Currently it's almost twelve in the morning...I suppose I'm writing to rinse my mind of it's desperation to write.

I'm writing to clear my mind of it's trapped thoughts.

You may say I sound queer when I say this, but I just want to cry...I want to scream and yell...and cry. I want to be such a quiet town.

I'm begging for this love...and well...I can't find any comfort.
Insomnia is my killer.

I want a smoothie....and a cigarette....and a hug...

I don't want sympathy.
I want love.

On a cool summer night...I want to lay on my floor.
And let the weight of my world crash over me.
I wanna see my life
Flash before my eyes
And I want to fall into this ocean of love
Hardly breathing

Time is on my side
And I'm sinkin' in
I want to feel these tides
Fall over me
Harder than an army
Cause I can never wash
This away

And the weight of my world
Will crash in
Oh I'm fallin' in
This ocean of love
Hardly breathing

Vitta Nai Kida