Hey peeps. I got some more info on dat dere Sync 3 that's inevitably gonna be RIGHT after Sync 2. (I don't mean it starts as a new story, it's still "Sync 2".)
So, Sync 3's gonna have a futuristic setting, as I said in the previous "ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE! x3". But the difference here is that it's gonna be -- not one century into the future -- ten centuries into the future, so that way my storyline idea can make sense.

I gave this huge flippin' summary of Sync 3's introduction, which, by the way, was bunch of bologna. That's all gonna happen in late Sync 2 instead, because I mentioned in one of the episodes that the Theory world's gonna appear in like... 4 parts or something. So that changed "Sync 3/Vox Populi" up by a lot. Some of the crap I announced is still likely to happen in time, but here's the real deal:

Miki Atre and Azhura (Fifth and sixth Believers) won't be introduced any time soon. The Zero War Club will, however, and won't be known as the ZWC. They're gonna be called Project Riot. I've changed their position up a lot, turning them into an alternative band (WITH A CONNECTION TO CORUS. O.O This is just like the Ethereal Cross Comic series... that never happened. ._.) So yeah. They're a band now. Just in case ya'lls forgots them, here they are:

Elias Rimmelman. (He's the lead vocalist and the guy who organized the group. He's known most of the members since his childhood, and plays the guitar in some songs, all of which are acoustic. Project Riot has been able to make money because of Elias' clever musical talent, selling two albums already three years after he named the band.)

Lorena Fields. (She's the back-up vocalist in a few songs. She was Elicia's modeling partner and close friend. She's hasn't known Elias for too long, but she is in love with Jim, so she thinks of Elias as a good friend.)

Jim Justaniel (He's the bassist of the group and the most iconic with his white hair. He's the oldest of the group, yet still young. (27, while Elias is 25.) He has volunteered in Federation Awgo's training, and is in love with Lorena, not to mention the second in the band.)

Piru Dachierr (As a melodic addition to the band, he plays the piano. He was the third to join the group, but he's known Elias since preschool. Despite his calm demeanor as an artist, the band members call him the loudmouth of the group.)

Split Mochi (Split was the last to join Project Riot. He had his own profession for a bit as a mixer. He went by DJ Splice. Elias admired his skills and asked him to join the band. The group hasn't released a CD with Split's talents incorporated yet.)

Dale Trinn (The youngest member of the group. (21.) Dale is Project Riot's drummer, and a very talented one at that. He was the fourth person to join the band. He immediately took a liking to Split. The rest of the band makes fun of him for supposedly having some sort of crush on Split.)

That's the band! They're gonna be introduced in Sync 2, just as the Theory characters are gonna be.

But enough of that, let's really move on to Sync 3. The title of it's gonna be Macrocosm. I'm planning for it to be kinda Star-Warsy.

There are two main forces in the Blast universe: Light and Darkness. That's not gonna change, but the names of them are. Light is going to be known as AEther and Darkness is going to be Void.

Here's the story:

It is the year 837 A.S.E. ("After Sync Era". Also known as 2849 A.D..) Earth has been destroyed by the cruel forces of Darkness, but mankind has moved to another world: Fantasy. Reality still exists, but plenty of planets in Fantasy prove to be more hospitable. The human population has distributed itself across Fantasy. Humans (Though still using Secondaries, which are alternate forms that each person may choose at a certain age. They can shift between a human and that other form.) now live on Ecliptic Worlds, and have even come across a new, empty world called Angelwing. Little did the population know that this isolated, barren world possessed something that none would expect: an Ecliptic Pull. This Ecliptic Pull changed the good people of Earth into an odd new, unidentified species that was named Akashes...

A hundred years passed. The Ecliptic Pull's extreme force had completely wiped the human population and their Secondaries clean, but with that, it created a clean-slate. Former humans had mated, so to speak, with residents of the Ecliptic Worlds. Their children were natural-born. (Natural-born Safans, Sorenians, Antis, Mobians, Pokémon, Auans, Scorpii, Pimiku, and even Akashes.) After the population died out, so did the technologies that Federation Awgo introduced many centuries ago. The former human population began to sink into the magical realm of Fantasy... but none knew the chaos that was their first home. Earth had been reformed by the evil of Darkness, now known as the Void. They were an advanced type of Darkness, using very advanced technologies in their reign. They created a new evil empire upon Earth. Void began to move to the other planets, colonizing them with ease. The humans were on the verge of colonizing the planet Mars, but were incapable of doing so in the little time they had to escape Reality. As Void cast its frightening shadow across the Milky Way, it discovered a new world known as Vrtra, where a species known as furries had lived. Within this huge galaxy, two other important worlds were known: Corus and Theory. Now the realm of Fantasy was in danger, and it was up to Light to end Darkness, or Void, once and for all.

...But Light fell before Void. Before the Overlord of Misery...

The inevitable came. Only three years later, Void had conquered the worlds of Corus and Vrtra, sending the Corussians and furries to Fantasy. The only known world of Reality left was Theory. Void had grown far more powerful than The Phaze Lord imagined it would. Only a few weeks after Corus and Vrtra fell, Theory had succumbed to the might of Void. But that wasn't the end of it. Void continued growing. Knowing they could overpower Light, they began to move to Fantasy. The time for a hero had come again.

...And those from the higher heavens of the Fourth Dimension watched.

Creator Queen Feenix, having taken the throne after the fall of the evil Nijiiro, felt it was necessary to meddle in the lesser world's trouble, for the better of course. She began sending 4-D (Which are comprised of all sorts of different looking Perfects, mainly beings in control of a mystic energy: the Aurax. They were once thought to be a single combination of all the Eclipses.) She allowed for a few famous Perfects to assist the world in need. These Perfects were known as the Storytellers of Time. Void was even a match for the Perfects, but with the newly formed Light at their side (Light renamed themselves Aether.) they were able to send Void back to Reality.

More years pass. Technology begins to reinvent and reshape itself across Fantasy... Void resides in Reality, continuing to expand while Aether resides in Fantasy, building up their power in case Void decided to attack. A new type of magic had evolved within Aether's power. Aurax. Those who were capable of using the Aurax were destined to be great fighters. Different types of specie could use different forms of the Aurax, each proving to be a formidable force. This was Aether's secret weapon, and it continued to grow. Those who excelled in the Aurax could wield a strange magic known simply as Soul Magic. If one was capable of great feats in Soul Magic, they could use soulsabers. (High concentrated swords kinda like lightsabers, but invoked through magic.) Little did Aether know that some Perfects had betrayed Feenix, still believing in the great Creator King. They sided with Void during the war, and taught them the ways of Aurax. Two even more powerful forces, Aether Soul and Void Soul, now oppose each other...

The year is now 988 A.S.E. (3000 A.D.) Technology is at its peak, and so is the Aurax. Aether Soul feels completely safe in its realm of Fantasy... A young Akash boy named Ekarras Cosm becomes a prodigy in the ways of the Aurax. Forced upon by his parents to take these strict classes and serve as a Phaze Guardian, Ekkaras was not very interested in these fields. He had more interest in traveling across Fantasy to seek out the legendary Eclipses. A story of a thousand years prior had told him of the Eclipses (Who weren't seen during the war) upon each magical world in the Great Nimbus. (The Great Nimbus is the ring of Ecliptic Worlds in Fantasy.) The story Ekarras read told of the ancient Scripts of Ecliptic Origin, which only interests him more in the Eclipses. Of course his parents do not allow him to travel without them, which they barely do in the first place. They say that he can go to the Ecliptic Worlds only if they're in danger...

And they would become endangered again very soon...

THAT'S ALL I'M REVEALING! Macrocosm's not gonna start for a loooooooooong time, ya'll.

Stick around, I'm still Syncin'.
See ya! =D