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A gallery of all my thoughts and dreams.
More Nightmares...sorta
So I had this dream I was lost in the woods, looking for my sisters when I spotted this house way back there. I knew the people who owned it were crazy so I tried to keep out of sight but God help me if your feet work right in a nightmare.
I walked right over an alarm system and the whole woods came to life with the sounds of alarms.
I saw fourwheeler trails just as I heard them start up and began to panic. I ran wildly into a yard of cars as a man and woman appeared, one with a shot gun and one with a rifle. They kept trying to shoot me as I ducked and weaved between cars. They taunted from behind me and promised to torture and kill me if they caught me. I tried to call 911 on my cellphone as I ran but I had no idea where I was in the woods so fat lot of help they were going to do. I managed to escape the woods and onto a street of empty, only half finished houses. My legs still wouldn't work right and I had to fight to continue on. I ended up in a trailer park and my heart fell because it looked like "thier" kinda place. I was still in danger. Cars started to come up near me. I kept my distance, but I could see it was them. I recognized the man and woman from the first car and in the 2nd was their son and a friend. The friend looked sympathetic for me and I knew escape was hopeless, so I requested to be carried back in the car he was riding in.
Somehow I was able to throw off my drivers focus from the backseat by steering my own little wheel and we almost crashed. The lady got really mad and decided to drive the car herself.

On the way back to their woods, we passed my house. I was cruelly taunting and we went down the dirt road that lead past my grandma's. In this dream however, she sold her land to put a Mc Donald's on. My captors must have been really stupid, because they pulled into the drive through. As soon as the speaker went on, I started to scream "Rape! Help me! I wanna go home! Let me out!" A woman came out of the resteruant to investigate and I wriggled out of the car. Free at last! My homicidal captor's cover was blown and they were forced to leave.

Waiting inside McDonalds, ( which was full of old people that night ) I wondered about getting home when the sounds of gunfire went off. My captors had returned in pursuit of revenge. The father acted as a sniper and began to kill off anyone in range. I managed to sneak up on him and shoot him in the face in hopes of saving the nice lady. I killed the son when I found him and his friend. By this time the McDonald's lady had armed herself and went out looking for her attackers. I found my baby sister and tried to lead her out, but heard a blade being unsheathed and changed directions. There were some brick red apartments nearby, so I hid amongt them, ( in mah red shirt ) and crept up on redneck wife lady. When she detected me, she began to fire. My dream went into bullet time so I dodged them, despite this nearly being point blank, and the woman exclaimed "You should be dead!" and I replied with a stupid one liner that I only remember "Stupid," and "Dead" being a part of-then I shot her.

With my evil captors defeated, I went back to McDonald's to gather my sister and began a victory dance. So everyone in my dream, even the dead ones, came to life and we all began to dance to the DDR mix of FLOW.
.....It was like the end of a bad broadway musical or something.

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    Your mind must've been sorting out some subconscious stuff; very deep subconscious stuff... ninja

    comment DwaikMaster · Community Member · Sat Jul 31, 2010 @ 06:29pm
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