I lied about "planning on doing two per part" ...
Re-Episodes, that is. They're kinda numerous around this part in Sync 2, because they're expressing how Dreamland works. It's gonna make you go "Ohhhh" later in the series, I know it! x3
The whole Tebice thing has actually been the longest running plan I had for Chris, before Cruce or Fourth or even Chris himself. I needed a main character like him, someone big and tough (kinda). That's what I do here. I turn big, tough characters into little cuties.
Unless they're already cute.
This rule doesn't really apply for Kenny... xD
Or Roger.
... >.>
You know what? It's only in RPs that I make my characters turn into things... Even more than here. My RP set of characters actually hasn't been introduced to Sync yet. Ixis, Epathy, and Elicia are exceptions. There's a fracking truckload of RP characters waiting to jump in at around Part 8 or 9...
Then again, they could come sooner... or later.
[Idi, Kinesis, and Roger have run into a former general of the Scailian Uprising, who seems to be able to manipulate few Nightmares. He is also holding a strange figure hostage; one who goes by the name of Captain Helpful.]
[Meanwhile, the other two groups are on their way to their designated areas.]
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(Sacreda - Flare - Ghost)
-Federal Bay.-
[The three have made excellent time, already arriving at the Federal Bay. By now, the fog has lifted. An hour has passed since Hellspawned ambushed Darkness, forcing their two leaders, Dr. Darkness and Smoke-Blayde, to retreat further up the coast. Group 3 assumes that Hellspawned is using this as an advantage point.]
Sacreda: [Now at a very slow pace with Flare and Ghost behind her. She holds her arm out in front of them, signaling for them to stop. She speaks quietly.] Up ahead, there is an abandoned storage facility. It is excellent for Hellspawned. They could be hiding in the shadows...
Ghost: [Whispering.] Would you need me to go invisible? I can do that.
Flare: She can, and she's capable of phasing through solids.
Sacreda: Oh, very useful. That may become our only option for advancing safely into the warehouse nearby.
Flare: While we were on the same route as Kenny, he mentioned a different warehouse than the ones around here. It's supposed to be the largest, right?
Sacreda: Correct. Come, we will have to make haste.
[They agree, heading deeper into Federal Bay's storage yard.]
-Abandoned Storage Facility.-
[The three find themselves hiding behind a stack of crates.]
Ghost: [Turns to Flare.] ?
Flare: [Nods to Ghost.]
Ghost: [Nods back. Suddenly, her appearance becomes that of an outline... then nothingness, but she is still there. She phases through the storage crate, noticing that it is empty on the dark inside... Phasing through another wall, she observes an alarming, yet satisfying sight. There are no Hellspawned demons lurking about. Ghost returns to the other two after a few more seconds of inspecting. She dispels her own invisibility power, coming into clean view for Sacreda and Flare.]
Flare: How'd it look, Ghost?
Ghost: There's nothing out there, or at least I didn't see anything.
Flare: I'll take it. Whaddya say we go for it, Sacreda?
Sacreda: Caution remains advised.
Flare: As always, let's go!
[They run around the crates and into the vastness that is the storage facility. After about two football fields worth of traveling, they come to a stop at the sight of a huge warehouse.]
Flare: That must be the warehouse, you think?
Sacreda: I do, but so far we have seen not a glimmer of Hellspawned. If this continues, we would be best aiding Kenny's team, nay?
Ghost: I can agree with that.
Flare: 'Kay. Still, it's worth checking out. [She starts ahead.]
[The three enter the warehouse.]
-Abandoned Warehouse.-
[Surprisingly, it is not as empty as the storage yard. A few Hellspawned are gathered around something that cannot be seen... Just then, a huge burst of white fire blasts each of the Hellspawned away from this source. Danithan.]
[Flare stares at him with a tiny smile and a gleam in her eyes.]
Danithan: [Having been the source of the fiery explosion, he stands firm.] ...Alright... Anyone else wanna be toasted? [Looks ahead.] I take it toasting you three is a bad idea.]
Flare: It is. [Approaches Danithan.] Unless you wanna get toasted yourself.
Danithan: Heheh... Ah, who am I kidding...? I can't toast you, you're hot enough as it is.
Flare: [Blushes.] Mmhmhmhm.
Ghost: Ooh!! [Giggles quietly.]
Sacreda: By the angels, is now really the time?
Danithan: Hmm... [Nods.] Good to see you're okay, Sacreda.
Sacreda: Thank you, how are you fairing? It appeared you were fending off those Hellspawned seconds ago.
Danithan: Hellspawned was here in huge numbers not too long ago, but the majority of them just left for some reason... A few stayed behind to guard this area, I think.
Ghost: [Floats to Flare with Sacreda at her side.]
Flare: You beat all of them...?
Danithan: Well... [Places both hands behind his hand.] I hate to brag, but... Hm...? [A Hellspawned quickly forms behind Flare. Danithan shoots into action, vanishing in a white flame in front of Flare, then reappears in the same white flame behind her, jump-uppercutting the Hellspawned with some of this fire empowering his attack. He lands on two feet. Just as the Hellspawned touches the ground, he snaps. A clean pillar of shining fire rises, completely swallowing the foe.]
Flare: [Whispers to Ghost.] Rowrrr... This guy is a hottttie.
Ghost: You should totally talk to him... Like, not right now though, because we're kinda being attacked.
[A strange noise.]
[Suddenly, black matter fills the atmosphere, beginning to form together.
Sacreda: Ready yourselves! [Prepares at the sight of Hellspawned bats beginning to surround the group.]
Danithan: Time to fight fire with fire... Lots and lots of fire. [The white-fire blade burns in his right hand.]
[The Hellspawned bats shriek and growl.]
Ghost: Creepy things.
Flare: C'mon, Ghost. You're a ghost!
Ghost: But I'm a cute ghost...
Flare: True. Whaddya say we just burn 'em up!?
Ghost: Let's!
[Flare's fists light on fire, while Ghost prepares her spellcasting.]
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(Kenny - Kylie - Mouse)
-The Mist.-
[Group 2 has made it far into The Mist already, seeing no sign of trouble yet.]
Kenny: [Having left the Script hidden in the gun store, he now carries two desert eagles.]
Kylie: [She carries a small sub-machine gun.] Nice and quiet, just how I like it.
Mouse: I like it too~! [Sitting on Kenny's head.]
Kenny: Sheesh, Mouse. You hang on pretty tight.
Mouse: I'm used to it~.
Kenny: Used to sitting on people's heads?
Mouse: Uh, kinda... [Tilts her head.]
Kylie: I've sat on Kenny's head before, heheh.
Kenny: It's not what it sounds like.
Mouse: No?
Kenny: It's worse.
Kylie: [Grins.]
Mouse: ...OH!
Kenny: [Sighs.] Ky, can we not talk about that...?
Kylie: Now's not the best time, I know...
Kenny: [Feels something approaching.] ...Guys...? [Stops.] ... Feel that?
Kylie: [Stops at Kenny's side.] Feel's like the ground's shaking.
Kenny: Whoa nelly!
Mouse: [Turns to the misty sea.] Over there~!! [Points toward the water.]
[A dark corridor far larger than anything witnessed thus far blackens the water and fills the sky with dripping Darkness. This field-sized dark corridor slowly reveals an enormous, black aircraft that looks like the work of Doctor Darkness.]
Kylie: Hoooooly...
Kenny: s**t.
Kylie: Can we do anything about that!?
Kenny: There's no way I'm about to let that thing into the port. [He takes off toward the cliff.]
Mouse: Wh-what?! Kenny!
Kylie: [Runs after him.] Kenny! Are you crazy!?!? You're gonna get yourself killed!!
Kenny: [Stops at the edge, looking out at the aircraft, which is much closer than it seems.] Alright, Darkness... [He steps back a ways before the ship can get any higher.] Kylie...
Kylie: What are you doing...? Kenny?!
Kenny: We're going to jump. Keep your focus down, and roll when you land, it'll absorb the impact.
Kylie: This is insanity!! I'm not gonna jump off the side of a cliff!
Kenny: Get a hold of yourself, girl! [Grabs her by the shoulders, staring her in the eyes.] We're Eclipses, dammit. If we let that thing into the city, it'll bomb whatever's left of Esca, and then it'll just move on from there. I'm not about to let that happen, and you shouldn't be either. If we're gonna die, we're gonna die fighting... [Eases his grasp.] And together...
Kylie: [Gulps.] ...You're so crazy sometimes... But we are Eclipses...
Kenny: Be strong, Ky... C'mon! [He places his weapons in their holsters and runs to the cliff, Kylie, jittery, runs at his side.]
[The two don't even think about the jump. Instead, they simply leap off of the cliff, their eyes down at the rising ship below them. Mouse closes her eyes as she flies off of Kenny's shoulder. Kenny and Kylie land safely on the aerial docks, somersaulting as they do so. Kenny stands quickly, looks up, and catches Mouse gently in his arms.]
Kenny: Well that worked. [Mouse, shaken, crawls back up to his shoulder. Kenny retrieves his guns and runs ahead.]
Kylie: [Follows after Kenny.] K-Ken! Hang on!
[They head up to an empty loading dock at the top of the dark aircraft. This aircraft has now ascended quite a ways into the sky and is heading slowly over The Mist.]
Kenny: So, how the hell are we gonna shoot this thing out of the sky...?
Mouse: N-not while we're on it, please~!
Kenny: I'm thinking that's a good start. Don't go down with the ship. Possible side effects include being crushed, drowning, breaking every bone in your body... oh, and death.
Kylie: Kenny!! Up ahead! [She points with her free hand at a ramp that leads to the bridge of the ship. Before that ramp is a wall of Nightmare Robots on the defense.]
Kenny: How thoughtful of them. [He comes to a stop, Kylie by his side. Armed, the robots approach them, ready for the assault. Kenny aims both of his weapons ahead. Mouse jumps off of him, her tails blazing with fire and pointed at the robots.]
Mouse: Bring it on~!
Kenny: Nightmares or robots, it's all the same Darkness. Same goals: send them back to Naught. Broken.

--To Be Continued...-
I know, it's been a while since I've posted. I've had another fine serving of writer's stupid... I mean writer's block.