my friend and i have been playing dnd for awhile, and after we got through our first campaign, my friend aaron thought he'd try his hand at making one. we just started this campaign last night with me, aaron as the DM, and cody. so before i start telling the epic adventures, let me give some backstory to help clarify.

in our first campaign i played as a fighter named blade, aaron played as a ranger named kurth, and cody played as a 'mighty paladin' named taxx. Due to our DM convincing aaron at trying to be a DM, kurth was blessed with some godly essence, which eventually turned him into the deity, kurthos. this campaign is set some 27 years ago, in a different continent split into five regions for the respective rulers, humans, elves, drarves, half- orcs, and halfing (all made by aaron).

my character starts as blade's daughter, now 20. she is a half-dragon fighter, wandering around searching for her purpose in life. She is then called to the town -town name here- since the king has been searching for mighty fighters and adventurers to do a certain task for him. she arrives at the town a day early, and this is where i start.

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