I already like this part.
See, a lot of the Re-Episodes are gonna be focused on Cruce and Tebice, two out of four identities of Chris'. So all of the worlds in the Tebice storyline are actually from the Sync 2 that I tested after the first one. (That was the Sync that randomly got canceled. It had Chris as Celebi throughout the whole thing, and made little sense.)
Oh yeah, and the guy who talks while changing Chris' identities IS a character that we'll get to see soon.
[The newly named Believer, Cruce, has been taken from his world by his own slumber. A godlike voice has shattered his sense of Reality, and plunged him into a realm which can only be reached by a deep, surreal state of sleep. Little does Cruce know that this world can in fact be reached by other means... but that becomes a dream. If one enters the world through a dream, it becomes a reality, not a Phantasy. It is no longer Dreamland.]
P A R T Y:
User Image
...(Dreamland has been breached...)
...(The Strayer Void riddle has been defeated...)
...(True Phantasy shall be beheld.)
P A R T Y:
User Image
...(Whoever this is... He is connected to Dreamland in a very unique manner... But it is deeming difficult to find the identity within him that bonds to Dreamland...)
P A R T Y:
User Image
...(No, this is not it... It appears identical to the form he arrived here in... What a strange individual... Perhaps this shall do it... Ah yes, this is it!!)
P A R T Y:
User Image
-Dreamland Mobius, {Sonic's World}, Chao Garden.-
[The garden is peaceful A few baby chao are crawling about. Some are curiously sniffing at the strange newcomer that came from nowhere. This newcomer looks nothing like them, though many would think he is as cute. A small, pale blue otherworldly animal lay almost lifeless in the center of the sunny garden...The clouds begin to roll in, however...]
[Chao, for those who don't know, are similar to Sorenians. They are smaller, and their animal features do not blend as well. They require the presence of other, "small animals" to grow features similar to that animal. This new animal in their garden, however, cannot be matched.]
[A few minutes later, a single yellowish orange Mobian fox walks through a tunnel that connects the Chao Garden to the Chao Lobby.]

~Tails~ User Image

[This two-tailed fox walks into the garden with a fruit in the shape of a chao head in his hand.]
Tails: Such a good fruit, and it's not expensive at all! I wonder where they grow these... Do you know, little guy? [Looking down at what seems to be his chao. This chao has the same coloration has Tails, but is as neutral as the others in the garden.] Heh, here you go. I got this just for you. [He gives the fruit to the chao, who takes it and licks it a few times.]
Tails' Chao.: Mmm! [His spherical symbol becomes a heart. {Sorenians have this symbol, but it is shaped like an "X", and it does not change in shape.} [He bites into the fruit happily after being pet by Tails.]
Tails: Glad you like it! [Smiles.] ...Hm? [Lifts his head, spotting the strange animal out of the corner of his eyes. He turns his head in that direction. As soon as he does so, a lone raindrop strikes him on the nose.] ?... [Looks up.] Rain? But it never rains here.
[A couple of the chao look up, even more curious at this sensation of water falling from the sky. A few of them run to hide under the palm trees.]
Tails: [Looks back to the light blue creature; the one that is not a chao. He approaches it very slowly, then gets down on one knee to inspect it.] ...Are you doing this?
Tebice: ... [In a deep sleep.]
Tails: ... [Tails' chao walks up next to him, still munching on his fruit.] ... Sorry to cut my visit short, but I just gotta see what this is about. [He picks the small creature up and rushes out of the garden.]
Tails' Chao: [Watches him leave, tilting his head a little. He looks up to the sky, feeling a drop of rain on his head.] ...?
[Tails leaves the Chao Island through a transport device placed conveniently in the Chao Lobby. This takes him right back to Central City, where his workshop is.]
-Central City, Tails' Workshop.-
[The place is a small laboratory, with gadgets and gizmos neatly organized inside. In the center of the workshop, there is a small table that can also be used for a bed, which seems to be the case. Tails paces back and forth before the table, occasionally looking over at the small creature who is now laying peacefully there.]
Tails: Hmm... [Stops, looking at Tebice.] ...
[Tails looks up, watching as someone opens the door to his workshop and enters. It is a familiar blue hedgehog...]

~Sonic~ User Image

Sonic: Hey Tails! How's that for fast? [Grins.]
Tails: Thanks for stopping by, Sonic. Check this out! [Looks down at Tebice again.]
Sonic: [Approaches the table.] Whoa, what is this thing?
Tails: I'm not sure... I've been looking up all sorts of things, even chao evolutions, but I couldn't find anything that looked or sounded like this little guy here.
Sonic: You told me you saw him in the Chao Garden?
Tails: Yep! Just laying there... Oh yeah! And it started raining too.
Sonic: Rain? Has it ever rained there before?
Tails: That's just it! I don't think it ever has.
Sonic: [Rubs his nose with a finger, placing his other hand on his hip.] ...Hmmm... [Shrugs.] Beats me.
Tails: Do you think this has something to do with the disappearance of Cream and Shadow?
Sonic: [Sighs.] Tails, lay off of that... It's been a while since they've gone, and not every little thing is tied to it.
Tails: But... you never know... this could be the thing.
Sonic: I still think we've got a better chance of that having something to do with the Chaos Emeralds.
Tails: ...[Lowers his head.]
Sonic: Hey... I don't know for sure. You could be onto something, Tails.
Tebice: [His nose twitches... He curls up a bit more, showing signs of activity for the first time.]
Tails: [His ears shoot up.] He moved!
Sonic: Tails, are you even sure bringing this wild animal into your place is a good idea?
Tails: Heheh, look at him. [Smiles at the creature.] He's as innocent as a chao.
Sonic: [Spreads his arms out.] Just sayin'. Whatever though, you're the one with the IQ.
Tebice: [Mumbles a little.] Wh...Whoa, Whaa!!! [His eyes shoot open.]
Sonic: [Steps back, startled.]
Tails: Aack!! [Ducks.]
Sonic: So much for innocent... [Walks closer to the table.] Hey there...
Tebice: [He looks down at himself, standing with uncertainty.] (What am I...? Am I a Safan...?) [Looks up to Sonic.] ...Hm?
[Tails pokes his head up.]
Sonic: Good morning. Sleep well?
Tebice: I guess so... [Scans the laboratory.] (Sonic now...? I just finished up with Fox, now Sonic...? But... Naught didn't send me here... That voice did... Both of those voices did...)
Sonic: [Leans over a little.] You can speak...?
Tebice: Yeah, pretty well actually. [Shakes his head as if he were soaked, trying to get a feel for his new, large ears.]
Tails: Are you... Are you alright? I saw you passed out at the Chao Garden... so I brought you here.
Tebice: [Turns around, looking at Tails.] (Tails, too... So he was the one who brought me here.) I was passed out where?
Tails: The Chao Garden... Are you not from here?
Tebice: Nope... But I know where I am now. [Looks up a bit.] (I think... I feel really different here... I actually feel at home. This is so weird, it's exactly like the Connection. Naught definitely didn't send me here.)
Sonic: ...Do you know a jarhead named Eggman?
Tebice: [Nods.] I do. Eggman's an evil professor who used to take animals and turn them into evil robots. He also likes to build evil empires named after himself. Usually, you're the ones to stop him, right?
Tails: Um, Sonic...? [A little amazed, he looks up to Sonic across the table.]
Sonic: [Surprised.] Y...Yeah, we stop him...
Tebice: Don't worry, I don't have anything to do with Eggman.
[The rain picks up outside.]
Tails: Hey Sonic...
Sonic: I hear it too, Tails. It's pouring out there. If it's raining this hard, I feel bad for those little chao.
Tails: Me too... I just left little Gusty out there.
Sonic: Gusty? You're chao?
Tails: [Nods.] If the storm's as bad there, we should get them somewhere safer.]
Sonic: Let's head over there, stat. A bet most of them have never even seen a raindrop.
Tebice: I'll tag along.
Sonic: You feeling fine?
Tebice: Sure, let's roll.
Sonic: Heh, you're my kinda... creature, I guess.
Tebice: (I wish I knew what I was too. This... is Dreamland, isn't it?)
[As they leave the building, Tails shuts the door. Sonic takes off first, Tails following behind as fast as he can, floating in the air has he twirls his two tails behind him. Tebice manages to keep up with Tails.]
Tebice: [While running through the heavy rain.] (I don't understand... Wasn't I in Dreamland earlier? I had a strange feeling while there, but it wasn't at all as powerful as it is now... It feels so real, like this is Dreamland... The real Dreamland.]
P A R T Y:
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
(Tebice - Sonic - Tails)
-Chao Garden.-
[The storm is raging here. Many of the chao have taken cover in the cave behind the waterfall. This cave leads to Chao Racing and Chao Karate, two games designed for the chao to compete in.]
[Just as the trio shows up, lightning flashes. Thunder roars.]
Tails: AHH!!! [Jumps into Sonic's arms.]
Sonic: [Catches Tails, nearly falling backwards.] T-Tails!!
Tebice: It's just a little lightning! I love lightning! [Walks out in the rain.] Hey guys, the chao look okay! I can see them behind the waterfall there.
Tails: [His eyes are shut tightly.] L-l-lightning...
Sonic: [Struggling with Tails.] If the chao are fine... can we leave?
Tebice: They're smart, they'll stay under there as long as they need to.
Sonic: Good to hear... Can we... go now...?
Tails: [Is set down. He is shivering with fear.] Y-yeah... we can go...
[The three leave the garden, heading back to Tails' workshop.]
Tebice: (I don't get it. I just don't get it. I'm in this world with no way out. I don't even feel the same power coursing through me... I'm trapped, and I don't even know what I've turned into this time.)
-Tails' Workshop.-
{Boring warning. I guess it's sorta relevant.}

[Tails is sitting in his computer chair, holding his knees close.]
Sonic: [Leaning against a wall.] Tails, would you calm down? It's just a littl e lightning, and it's not even gonna get you in here.
Tails: Yeah but... It's... It's still scary.
Sonic: [Shakes his head.] So... Little guy. What's your name?
Tebice: (I want to say my name's Tebice... That's what I was called when I came here.) ...I'm Tebice. (What're the connections between Corus and Tebice, and why am I called that?)
Sonic: Tebice? Cool. I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog. [Gives him a thumbs-up.]
Tails: [Places his legs on the ground.] And I'm Miles Tails Prower, but you can call me Tails!
Sonic: You know, if you knew so much about Eggman, you probably already knew our names.
Tebice: Hehe, yeah I did. But it was nice of you to introduce yourselves anyway... And Tails...? Thanks for bringing me here. I would've been soaked out there if it weren't for you, probably even worse if the lightning hit.
Tails: No problem! [Smiles wide.]
Sonic: ...Hey Tebice. You know anything about the disappearance of Cream and Shadow? [Looks up at Tails and smirks.]
Tebice: Cream and Shadow? I know about them, but nothing about their disappearance. When did that happen?
Sonic: [Pushes himself off of the wall, walking closer to Tails until he is standing by the chair. He crosses his arms, facing Tebice.] It happened a few weeks ago.
Tails: Sonic, it's been longer than a month.
Sonic: Has it?
Tebice: Does Eggman know anything about it?
Sonic: Uh-huh. He didn't do it though. He said he had no need for Shadow or Cream.
Tebice: Maybe it has to do with the Chaos Emeralds, or even the Master Emerald. Did you see Knuckles?
Tails: We told Knuckles to investigate if anything is disturbing the Master Emerald.
Sonic: That's all we've been up to: investigating the disappearance of those two.
[Lightning flashes again, thunder following.]
Tails: [Pulls his legs up again and whines.] Soooooonic...
Sonic: It's not gonna get you!
Tebice: (So Shadow and Cream are missing? What a random duo to just vanish like that. Cream's mom must be freaking out, and I guess Rouge and Omega are a little inquisitive about Shadow.) I could help out. I'm stuck here as it is.
Tails: That's kind of you. I feel a little bad now. You came to this world and now you're helping us out.
Tebice: Don't sweat it, you've already helped me.
Sonic: Thanks, little bud. The more the merrier.
Tebice: True, true.
Sonic: So, what's your world like?
Tebice: ...Hmm... I've never been asked that question before... [Lowers his head, thinking.] ...It's... um... it's a mess right now. I don't know how to explain it... But... I'm not what I seem. I was originally a human... I think. [His long ears fall back.] I don't know anymore. These past few days have been the worst roller coaster ride of my life... [Sinks into a laying position.] All my friends have turned on me, my master is the Overlord of all Darkness, and... and... a lot more...
Sonic: Overlord of all Darkness...? [Looks at Tails, who looks back at him.] ...
Tails: [Faces Tebice again.] Does that mean... you're evil?
Tebice: It means something, but I don't know what. Am I evil? Am I good? Am I neutral? I'm not sure... I'm so confused. [Places his paws over his eyes.]
Sonic: Sheesh... Sounds like you've had a journey, little fella.
[A knock at the door.]
Sonic: Be back in a flash. [He dashes to the door, opens it, but doesn't run back. A red echidna, not necessarily dripping with water, waits outside.]

~Knuckles~ User Image

Knuckles: Sonic, I found the answer! [Runs inside passed Sonic.]
Tails: [Jumps out of the chair.] Knuckles!? You found out what happened to Cream and Shadow!?
Knuckles: Yes, I did! We were right, it was the Chaos Emeralds.
Sonic: Lay it on us, Knux. [Shuts the door.]
Tebice: (Oh look. Knuckles.)
Knuckles: The Chaos Emeralds have had this eerie glow to them ever since Shadow and Cream vanished. The Master Emerald? Nothing. No glow at all.
Sonic: So...? Jewels sparkle. That's what they do.
Knuckles: ...This is no sparkle. [Shakes his head.] I looked into the Chaos Emerald earlier... I felt like I was being pulled into it. I had to leave it behind.
Tails: Pulled? Into the Chaos Emerald itself?
Sonic: So, Angel Island falling back into the sea really did mean something unrelated to Egghead.
Knuckles: We can't blame everything on the doctor, as much as I hate to admit it.
Tebice: Shadow has an affinity for the Chaos Emeralds, so he must've noticed this glow and it could've overtaken him. Cream might've either found another Chaos Emerald, or she was around Shadow when it happened.
Knuckles: [Looks down at Tebice.] ...Who is this little thing?
Tails: Knuckles! He's been through a lot, from what he told us. His name is Tebice, and he's not from this world. He wants to help us with the investigation.
Tebice: Nice to meet you, Knuckles.
Knuckles: Wha!? But I didn't even tell you my name!
Sonic: He knew ours before we told him. He even knows about Shadow, Cream, and the good doc. No offense, little fella, but that is kind of creepy.
Tebice: Heh, sorry. I could've just guessed it from Tails or Sonic calling you Knuckles though.
Sonic: Yeah, see? Logic!
Tails: Now that we know the disappearance is linked to the Emeralds, we can get somewhere.]
Sonic: Why don't we just let them pull us into wherever?
Tails: Sonic, that's dangerous! We don't know exactly what happened, and if we just jump right into this, it could be deadly!
Sonic: Hey, c'mon! That's what it's all about!
Knuckles: Tails... Sonic's got a point... We don't have any other way into this.
Sonic: You just don't wanna go back outside.
Tails: [Wraps both of his tails around himself.] ...That's... not true...
Tebice: It's worth a shot. Who knows? Maybe it'll lead back to my world.
Sonic: It's settled! Are you guys ready for another adventure!?
Tails: Sure! An adventure with you is worth braving a little lightning!
Knuckles: I'll say. I'm down too.
Tebice: So, off to Angel Island, then?
Knuckles: That's where my Emerald is. Tails, is the Tornado good to go?
Tails: Yep! Let's hurry, I don't hear any thunder. Maybe it stopped!
Sonic: Keep hoping that.
[Tails shuts off the power to the lab and heads for the door. He opens it, allowing Knuckles and Sonic to head outside before him.]
Tebice: [Approaches the door.] ...Tails...? [Looks up at him.]
Tails: Uh-huh? Is something wrong, Tebice?
Tebice: No, but... Do you feel a strange... um... kinda like "Connection"?
Tails: Connection? What do you mean?
Tebice: [Shakes his head.] Never mind, it's nothin'. Let's beat that lightning, shall we?
Tails: [Nods.] Yeah!
[Closing the door to the workshop, the two head outside. Tails jumps in the moist Tornado, with plenty of room in the cockpit for Tebice, who hops in with him. Sonic leaps onto one of the wings.]
Tails: Let's fly! [Tries to start the small, blue plane...but nothing.]
Knuckles: [Fists on hips.] That's not a normal sound.
Sonic: Did you forget to do something, Tails?
Tails: [Tries again.] No, I recharged the mega-battery yesterday! This isn't good.
Sonic: [Looks into the sky.] At least the rain stopped...
[Suddenly, the wing Sonic is standing on rips off of the Tornado. Sonic falls, landing on his backside.]
Sonic: Oomph!
[A blackish matter oozes from the inside of the plane. It is moth a liquid and a sort of gas... It forms together, creating a black, human-shaped figure with white slits for eyes, and a terrifying grin.]

~BlackSin~ [BlackSin is a BlackMatter enemy.]

BlackSin: [Gives a whisper-like chuckle.] I knew you'd come, little Tebice...
Tebice: [Jumps out of the plane and onto the ground, facing BlackSin.] What!? What are you!?
BlackSin: Remember...? The Hellspawned will ensure that you remain a subtle little animal...
Tebice: You followed me here!? How did you get here!?
BlackSin: The Creator may send us anywhere... He is capable of everything! Heheheheh... Now that you've return to your first state, you are coming with me... [Slowly moves closer to Tebice.]
Tebice: Wh-wha!? [Backs up until he is against the Tornado.] (First state?... Why is Hellspawned here and what do they want with me...?) ...

--To Be Continued.--
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