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♥ My name is Emily.
♥ I am 20 years old.
♥ I live in the U.S., in Mississippi.
♥ I am married.
♥ My Birthday is August 29th.
♥ I am pansexual.
♥ I am a high school graduate, class of 2012.
♥ I currently unemployed.
♥ I am 5 foot, 6 inches and I weigh 120 pounds.
♥ I am a very weird person... biggrin
♥ I have a ton of piercings
♥ I have few tattoos.
♥ I am IN LOVE with Pokémon... A PokéNerd♥, If you will. ;]
♦My favorite♥ Pokémon is Typhlosion.