Hello again people. Today I have something to tell all of you. Which is this, do any of you have trouble remembering that on the other side of your screen, when your talking to somebody, there is another person who could be as far away as across the Globe or just down the street. I forgot the other day when I was talking to someone and they mentioned eating a foreign dish that I thought sounded pretty good. But I asked the guy what it was made from so i could make it myself. Let's just leave it at I didnt want to know. The meat was something that I consider wrong to eat. Like my dog!. If you are from another nation and you eat dog, go right ahead. Just dont ask me over for dinner cuz I wont eat. I'm sorry, i know its hypocritical since i have no problem eating cows or someother type of meat but my dog and my cat and other things are off limits for me. ESPECIALLY MY DOG! Thank you for your time and keep up the disturbance in the Force.