An octupus. ;D Went to SeaLife Arizona with my friend who works there to pick up her check, and she passed me off as her sibling to her coworkers, so I got to see the whole place for free. owo It was pretty snazzy, but since I was missing a contact in my stronger eye, it was quite trippy. Half of the place was submerged underwater. Like a rip-off of Seaworld. xD Anyways, she was showing me everything, and then there was this red tank with a bunch of cracks and looked like nothing in it. The terror of Japan was in a little ball to the side, trying not to exist. "Yeah, he doesn't get very active." "Oh? I bet if there were some Japanese school girls, he'd go psychotic. owo" We took a glance at the people around... All Mexicans. xD

Yeah... The Sting Rays are adorable! 8D