipulated down to the individual links and therefore connected and disconnected at will. This mental link also allows these chains to move as an extension of Athous himself and respond to commands as quickly as he can dish them out. The chains themselves are an unknown metal due to Athous lack of memories of his origin. Its properties are that of a very high melting point keeps flames of very high heat from melting it instantly. They have also been proven to be very strong. Because of their durability and supply of life energy it makes it difficult to break them without expending the necessary amount of force to “kill” them. Like most metals these chains are highly conductive and can be damaged to where they are unusable from high voltages. These chains are also highly susceptible to cold temperatures, often vibrating as a human would shiver in an attempt to keep warm. These cold temperatures reduce their ability to stay animated and become easier to break. The chains themselves can either be formed to connect or formed with deadly sharp ends to pierce through a target. Once the life force runs out within the chains they become unable to move on their own until revitalized by Athous by means of forcing energy within them.

Disruption/Negative energy: Using his own energy, Athous is able to create a disruption in the flow of energies around and within his target. This ability is limited to touch, either physical or through some catalyst and cannot be thrown or used as a projectile.

Guard shatter: Using his energy’s property as a disrupter he breaks through a guarding opponents defenses, physical or magical, to inflict some damage upon his target area. (25-50%)

White Surge Noise: This maneuver is a higher form of guard shatter. Using his arcane energy, rather than breaking his opponents guard to inflict some damage, he specifically targets distorting his opponents flow of energy making it uncontrollable or removing his opponents ability to wield this energy while dealing full damage or additional damage. This maneuver can also be used to disrupt the information network of neurons within the target body and temporarily paralyze a target area. The higher the charge of this energy the more effective its capabilities are. A charge respectable to the charge of a currently active skill is required for this technique to work.

Bone Binding: Using sharp, small chain link, Athous is able to latch onto the bone of a given target area. He does this by targeting an open wound with a mass of chains normally hidden within a twister of broken links. Upon entering this wound the chain link drills past muscle and other tissue to latch onto the bone. From this point the chain begins to extend and from it create enough chain links to protrude from the open wound. These links remotely connected to Athous energy can continue to extend until a connection can be made with a main body. From this point a number of very painful happenings can occur.


There is little that can be said about Athous. He is a man with no recollection of his life beyond the age of twelve, raised in a foster village that was ravaged and destroyed upon his fifteenth birthday; the day in which he realized his odd ability to manifest chains. The majority of his life from this point was spent working odd jobs, hunting the undead for mayors of terror stricken villages with a book ever present within his hand. After five years he retired from his old hunter position, living life as a wealthy, despite never seeming so, bachelor who had little interest in the pointless ramblings of women who took interested in him. Now, bored with life, he finds himself entering a tournament, drafted by a random man who seemed to have heard about him to join their team. For now he merely hoped his interest would be kept.