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The General Stuff
Name: Miroku Crawford
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Unbiased
Occupation: Unemployed, lives off of disability
Personality: impartial, crabby, neutral

Height: 6’3” but he hunches to 5’11”
Build: It’s questionable what his build is because he hunches, but he is in excellent shape
Hair: Black choppy hair. He’s the only brother that had black hair. [THIS] is a sample of his hair. Ignore everything in the picture... but his hair...
Eyes: No one has seen his eyes because he hides them behind sunglasses
Skin: A kind of ashen pale color. He has a grey tint to his skin.

Head: Sunglasses to hide his eyes.
Upper: Mainly black turtlenecks. Or anything that covers his neck and arms. So… yeah… turtlenecks.
Arms: Sleeves
Legs: Black slim pants. He doesn’t wear any color of pants but black. Not even the darkest shade of blue.
Shoes: White sneakers. For some reason, his attire may be black, but he always has the whitest sports sneakers.
Jewelry/Accessories: No piercings. However, he does carry a cane with a bullet top on it. [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
Outfits: N/A

Likes: Solitude, Playing chess when well described, listening to death metal, taking walks down the quiet paths of the woods, hitting people with his cane, having his brother or someone with a soothing voice read to him

Dislikes: Writing things, cars, television, cooking, reading brail, carnivals, waking up next to someone, singing, ceramics

Special Talents: Miroku can bowl two hundred and fifty games almost constantly
Background: Miroku’s parents divorced when his younger brother was about ten. He decided to pick the lesser of two evils between his parents and lived with his mother. She didn’t seem to like him because of his dark hair and facial structure. He reminded her too much of her husband. So, she sent him to live in a special school for the disabled. He lived there until he was eighteen where he left on his own will and lived with a much older woman until he turned twenty five. The unfortunate part is that the woman was sterile so she couldn’t bear him any children. He couldn’t adopt with her because he was considered disabled and an unfit parent. So, the woman left him for another man. Miroku decided to live on his own for a while. It worked until he couldn’t pay his rent because he was too busy buying hookers and booze. So, he went to live with his brother and his brother’s daughter.
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