I've been planning to enter into the cosplay avatars again. However, the last attempt wasn't that satisfying, since I was short of materials. I am going to try again, only with a character I could easily pull off. Already I've got the eyes, hair, clothes, and a few items, I thought I should get a belt, but there's one already on the jeans. It's just a the back pack that should be corrected. I might have to spend the 3000g for one at Jock Strap, but I don't want to haste into it. Below is the reference picture I am going to use.

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The character is Monique from the cartoon Godzilla the Series, wearing her hiking attire. She's the combat/weapon specialist on the HEAT team and she's French. mrgreen I'm just a little intimidated to cosplay as her because not everyone is familiar with the animated series since the movie was a big bummer. Maybe there might be a few who know the series, I just don't want to receive negative critique.