Rules of Possession


Though many people are familiar with the rules of possession for nouns (add a 's usually), I see many people on Towns and forums make an error with pronoun possession. Therefore, this guide was born. Enjoy.

Rules of Possession for Nouns

Most people are familiar with the rules of possession for nouns.

-Add 's for singular nouns. (Ex: hamburger's)
-Add ' for plural nouns that end in s. (Ex: sausages')
-Add 's for plural nouns that do not end in s. (Ex: geese's)


Rules of Possession for Pronouns

However, not many know that the rules of possession for nouns...are not the same for pronouns.

By adding 's to a normal pronoun, you instead create a contraction, not a possessive noun. The following lists the contraction forms of a pronoun and a possessive form.


It's = It is (It's annoying)
Its = Possessive form of it (I like its tail)

She's/He's = She/He is. (He's dumb.)
Her/His = Possessive form of She/He (I hate his duck.)
Her/him = Object form of she and he (Like "I hate her" wink

They're = They are (They're noobs.)
Their = Possessive form of their (This possessive form is correct only when referencing a plural noun like people...not a person. Important for you, SAT-ers.) (The children have their games)

We're = We are
Our = Possessive form of We

You're = You are
Your = Possessive form of You

There is only one exception to this rule, and that is when 'one' is being used as a pronoun.

One's = Contraction and Possessive form of one depending on context.