I am thinking that for every first poster on a page up until page 5000 gets a "ticket" and they will have there name next to a ticker number

Once we reach page 5000 and the page has passed I will hold a raffle using random number 1 - (however many tickets were given out) and whoever owns the ticket number that is randomly generated will win a prize.

There will be several places

1st Place: 20k
2nd Place: Angel Imp Potion (sellback of 12k)
3rd Place: 8k
4th Place: Pink Magical Giftbox
5th Place: 2k

A person can win more than one prize, but they have to have more than one ticket to win as the same ticket can not be used twice. To earn a ticket you have to have posted at least 10 times.

There will also be the usual first to post on page 5000 prize....of 5k.