A Character Profile Skeleton I am working on for an rp. I'm editing it as I think of something..

Username: Celestial Grace

Characters Name: Grace

Gender: Female

Appearance: Average height with blonde hair that is fairly long and wavy. Fair skin and bright blue eyes. Skinny but curvy, her long legs make her look taller. Her hair is slightly shorter in the front, and longer in the back. Very flowy and shiny.

Personality: Very composed when in angelic society. She is quick witted and alert, with grace unmatched by most other angels.. She is a bit sarcastic and is always in need of an adrenaline rush.

While in battle, her fighting skills are almost unmatched. She uses weapons that very few angels use, and it is obvious she has studied the demons to see how they act in battle. Grace isn't the most social angel, knowing that the others look down on her way of life. But it seems nothing can keep her from her main objective, kill the demons.

Age: 22

Biography: Grace was first sent to earth when she was a young girl for a patrol. While working, her group was attacked by demons and very few escaped. The memories of the attack haunted the girl as she grew up and over time a deep hatred for the demons was created. She would go down to every chance she got, as long as she could fight. Soon other angels began to see a change in the woman. She seemed to lose all sense it battle, and found joy in killing the demons. Before the war had gotten out of hand, the woman would attack unsuspecting demons, even if told not to.. It was as if she lost herself the second she saw one, and the urge to kill took over. The beautiful angel's mind was corrupted by the need to kill and soon she vanished from heaven all together.. It is rumored that she wanders earth, her desire to shed demonic blood completely erasing her holy nature, and making her more like the demons themselves than she would ever like to admit..

Major Powers: She is very quick , and if neccessary can move fast enough as to not be seen. Her grace is unnatural, even to the other angels, which aids her in battle. She carries a large variety of weapons and loves to use every one she can.

Race: Angelic

Weapons: Her weapons vary, depending on what she can get her hands on.. She wields a sword like most angels, although it is the only heavenly weapon she has left but her bow. She often leaves some weapons behind, favoring something she gets from a demonic corpse.

Height: 5'8

Likes: Fighting, flying. Her favorite feeling is the last seconds of a battle, when she gets the upper hand..

Dislikes: Demons, humans who try to stop her. She despises fallen angels.

Fears: To ever be banished form her home.

Song: Song for the Broken- Barlow Girl