User ImageThe General Stuff
Name: Ketsueki Florescule
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Race: Demon, but he hides it so he looks human
Sexuality: Homosexual, but he’s in the closet
Occupation: President of the United States
Personality: Bubbly but serious when the time calls for it

Height: 5’3”
Build: Somewhat Average. He’s not grossly skinny but he’s not too buff. He’s not too terribly in shape either…
Hair: Long silky black hair. He wears it long too. He doesn’t like to put it in a ponytail.
Eyes: One eye is red and the other eye is purple BUT he wears contacts to once again hide the fact he’s a demon. So his contacts are blue.
Skin: Regular peach

Head: Nothing on his head.
Upper: Very nice suits. However, most of his suits are very… different colors. Such as plum or turquoise. Just think of Gilderoy Lockhart’s robes from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. 8D
Arms: N/A
Legs: Once again… if you put him in a plum suit jacket, make sure he wears matching pants. Florescule dresses for style!!
Shoes: Fancy pants dress shoes.
Jewelry/Accessories: He wears a cross necklace
Outfits: N/A

Likes: Eggnog, Crackers, Lamp shades that are decorated, butterflies, Punch laced with liquor, fancy liquors, being president, all races, peace

Dislikes: War, violence, paperwork, most movies depicting violence, taking medicine, fire, the thought of being buried alive, most fantasy novels

Special Talents: Amazing Origami artist
Background: Ketsueki was born in America to two demon parents. Both parents were hardworking people that couldn’t raise a child. So, they put him up for adoption, not revealing the fact he was a demon. When Ketsueki was adopted, he became absorbed into the world of politics with his father. After working hard and going to school, Ketsueki worked his way up the political pole. He won the hearts of the voters and was voted in as president. He hides the fact that he’s a demon; however he brought rights back to the demons that were once taken away.
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